Version 3.15 of ADempiere

Release Notes:

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Release Notes: This release is the first using Mercurial for distributed source control management and new process development. It adds the English (Canada) and New Translation Spanish (Mexico) languages.

Release Notes: Bug patches and stabilization of RMA were done.

  •  22 Dec 2008 11:18

Release Notes: All bugs released in patches_340 were fixed. A new ZK Web UI was added. PL/Java independence was added on the Postgres port. Java POS was reviewed.

Release Notes: A ZK Ajax interface, Jboss or Glassfish services, and many functional updates were added.

Release Notes: This virtual appliance is intended to give you an easy evaluation environment of a fairly recent version without going through any installation procedures.


Project Spotlight


A poly-protocol, unified distributed filesystem.


Project Spotlight


A log file navigator.