Version 2.20 of ADODB

Release Notes: New caching functions were added: CacheGetOne, CacheGetRow, CacheGetAll. A new function for scheduling appointments portably was added. $conn->OffsetDate($dayFraction,$date=false) can be used to generate SQL that calculates date offsets. Portability when handling joins was improved. The "leftOuter" and "rightOuter" connection properties were added for left and right outer join operators, and "ansiOuter" was added to indicate that ANSI outer joins are supported. The "mssqlpo" portable MSSQL driver was added. This allows you to write portable SQL, using "||" for string concatenation, and have it automatically converted to "+" when you switch to MSSQL.

Other releases

  •  04 May 2006 12:21

Release Notes: This release can cache table metadata (field names, types, and other info such primary keys). It only updates fields that have changed. Variable ref errors in have been fixed. There is a Mysqli setcharset fix using method_exists(). The CreateLogTable() code now works for user-defined table names. An error in ibase_blob_open() has been fixed. This release no longer includes auto_increment fields in replace().

  •  29 Mar 2006 01:42

Release Notes: Activerecord support was added. A flag for choosing compatibility with MySQL 3.23 was added. GetOne() Select-Limit problems were fixed. was added to support XML Schema version 3. The adodb-datadict.htm documents were updated.

  •  20 Dec 2005 16:52

Release Notes: Fixes to PostgreSQL drivers to support PHP 5.1, partial PDO support, support for PHP 5.1, PHP 5 compatibility for mysqli, and many PDO improvements. A spelling error has been fixed in the MySQL MetaForeignKeys $associative parameter. MetaForeignKeys was repeated twice and the MYSQLI_BINARY_FLAG was missing. PHP 5.1 support for PostgreSQL bind parameters using ? now works.

  •  17 Nov 2005 06:41

Release Notes: The Sqlite driver is now PHP 5 compliant. The PostgreSQL not_null flag is now set to false correctly. A check is now done in Replace() to test whether a key is in fieldArray. The _file_get_contents() function was missing in xmlschema. Week in year support was added to SQLDate(), using the "W" flag. In sqlite, metacolumns was repeated twice, causing a PHP 5 crash. The debug output XHTML was made compliant.

  •  11 Nov 2004 11:39

    Release Notes: Extensive data dictionary changes. The BlobDecode API for PostgreSQL has changed. This might continue to change in the next release. Support for the charSet feature in oci8's P/N/Connect(). Some bugfixes, and compatibility changes for PHP5.


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