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Arbitrary Command Output Colourer

acoc is a regular-expression based colour formatter for programs that display output on the command-line. It works as a wrapper around the target program, executing it and capturing the stdout stream. Optionally, stderr can be redirected to stdout, so that it, too, can be manipulated. acoc then applies matching rules to patterns in the output and applies colours to those matches.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Feb 2005 06:30

    Release Notes: SIGPIPE is now caught while exiting.

    •  01 Nov 2004 02:55

      Release Notes: It is now possible to use regular expressions in program specs, such as [ps -.*(e.*f|f.*e)]. A bug was fixed where having /usr/acoc/bin in one's $PATH could cause acoc to be invoked multiple times.

      •  23 Oct 2004 13:50

        Release Notes: A user-definable config file may now be specified in $ACOCRC, and new coloring specs were added for netstat, nmap, and other commands.

        •  05 Apr 2004 09:51

          Release Notes: The handling of command line glob arguments that expand to strings containing single quotes was fixed. Previously, such expansions interacted poorly with /bin/sh and would result in a failure to run the given command. The ARGV array is now expanded to its constituent parts when passed to the colour method. A superfluous debugging statement was removed.

          •  05 Feb 2004 09:01

            Release Notes: This version catches SIGCHLD on all systems.

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