RSS All releases of 1394-based Digital Camera Control Library

  •  25 Sep 2001 14:04

Release Notes: This release contains a bugfix for dc1394_get_camera_feature() failing, libraw1394 0.9 compatibility, new trigger control functions, synchronization of kernel-video1394.h with the recent version, and new format7 functions and examples.

  •  24 Apr 2001 18:14

Release Notes: This release includes mutually exclusive enumerations for symbols, dc1394_dma_unlisten() function, the ability to resume iso transmission after it has been stopped in _dc1394_basic_setup(), and bugfixes.

  •  02 Mar 2001 13:12

Release Notes: This release adds image capture via libraw1394 or /dev/video1394, Format 7 support (untested), better error handling, data structures for camera features, more convenience functions, bugfixes, and code cleanup.


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