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30 Jan 2001 18:51 outerspacebozo

freshmeat II launched

amateurish design
the problems:
- I have to maximize the browser (1280x1024) to
see anything (I use a laptop and pity anyone using
one with less definition)
- Even then, discussions don't necessarily wrap, so
I have to side scroll
- I used to be able to see 3 article per page, now
I see only two.
- The three icons (home-page, source, full
description) were nice and much more usable than
the current drop box...

Did you test this on more than one browser? Did
you think that maybe not everyone has a 21 inches
screen with 1600x1200 definition?

Can I go back to the old version? This is pretty bad.

30 Jan 2001 18:51 tress

freshmeat II launched

horizontal scroll bar
the bottom scroll bar is the most annoying thing ..

30 Jan 2001 18:40 kellan

freshmeat II launched

how about some constructive criticism
i realize that probably under 200 comments amounting to "this sucks", its
unlikely you'll ever see this post.

i'm glad there are new features, i hope they work as nicely as they found,
but i'm totally turned off by the new design, and here is why:

1. the whole page is a table (minus the ad of course) this is very very
noticeable slow, and unpleasant.

2. the blue bar on the left runs down the entire page, significantly
impacting the amount of space to display content. and yet it adds VERY
little to the page, just a few links, and a search box near the very top
of the page. this is very poor use of space.

3. the gray bar on the right is hard to read, not hard to read if i sit
there and look at it, but hard to read if i'm trying to skim a list of 100
newly added applications in 30 seconds, which is, in truth, what people

4. information is not clearly divided. its hard to visually breakup the
new entries in the center column the yellow circle is supposed to help i
assume (as it doesn't add any other functionality and is repeated over and
over and over) and yet it also fails to convey any info. (its a
meaningless icon)

5. similar problems in the right hand bar, no clear separation of days,
if i'm scrolling down the page, Monday blurs into Sunday blurs into

6. Some people have pointed out the similarity with k5. K5's interface
is overwhelming, but I was willing to deal w/ that, adjust, spend the time
learning it, because there is an amazing amount of interaction going on at
k5. this is not the case w/ freshmeat. I know its fun to work on
community features, but I really don't see how they improve freshmeat all
that much. (Especially if they come at the expense of the old feature set
was immensely popular)

7. doing another quick once other or the site, i can't emphasize enough
how hard that center column is to use. what was wrong w/ the old
boxes? they were cool and usable! ditto in the actual project detail, all
the information because a jumbled mess. (and that damn meaningless icon
shows up again)

8. don't do it. do we need another community site? if you want to work on a community site, work on the bender code, or scoop, or squishdot. instant messaging in scoop would be an awesome addition, especially if it could optionally get logged somewhere like your
diary. that way we could take a lot of the more vitriol debates

9. i'm going to take a leap of faith and assume that when i click on the totally uninformative "Step 2" button, I'll be brought to a page where I can preview this comment?


30 Jan 2001 18:38 daveola

freshmeat II launched

All my projects are attributed to the "N/A" user?

Now I have to get all of them back? This is annoying.

Furthermore, what's with the "Tar/gz" assumption? What if the download is just a single file, like a script? I prefer the Download tag from before.

30 Jan 2001 18:30 daveola

freshmeat II launched

Re: Stats page numbers reset?!

> It looks like all the hard-earned numbers and hit
> counts from the old stats/about page have been
> reset! I think that really, REALLY sucks.

I totally agree. As a FM submitter, I realized there was a direct correlation between the number of hits I got, and regular releases of my software. It would be a good idea to add these old numbers into the database.

30 Jan 2001 18:30 escm

freshmeat II launched

yea...sorry but,
i hate to jump on the "change-is-bad-bandwagon" but, its really confusing. i mean it's not just the fact that its a change. it REALLY is seriously confusing and unreadable. :(

30 Jan 2001 18:24 fearlezz

freshmeat II launched

Re: What happened to the lounge button?
Please put back the lounge section, so FM will
stay my favourite site...

30 Jan 2001 18:24 donhead

freshmeat II launched

New Layout
I like it!

Here's some constructive criticism to go along with that.. (I tested it in IE5 and Konqueror/KDE 2.1beta/Mandrake)

- The blue bar on the left is WAY too wide.
- The bar on the right isn't wide enough (at least in IE5 with default settings, small fonts), there's a lot of word wrapping in the previous day's software releases, which makes the list seem longer than it really is.
- The drop-down menus really are kinda annoying, I liked the old icon system.

I'm sure I'll come up with more as I play with it. Thanks for a great site. =)

30 Jan 2001 18:18 tomas789

freshmeat II launched

The New look is nasty! Bring back the old
This new look is aweful! Im running at 1024x768 and i have to scroll right to read the whole article! Who had their head up their butt when they were writing this! Over all its just not as clean. I like the new logo, but the new layout is not cool. Especially for new users! Reminds me of trying to navigate through the Micro$oft webpages. Its horrible!

30 Jan 2001 18:15 swix

freshmeat II launched

"Never change a working system"...
Well, thanks for your work, but the older design was better. The other people already told what was wrong with the select. I also miss the boxes, and don't like this big lightblue column there : takes _way_ to much space for nothing.

Please create an! :)
Or add customisable templates.

The only thing I find better yet are the comments system, but that could have been added without throwing everything away..


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