Comments for WorldForge::Acorn

24 Oct 2000 01:51 kalana

Incidentally, servers for Acorn 0.2 are listed at

29 Sep 2000 01:44 bryce

Re: Servers (Roll your own for now)

Since we're still in the development phase, our servers are being
used for internal testing. But don't forget that we're giving out
the source code for the server too, so you can run that too.
As far as finding people to play with, well this go-around that's
being left as an exercise to the reader. ;-)

Acorn 0.2 is coming together and will be released soon, so stay
tuned. We've got a bunch more animations, music, and game rules
implemented in this next preview!

30 Jul 2000 14:05 abez1

It looks all nice and such and it works, it would be nice if A. they told us where a working a server was because just doesn't work. I don't see much point of the demo unless we can actually play on the server.


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