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acolor (Ada/ANSI color) is a simple Ada program that makes it easy to color and format output from shell scripts. It does this by converting combinations of readable arguments (bold, red, green, underline, etc.) into an ANSI escape sequence that your terminal emulator or console may understand. It is Moshe Jacobson's color rewritten in Ada.

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  •  28 Feb 2009 08:06

Release Notes: For each output, the reset attribute is no longer output unless requested from the command line. Moshe's color behavior is matched.

  •  23 Feb 2009 04:25

Release Notes: The reimplementation in Ada was finished.

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28 Feb 2009 15:46 qunying

1.1.1 has a small bug
1.1.1 has a bug that will output a redundant ';' in the escape sequence if no attribute is set. Please use 1.1.2.


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