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Accounting for Developers

Accounting for Developers (A4D) is a SQLite database intended to ease tracking of incomes and expenses. It offers no GUI, only the SQLite commandline, and thus lets the user use the full power of SQL. However, basic SQL knowledge is thus required to use it.

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  •  23 Nov 2009 04:35

    Release Notes: This version is an emergency fix for a bug introduced in 1.0.1. When inserting/modifying/deleting a movement, the account balance was affected in the wrong way, i.e. money was removed instead of added and vice-versa. You will have to correct the amounts manually.

    •  22 Nov 2009 18:45

      Release Notes: This release adds a dbInfo table. It renames incomes, expenses, weeklyExpenses, and monthlyExpenses to singular forms. It adds an internalTransfer view. It renames movement.accountFrom to movement.source. It renames movement.accountTo to movement.destination.

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      19 Sep 2011 17:24 valoni Thumbs up

      I have an IDEA for this kind of project

      instead you do Insert Into movement (destination,source,amount,date,comment);

      to do some another things

      Insert Into movement (transactCode,amount,date,comment);

      so let assumet we have table as described like below with
      transcode - an table for example like

      1 1 1 A 2000
      2 1 2 B A/1.16
      3 1 3 C B-5

      so there's will be an account transcation way

      A = 2000
      B = A/1.16
      C = B-5

      so all those transaction will be registered like

      Insert Into Movement(destination,amount,date,description,trid)

      Insert Into movement (1,A,'2011-01-01','sales',1)
      Insert Into movement
      (2,B,'2011-01-01','tax from sale',1)
      Insert Into movement


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