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123 Web Messenger Server

123 Web Messenger can add a Facebook-like messenger bar to the bottom of the browser window of a visitor to your Web site, keeping your visitors active and connected. It offers both Web-based IM and an optional desktop IM application. 123 Web Messenger supports text and video chat options. The Web-based IM includes an invitation button in the user list page to initiate a one-to-one private chat.

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RSS Recent releases

  •  18 Oct 2010 07:18

    Release Notes: Significant improvement was made in the friend list, the Facebook-like chat bar, the one-to-one chat window, and the admin panel.

    •  20 Aug 2010 11:25

      Release Notes: The Facebook-like chat bar was improved to integrate multiple applications. Nine skins were added to the IM: chocolate, black, lavender, green, yellow, brown, red, blue, and default (blue violet). Text ads and banners can be added to the one-to-one chat. The admin panel was greatly enhanced.

      •  05 Jan 2009 07:55

      Release Notes: You can now choose whether to group the messages of a contact together. In the previous version, if your contact entered several lines of message before your response, each piece of the message and his user name would show in a single line. Grouping together all messages from one user name can make the chat area clearer for reading. Bugs regarding the invite window were fixed. A network connection problem of dc was fixed. Client connection was improved and the chance of error when working online for a long time was decreased.

      •  30 Jul 2008 08:08

      Release Notes: Multiple skins are available for the chat panel, and the logo was made customizable. The UI of the invitation notification window was improved.

      •  10 Aug 2007 01:59

      Release Notes: The server core code was updated to enhance the server performance and stability. A Server Push Mode was added to the dormant client as an option to diminish the request logs. Bugs were fixed.


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