Version 2.04 of 2fax

Release Notes: The left margin offset has been removed, and a problem when using large PCX file overlays has been fixed. There is a security fix for a buffer overflow.

Other releases

  •  16 Dec 2004 14:38

Release Notes: A security hole in the expandtabs function has been fixed.

  •  09 Oct 2004 06:29

Release Notes: This release changes g3 and tiff code due to minor image corruption.

Release Notes: Nothing changed in 2fax itself, but a set of new font programs were added. These allow you to export and import font files to an ASCII file and customize the current fonts.

  •  06 Oct 2002 20:01

Release Notes: Better detection for PCX or ASCII files.

Release Notes: This release has support for generating landscape faxlayouts.


Project Spotlight


A modest and easy-to-use editor with many useful features for HTML editing.


Project Spotlight


Display of images using escape codes.