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Apt-Cacher NG is a caching HTTP download proxy for software packages, primarily for Debian/Ubuntu clients. It's partially based on concepts of Apt-Cacher but is rewritten with a main focus on performance and low resource usage.


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  •  14 Mar 2009 21:55

Release Notes: The downloader code has been improved with better mirror rotation on download failures. IPv6 socket creation with recent Linux/glibc versions was fixed. Expiration works more exactly now. A download logging failure in some situations was fixed. More package file types are supported now. The documentation has been partially rewritten to become more user-friendly.

  •  01 Sep 2008 17:23

Release Notes: The downloader code has been improved and contains fixes for various symptoms resulting in "APT hanging". Cache cleanup was improved to act more precisely, and to optionally do data corruption checks.

  •  18 Nov 2007 16:17

Release Notes: Many bugfixes and feature enhancements. A more user-friendly configuration frontend. Semi-automatic mirror profile generation. Improved Debian packaging. An inetd bridge daemon.

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