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15 Feb 2009 11:09 armc

Re: Acer Hot Key (acerhk) GUI
updated URL to gui:

15 Feb 2009 11:07 armc

Acer Hot Key (acerhk) GUI
I wrote a small GUI program to interact with these wonderful drivers. There is a .deb and a .rpm file available. These files install without problem and should run without further configuration.

If you want a bit of pain or just a way to run it from your home directory, then get the zip file. Same files are in the .deb/.rpm., but unlike the .deb/rpm, the zip does not install files in the standar locations (ie: /usr/bin /usr/share/acerhk etc...)

I'd appreciate any feedback, including thanks, for the program if you find it useful. Get it at

01 Nov 2005 06:42 ismaelolea

RPM packages
Available RPM packages (


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