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Release Notes: This release reads Netscreen interface vip statements and adds them to the NATs table. Further consistency checks have been added to the policy build sections to more easily identify problem objects. The new helper script converts 'print' mode output CSV files to HTML. Running the script without arguments displays info.

Release Notes: This release further updates the 'print' and 'fltprint' mode spreadsheets to include VPN tunnel usage info and source / destination negation from the policy, as well as "install on" info (most relevant to checkpoint). The version has changed to 0.3 because 'print' modes now include almost all of the "important" details pulled from the configs and logs.

Release Notes: This release further updates the NAT analysis capabilities of the script. More information is populated in the NAT columns of the print mode spreadsheets.

Release Notes: This release further improves the NAT analysis capabilities of 360-FAAR, the output of which is listed in the six new print mode columns, src, dst, and service, for both the NAT translations which are listed in the logs and in the policy, for each object.

Release Notes: This release completely drops the previous NAT methodology and integrates NATs into the rule processing subs, and also sports a rewrite of the NAT structures and nat rule processing. This new method is much more robust Negated rules are now identified in Netscreen and excluded from rr mode rulebases.


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Collax V-Cube+

Virtualization and HA Management of virtual machines and embedded HA Storage.


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A program for monitoring JavaEE applications.