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  •  06 Sep 2013 02:25

    Release Notes: Blacksmiths, infinite farms, exponential armor, and realistic health. Allies can now garrison in each other’s buildings. Shared trade gain with allies. Ranged units can hit farther from high places. Hero button. Game speed controls. Terrain anchoring.

    •  02 Apr 2013 21:53

      Release Notes: This alpha features the Mauryan Indians, AI improvements, six new songs, and more.

      •  17 Dec 2012 02:25

        Release Notes: Diplomacy, Packing Siege engines, formation order queueing, Slaughter Attack, unit training hotkeys, new match setup options, improved water rendering, a post-processing manager, and rubble.

        •  08 Sep 2012 07:23

          Release Notes: This alpha features new Celtic factions, many improvements to the graphics, functional gates, a new sound system, improved AI, and more.

          •  16 May 2012 21:59

            Release Notes: This release features Hellenic factions such as Athens, Macedonia, and Sparta. It has technologies, civilization phases, click-and-drag walls, healing, and more.

            •  15 Mar 2012 22:28

              Release Notes: This release includes the Roman faction debut, new combat and trade systems, new random maps and animations, AI improvements, and more.

              •  24 Dec 2011 11:30

                Release Notes: This version debuts the mighty Persian Empire, support for both saving games and reconnecting to multiplayer games, a bartering system, improved AI, and more.

                •  17 Sep 2011 10:16

                  Release Notes: This release added a dynamic territory game mechanic, the Carthaginian civilisation, a new main menu design, new and revamped music tracks featuring live percussion and flute, and over 100 new sound effects, dozens of them audible in-game.

                  •  11 Jul 2011 04:54

                    Release Notes: Unit stances were implemented. The delay in carrying out unit instructions was eliminated. Units are less likely to get stuck. 250 new terrain textures, 43 new sound effects, and 6 new or modified maps were added. New Greek units were added: Houses, siege tower, Thracian Mercenary. Art was released for all of the remaining Champion units. A brand new P-51 Mustang demonstrates flight by flying around the map and attacking targets on the ground and in the air.

                    •  20 May 2011 22:29

                      Release Notes: New civilization: Iberians. Much improved enemy AI. Random map scripting. Unit promotions. Improved formations. An idle unit button. Graphics: a new shader-based renderer mode to support new effects and improve performance; improved lighting for warmer and more vivid colors; particles (fire, smoke, construction dust, sparkles near mines, and falling leaves); and terrain decals (smoother building foundations on bumpy terrain). Hidden units are visible as silhouettes.


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