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FORTE build system switched to CMake

Today we finally pushed the first version of FORTE that uses CMake as build environment into the Mercurial repository. Thanks to all the people who were involved in testing and porting from the GNU Autotools. The main reason for this step has been the fact that the GNU Autotools limited us in the supported platforms and was also to inflexible for supporting all the needs of FORTE.

CMake allows us to better handle different build trees for different platforms with a different set of FBs and build options all from the same source tree. Furthermore it supports apart from normal makefiles also the generation of Visual Studio Project files. With the new CMake version we also added a native support for win32 based systems.

In order to build FORTE from now on you will need CMake, which you can get from For starters we recommend to use the GUI tool that comes with CMake. When starting the CMake-GUI you have to select the source directory, which is the main FORTE directory and the bin directory which is the output directory. There CMake will put the build project files (e.g., the makefiles) as well as any configuration data. After that you will need to press the configuration button. A window will pop up that lets you select the kind of project you like to build (e.g., Visual Studio Project). In the area above a list of red marked option will appear. These options allow you to configure your FORTE build. The minimal configuration you have to perform is to select the architecture you like to build for (e.g., FORTE_ARCHITECTURE_POSIX). Then you need press the generate button for generating the project files. After that you can continue as in with the old FORTE and start the build process.

I hope you find the new build environment as good as we do. If you have problems or find some issues don’t hasitate to ask questions in the forums or report bugs.

The 4DIAC-Team

Ps.: I marked the last GNU Autotools changeset in mercurial with the tag LAST_AUTOTOOLS just in case someone likes to have an autotools version.


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