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This coming Sunday, June 1st at 07:00 UTC (view this time in your timezone) will move out of the current location on the west coast into the brand new SourceForge, Inc. datacenter on the east coast. The switch itself should be brief. Please allow a downtime of 1-2 hours though should the data synchronization processes not proceed as smoothly as planned and tested.

While we will shortly drop the TTL (time to live) on our nameservers, you may still experience that access to the domain routes you to the old datacenter, in which case we will redirect you over to the new one with a slightly changed hostname your local nameservers are unlikely to have cached.

We are also moving onto brand new machines that have been re-installed from scratch. If you experience any bugs or oddities in site behavior after the switch, please don't hesitate to submit a trouble ticket through our contact page. As always, please be as specific as possible to ease reproduction of your problem and speed up the solution.

Thanks for your understanding and we'll see you on the other side.

Update: We've moved. Welcome to the new farm. Please bear with us while we bring back the rest of the services.

Update #2: We should be all set. As mentioned above, if you run into a brick wall anywhere, please let us know. Thank you for your patience.

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30 May 2008 16:42 Zerone

Good to Know
Thanks for giving us that heads up, and I hope it goes well for the site. So what kinda machines is the site gonna run on now that you're having them built from scratch?

01 Jun 2008 14:40 cduffy

Template for automated support responses unavailable
Not sure if the reports to are getting through w/ content despite that failure, so duplicating here:

The specified template is missing or inaccessable.


However, the custom content which was supposed to fill the template was:

-------------------------------------------- Managed by Request Tracker

01 Jun 2008 19:09 sergek

Wow, great stuff
The filtered home page is really substantially faster. Thanks for the improvements!

02 Jun 2008 09:44 scoop

Re: Template for automated support responses unavailable
Hi Charles, thanks for the heads up. Should be fixed.

02 Jun 2008 17:36 manus_eiffel

Record hits/URL hits problem
I've noticed that in the project activity page of each project, the display for record hits and url hits have changed. Instead of showing the increment for that day it shows the total number of hits received so far.

Is this intentional or is this a problem introduced with the migration?



02 Jun 2008 21:26 scoop

Re: Record hits/URL hits problem
Hi Manu,

thanks for pointing this out. It's fixed now.



19 Feb 2009 22:37 ejjjjder

Re: i am new
hello everyone, i am new user for fresmeat, just still one minute , but i wish learn everything in


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Project Spotlight


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