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  •  12 Jul 2005 03:24

Release Notes: Several bugs affecting voice splitting were fixed.

  •  16 Jun 2005 06:44

Release Notes: Minor issues affecting chord ties were fixed.

Release Notes: midi2abc was modified to convert MIDI piano music using separate voices for left and right hand. The resulting ABC files are greatly improved.

  •  24 May 2005 05:58

Release Notes: Minor bugs in midicopy and midi2abc were fixed.

  •  17 May 2005 07:07

Release Notes: A few bugs affecting voice splitting were fixed. abc2abc now supports voice splitting as well.

Release Notes: Some %%MIDI commands can now be applied outside of the tune (for example, globally in tune collections). Another important new feature is voice splitting using the "&" syntax introduced by abcm2ps.

Release Notes: The new commands '%%MIDI beatmod n' and '%%MIDI deltaloudness n' were introduced to improve compatibility with abcm2ps. The decorations '!<(!', '!<)!', '!>(!', '!>)!', '!crescendo(!', '!crescendo)!', '!diminuendo(!', and '!diminuendo)!' are now honoured.

Release Notes: This release introduces two more MIDI commands: "%%MIDI portamento n" and "%%MIDI noportamento". The utility 'abcmatch' is now part of the abcMIDI package.

  •  12 Apr 2005 05:16

Release Notes: Minor issues affecting abc2abc were fixed.

Release Notes: Microtone accidentals are now treated as decorations. Optional chords, such as "(C)", are now played. A minor bug in !fermata! was also corrected.


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