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Advanced Assembler

Aasm is an advanced modular assembler designed to support several target architectures. It has been designed to be easily extended. Its global architecture takes advantages of dynamic libraries to provide input, assembler and output modules. The input module supports Intel syntax (like nasm, tasm, masm, etc.). The x86 assembler module supports all opcodes up to P6 including MMX, SSE and 3DNow! extensions. F-CPU and SPARC assembler modules are under development. Several output modules are available for ELF, COFF, IntelHex, and raw binary formats. Advanced features include symbol scopes, an expressions engine, big integer support, macro capability, and numerous and accurate warning messages (over 300).

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  •  06 Oct 2009 05:45

Release Notes: The program was repackaged using autotools. Subversion is now used instead of CVS. Bugs were fixed and the program is now considered stable. The unmaintained F-Cpu module was dropped.

Release Notes: SSE2 instruction support was added, so all x86 instructions are now handled. Expressions symbols now accept positional parameters. More tests were written for x86 opcodes.

Release Notes: More SPARC instructions have been added and more tests were written.

Release Notes: A SPARC v8 assembler module was added and more tests were added.

Release Notes: The COFF file format module was added. Test suites for several modules were added. Some bugs have been fixed.


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