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Version 230 CMS 1.1.2012 of Napata CMS

Release Notes: This is a backport release containing the new theme switching administration function that is built into the upcoming 1.2 release. It also contains little cosmetic changes to the pre-packaged themes that have been backported from 1.2. Other changes include proper error handling when a page is not found, file location changes, the addition of Class_Template, which handles the theme admin functions, and numerous little fixes.

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Release Notes: Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.2 was added into the core. A single stylesheet is used in both the front and back ends. A timestamp is now printed at the bottom of each article. Twitter Bootstrap Bootswatch swatches were added to the preinstalled themes.

Release Notes: Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.2 was added into the core. Theming code for backend pages was refactored, and Twitter Bootstrap Bootswatch swatches were added. The edit summary input element was changed. The ability for the script to show a generic error message when the static page selected for the homepage does not exist was added.

  •  29 Jun 2013 14:04

Release Notes: HTMLPurifier and editor updates were included, and some bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: Some code including the console and the admin area were moved to the main class file. An admin page showing PHP information was added. Bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: This release adds the ability for the site admin to specify a static homepage for the site's frontpage instead of the usual recent articles posted on the site. A new theme, the DeFunkt Theme, has been added to the pre-installed themes. Numerous bugfixes plus changes have been added. The PHP Markdown Extra library and WYMeditor have been upgraded to the latest releases. The JQuery library has been updated to the 1.8.2 release.


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JDAL (Java Database Application Library)

A Java Database Application Library.


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A C implementation of NTRUEncrypt.