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Editorial: Mark Bolzern

A preliminary editorial about the recently published Linux Base System proposal by Mark Bolzern, Director Linux Intermational, CEO Linux Mall, and President WorkGroup Solutions.
From: Mark Bolzern, Director Linux International, CEO Linux Mall, and
President WorkGroup Solutions.

If Linux is ever to succeed commercially in Microsoft's league, it is
important that the base distribution become as standard as the kernel
is.  Otherwise we will never have available all the software, commercial
vendor, training and other support needed to do it,as porting to many
Linux distributions and combinations would be too hard for a business

Linux also needs to be a slower moving target with both slow stable
(updated for bugs/problems only) and fast development tracks just as the
kernel itself has.  I see LSB as the stable track for Linux Distribution
standardization.  Fracturing of the Unix Market is what gave MS their
opening to become who they now are, along with other factors. As a
community, we do not dare let this happen to Linux.  

Yet the hacker culture cannot be stifled by the standardization or
innovation stops.  Thus the dual track approach.  Linux on the net is
like the development kernels, (roll your own, Debian, RH, Slackware) and
the LSB provides the stable track for commercialization to build from. 
This is complimentary, and necessary, even vital.

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