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What if Solaris was Free?

osOpinion has a rather thought provoking column about Solaris and Linux: "If you look at what the Linux community is doing now, it has already been done by Sun. Solaris can do everything Linux can do, but better. After reading the following text, ask yourself one simple question: What if Solaris was free?"
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    23 Dec 1999 22:10 Avatar svetzal

    Of the many companies claiming to support Linux, you should take a look at some of the contributions SGI is making.

    People complain about NFSv3, well SGI has provided that support for Linux. Add advanced filesystems (promised, albeit, not yet available) like XFS - superb. Kernel debugger. IO enhancements. Memory size enhancements. OpenVault, GLX, STL, the list goes on.

    IRIX is a superb *nix, with a ton of great features, many unknown due to their horrible PR and marketing... Just because Solaris has such a high level of corporate deployment does NOT make it the best OS on the market. If that were the case, we'd all be praising Windoze here. ( starts you off - take notice of this effort. SGI appears truly committed to this - and given SGI's future roadmap, we'll be benefiting from this for years to come.

    Just think, a company with a vested interest in bringing their commercial *nix features to Linux - providing a threaded ip stack, HARD real-time scheduling, etc, etc, etc. Pretty cool for all of us.

    21 Dec 1999 17:56 Avatar penguinhead

    NFS v3
    I believe Linux 2.4 will include support for NFS v.3 as reported by the Linux Journal -1-9-0-0- 2000.

    17 Dec 1999 12:38 Avatar rgmayhue

    A better question. What if Linux wasn't free?
    What if Linux wasn't free? Would this thread even exist. I dought it. If Linux hadn't been developed and wasn't free and Open Source, then Sun probably wouldn't be doing what their doing anyway.

    All the differances between the the OS's aside. IMHO, Linux or better yet, the Linux movement, is responsible for many of the changes taking place in the computer industry today. If Linux were to disappear tomarrow (I dought it), we would still need to remember it's impact.

    So ask yourself this simple question. What if Linux wasn't free?

    16 Dec 1999 13:40 Avatar brianredfern

    what if solaris was free
    So? It runs best on SPARC hardware, for example if I wanted to do JMF or Java 3D development, I'm stuck using either Solaris SPARC only or Windozer, so what? Free BSD is out there for free, and its the real-deal Unix, even Yahoo runs it, but it hasn't caused Linux to dissapear, even though some claim it runs Linux in emulation better than Linux runs itself.

    01 Oct 1999 14:43 Avatar jojokahanding

    Verrrry Strange
    I have to agree with Dave Brooks. The timing of this article really is strange. My two cents on this is that since SUN acquired StarOffice and they're announce a 2 to 1 Stock Split could only mean something else.

    I believe this to be a ploy from SUN to up their stocks.

    I am still waiting for them to dump their StarOffice products on CD's and send them to every PC User via mail the same way as AOL is doing -- (: my guess.


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