Version 1.2 of 4DIAC

Release Notes: This is a combined release of all 4DIAC projects. The major changes and improvements in 4DIAC-IDE are: an improved look and feel for FBs and Devices, an extended Type Navigator with drag-and-drop support, and support of visualization of transition order priorities in the ECC editor. The major changes and improvements for FORTE are: support for the control devices Bachmann M1 PLC and KIPR’s CBC robot controller, new serial communication on POSIX and with Lego Mindstorms, Ethernet Powerlink using Open Powerlink, and optimization of monitoring and debugging code.

Other releases

  •  17 Apr 2014 19:32

    Release Notes: This second maintenance release for 4DIAC 1.5 provides a set of bug fixes to 4DIAC-IDE (8).

    •  17 Mar 2014 21:31

      Release Notes: This is first maintenance release for 4DIAC 1.5 providing a set of bug fixes to 4DIAC-IDE (4) and FORTE (6).

      •  17 Feb 2014 22:46

      Release Notes: The main improvements of this release are syntax highlighting, code completion and just-in-time error checking in the Structured Text algorithm editor, better visualization of currently-monitored systems, better control over the FORTE boot-file creation process, and a new example project consisting of the automatic control of a simulated mechanical press. Many smaller improvements and bugfixes have been added. Together with the issues fixed during the maintenance of the last major release, 80 issues could be solved. There is now an official version for Mac OS.

      •  11 Feb 2014 22:15

      Release Notes: This second release candidate improves syntax highlighting in the new ST editor, fixes several issues in the ECC and in the application editor, and adds more tests and automatic test coverage assessment in FORTE.

      •  05 Feb 2014 00:49

      Release Notes: This is a preview for the upcoming major release. The main new features are a new example system, improved management of the monitored systems, syntax highlighting in ST algorithm editors, improved boot-file creation, and many bugfixes, increasing the overall stability.


      Project Spotlight


      A new implementation of the standard library for Linux-based systems.


      Project Spotlight

      HPCC Systems

      A massive parallel-processing computing platform that solves big data problems.