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Release Notes: The words ':TOKEN' and 'EQUATES' have been added. The library files now support virtual memory, simple garbage collection, RfC 4180-compliant parsing, SEDOL numbers, Chi square calculations, runtime macros, and several new sorting routines. Several new date and time parsing functions were added. Several beta- and gamma-related functions were added to the floating point library. The preprocessor now supports division and modulo with the new @divrm function. Lots of bugfixes were made.

Release Notes: Specific code can be executed after a failed 'WHILE' just before exiting the loop. Binary strings can be tagged individually. The library files now support UTF-8 to GBK/2 conversion (and vice versa), infix formula translation, string pattern matching, finite state machines, statistical functions, enhanced command line parsing and the full range of ANS Forth floating point words for ZEN float. The preprocessor now supports string parsing with custom delimiters, macros within macros, and a string stack. A Markov engine and an infix-to-postfix converter were added to the examples.

  •  28 Dec 2009 19:11

Release Notes: Version numbering was changed. The words 'RANDOM' and 'MAX-RAND' have been removed. The word 'RSHIFT' now performs a logical shift. The library files now support several 'state of the art' random number generators, simple hashtables, associative arrays, and strpbrk() and strchr() like words. A tail call optimizer was added to the compiler. A small BASIC interpreter was added to the examples.

Release Notes: The words '[/]' and '[SIGN]' have been added. The preprocessor was expanded and now takes the DIR4TH environment variable into account. The library files now support ANS Forth compatible versions of all floating point input and output words. The library file getenv.4th was rewritten. The library file row.4th was changed. A chapter on library dependencies was added to the manual.

  •  03 May 2009 14:25

Release Notes: Several bugs in the floating point library were fixed. The circular ring buffer library was rewritten. Many FSL and forth200x words were added to the library. The return value of "OPEN" was standardized. "AS" was removed. "ERROR?" and "BUFFER:" were added. The editor can now export text files. A classic "Startrek" program was added to the examples. New sections were added to the Development Guide.

  •  23 Dec 2007 11:03

Release Notes: The words C and OFFSET have been added. The multitasking environment has been fully integrated in the source tree.

Release Notes: Minor bugs were fixed. hgen_4th() was replaced and removed from the API. FIELD was renamed to +FIELD, according to forth200x. [NEGATE] and CHOP were added. /STRING is now an internal word. The word ENVIRONMENT? was completely implemented. Obsolete ANS-Forth words have been added. An interface to the Festival speech synthesizer was added. The 4tH shell is now beta.

Release Notes: Words for using fractions and matching strings with wildcards were added to the library. The Development Guide was added to the manual.

Release Notes: The classic games 'Hamurabi' and 'Lander' and a Forth SLOC program were added to the examples. Most of the ANS-Forth FILE wordset is now supported. The ANS-Forth interface was updated. The 'Porting guide' was added to the manual.

Release Notes: The word FORGET has been renamed to HIDE. The word AKA is supported now. When closing a stream, the associated channel is only reverted to the default stream if the closed stream was current. There are some minor changes and additions to the library and the example programs. The Error Guide has been added to the manual.


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