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28 Apr 2013 07:22 katherine1223

I love this chat so much. IT's quite easy to use, and definitely satisfied with my needs. After integrate this into my website, seems like my the website become more attractive. Support your team. 123flashchat

05 Dec 2008 09:41 dtmm

great chat
This is a great little extension. It installed easily and satisfies my needs, such as real time private chat for software support. Put it inside your members or registered users section and it's secure. For a simple live chat program this is ideal.

08 Sep 2008 08:02 123fcserver

123 Flash Chat upgrade and September Gift
I am glad to announce that the new version of 123 Flash Chat Server Software is available now.

Product: 123FlashChat Server Software
Version: 6.9.5
News URL:

What's new:
1) Faster Loading
the chat room loading has been optimized remarkably which offers much better user experience.
2) Flood Protection
Admin is equiped with the following weapons in the war against the attackers:
- Add "ban computer" to kick, to save time and save you the trouble.
- Mute user: admins and moderators can automatically or manually mute/unmute some annoying users.
3) File Transfer (optional):
users may transfer files in the private chat windows, the file format and the entitled user types to perform the file transfer can both be predefined by admin.
By the way, please check the brief checklist of the changes at or inquiry our support at live demo.

Gift in September
From September 1st to September 30th, TOPCMM launches chat modules special offer.
1. "buy one get one free"
Buy one $99 module, get another $99 module for free.
2. "buy one get two free"
Buy one $499 module, get two $99 modules for free.
3. For all the 14 modules listed above, you only need to pay $1350 in lump.

Modules list:
$99 Module:
1. File Transfer Module
2. Moderated-Chat Module
3. Change Nickname Module
4. Invisible Admin Module
5. Encrypt Message Module
6. Image Transfer Module
7. Buddylist Module
8. Event Chat Module
9. Pocket PC and Banner Chat Module
10. Avatar Chat Module
11. Handwriting Chat Module
12. Chat Room Remote Controller Module (only for license buyers)

$499 Module:
1. Video Chat Module $499
2. White Board Module $499

Best Regards,
123 Flash Chat Support Team


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