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freshmeat II launched

It's here. It's new. It's freshmeat II. (/me quits rhyming) -- Way too much time has passed since the last rewrite. The first baby-blue freshmeat went online Jan 1st 1999, more than 2 years ago. Here's baby-blue freshmeat II, codenamed 'Verdi'. Besides being completely restructured database wise to better cope with with the project data, this release incorporates most of the features users requested in the past months. Click the link for a quick rundown.

Update: Yes, you convinced me the select boxes suck and as such they will be replaced with link icons as soon as I get a chance.

One fundamental change is the replacement of the appindex by a project index, which is split into projects, branches and releases. Every project may have multiple branches, each standing for a development tree (like stable, beta, etc.). Branches can have their own URLs, licenses and releases attached to them, which means, there's separate project histories for each branch. Right now, all projects only have a 'default' branch, containing the old appindex URLs and release history.

Ownership of records is a bit up in the air. There was no sane way to import the user/project relations of the old freshmeat, therefore all project records are owned by nobody right now. Changing ownership is a piece of cake though, just use the change owner link in the left menu on the project page if a project belongs to you. As a developer, your next step should be to create additional branches for your project (if you have more than one) or rename the default branch using the add new branch and update branch links respectively.

Another big change is the replacement of our ancient 2-level category scheme with the trove map, filled with the category tree from SourceForge. For a smooth changeover, the old appindex categories have been imported as trove root parent 'Old Appindex' with their corresponding sections and categories attached. All projects now have to be recategorized for the real trove tree. This can be done by the record owner (see above) in real-time with a nice two pane interface. After the change-over period went through, you're able to limit browsing views and search results either on-the-fly (using the [filter] links on the corresponding result pages) or mask out categories permanently (using your account's filter abilities).

The either hated or beloved urgency field has been superseded by release focus. This allows for more fine grained definition of each release, ranging from security fixes to bugfixes to feature enhancements. Registered users can also filter on release focus types, i.e. permanently mask out releases with release focus such-and-such.

Web-based instant messaging is here! Some of you may know this from my personal website already. Now it's available for all freshmeat users. You can send instant messages online to any logged in user through the user's personal page. No longer will you search in vain for friends or associates on the Net. Yes, *ahem*, I borrowed that from the ICQ homepage. Still, I guess you get the idea.

All in all, being a registered user pays off even more now. You can set sort options for the frontpage and search results permanently in your preferences, post comments with signature, get replies to your comments by email, receive comments posted to your projects by email, spam-protect your account using a fake email address, use instant messaging and filters (see above) and much more, like subscribing to a project (or specific branches) to be notified when a new release comes out.

Our article section has been unified and expanded to add additional original content to freshmeat, like reviews, tutorials and editorials. Those will pop up over the course of a few weeks, so stay tuned.

Also, freshmeat's stats/hall of fame thingy is more prominent now (yes, I tried to hide it in the about section before) and will be expanded even more as soon as the fm II launch dust has settled.

To close off, I know I'll be slaughtered for using style-sheets, javascript and cookies. Yes, freshmeat II looks best in Netscape 6/Mozilla, Opera and Internet Explorer (read: browsers that half-way support stylesheets). But it also looks somewhat nice in the majority of other browsers (with the exception of telnet). ill render it usable just as well as Netscape 4, which many of you still use. My point in using those 'evil technologies' is, that sooner or later more people will be using browsers supporting them and since I was doing a 100% rewrite of the site it didn't make sense to develop non state-of-the-art user interface only to revamp everything again when the time is right, which I suppose would be in about a year from now (nonono, don't revive the We are losing the browser war thread, please!).

Summing it up, freshmeat does make use of style-sheets, javascripts and cookies, but it's usable and even nice on the eye (a matter of taste, I know..) without having them enabled in your browser. Please don't harrass me or others, it's not worth it (I might not even read it).

As I'm already dreaming in PHP code (do { mess_with_mind(); } while ($scoop == "asleep");) I honestly hope there's not too much fluff hanging around in the source that needs my attention today or tomorrow. After relaxing a bit I'll start coding again to implement features that haven't made it into the initial release of freshmeat II.

For a quick launch party either join Jeff Covey and the gang at LinuxWorld Expo New York or join channel #freshmeat on OpenProjects.

scoop at freshmeat dot net
Jan 30th, 2001

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01 Jul 2001 16:36 Avatar szarts

source code
can i download the source what using in, because the sourceforge can be download.

by the way, i want to make a software download site, but i can not find any source code can be use to download site, anyone can help me, introduction some good source code for my download site, thanks. or make change with my search engine:

25 Jun 2001 22:49 Avatar magu


06 Jun 2001 12:38 Avatar pipas


> % FIRST POST! :)
> Puta mierda de mensaje

Come on, you can do better than that, me, i'm portuguese and i can do better than that in spanich :PPPPP ( Nice work and congratulations to everibody )

27 Feb 2001 12:38 Avatar smoku

I like the new design. It's nice, usefull, and becomes more and more intuitive.
But.. why did You drop the co-author(s) feature?
It's nice, when there is more than one maintainer.
Especially when You gave us the possibility to announce different branches separately...

23 Feb 2001 09:45 Avatar stesch

A:hover gone?
I've just wanted to show a friend the navigation
of freshmeat. But no
fancy hover effect.

He was asking about the differences between old
Netscape and new Mozilla.
One of the things I've mentioned is the hover effect.

OK, I have to show him some other sites ...


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