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  •  23 Jan 2014 00:34

Release Notes: This release adds the ability to manage holiday regions and countries, makes username changes possible, makes the logout mechanism use JavaScript, fixes the "not authenticated" message, adds usernames to the "Logout" button, reloads the content frame after deleting an absence, honors the "skip-non-workdays" attribute, adds copyright and licensing information to relevant files, adds the ability to submit to a GET request to retrieve a page of month-images for a particular group, and fixes a reservation conflict.

  •  15 Jul 2009 17:06

Release Notes: This release has many changes. Data is stored in a relational database (PostgreSQL). Multiple reservations can be entered per person per day, if configured. Reservation types are managed using the manage Web page, instead of editing a file. There are other bugfixes and improvements.

  •  09 Dec 2003 09:05

Release Notes: A bug that caused the current month/day to be incorrectly displayed was fixed.

  •  08 Dec 2003 11:04

Release Notes: The current month/day can be highlighted. There are new options for treatment of holidays and alternating row background color for readability, colors are all centrally configurable, and there are other improvements and bugfixes.

  •  29 Oct 2003 05:11

Release Notes: A bug which caused an incorrect group to be displayed when group_policy was set to "single" was fixed.

  •  21 Oct 2003 10:02

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  21 Oct 2003 05:44

Release Notes: Access control for authentication and authorization was added. Many minor improvements were made.

  •  30 Aug 2003 20:06

Release Notes: A fix for a small bug which caused cached month-images to be ignored and new ones to be generated at every access.

  •  29 Aug 2003 17:57

    Release Notes: increased robustness around data-conflicts, improved error messages resulting from data-conflicts, and an improved management interface.

    •  27 Aug 2003 08:52

    Release Notes: The capability of allowing users to belong to multiple groups was added. Many minor bugfixes and improvements were made.


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