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Addendat is a blogging program that can accept updates from either a CGI interface or a shell interface. Additions are stored as HTML, so you can edit both entries and design in any ordinary text editor. It is configured using a simple HTML-like config file format and supports multiple blogs, even on the same page. It does not require Java or JavaScript and can publicize additions on a central hub, making it easy for Web users to find recently-updated blogs. It supports comments and archiving, can post entries to other CGIs, and features configurable comment spam countermeasures.


Recent releases

  •  09 Apr 2007 15:47

    Release Notes: More checks for runaway loops have been added, and it now uses BSD::Resource to prevent any remaining infinite loops from causing Addendat to run away forever. Error messages and the template code handling have been improved. A crude command line comment deletion utility has been added.

    •  30 Jun 2005 07:25

      Release Notes: This release added entry and comment editing and deletion and fixed a bug that enabled the spam filter to be bypassed trivially. It also added entry previewing. The installer was improved slightly, some minor bugs were fixed, and the documentation was improved somewhat.

      •  09 Nov 2004 08:00

        Release Notes: A comment spam countermeasure was added, several installer bugs were fixed, and a bug that caused link prefixes to not be properly applied was fixed. The documentation was improved somewhat and the example configuration files are now organized better.

        •  22 Sep 2004 18:31

          Release Notes: The installer now correctly configures comments.

          •  16 Sep 2004 07:09

            Release Notes: A bug that would result in the creation of zero-byte blog entries when the program was accessed with an invalid argument (which several search engines do) was fixed. The install script was changed and a bug in URL-escaping for LiveJournal leaves was fixed.


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