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New Release Cycle

Dear 4DIAC Users

4DIAC hasn't had a release for quite some time. There are several reasons for this situation. In order to improve this and to overcome the stalled release process the 4DIAC developers gathered and defined a fixed release cycle. This means that from now on twice a year a new 4DIAC version will be released on September 15th and February 15th. 2 weeks upfront the release date a feature freeze window will begin at which it is decided what developments will be part of the new release.

We will start this new cycle with the coming release date on September 15th, where we will release FORTE and 4DIAC-IDE V1.0.

In order to let us stay on track please report any bugs, feature request as well as own developments you would like to have included in this release as soon as possible.

The 4DIAC developers


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Project Spotlight


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