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Download Website 21 Jan 03:42 Arcavias Core 2014.01.1


Arcavias is an e-commerce framework for Web shops, consisting of an e-commerce library, an administration interface, and different frontends. It's a modular stack which offers flexibility and speed. Unlike other Web shops, it's not a monolithic application. Instead, you have a choice between several user frontends, and you can adapt them to your needs or write one of your own.

Release Notes: This is a minor release of the Arcavias Core and the Arcavias Demo Shop. Products added to categories in the Administration Interface are now automatically included in the index. Furthermore, this release cleans up the translation files (removing fuzzy tags) so that all translations are now shown in the front end. The text export in the Administration Interface is much faster by optimized sorts. This release improves the filtering of invalid UTF-8 characters entered in the front end or Administration Interface.

Download Website 21 Jan 03:27 DEMUX Framework 0.8.0


DEMUX Framework enables Java developers to build modular, cross-platform applications which can run on desktop, Web, and mobile and embedded devices. It is based on OSGI and supports creating JavaFX desktop applications, mobiles apps (Android, iOS, Windows), and Web applications.

Release Notes: This version bring new and improved archetypes for creating and working with Android projects. Some highlights of this version include: a more user-friendly Android project layout, an additional Maven archetype for building bundles for the Android platform, improvements to Android application bundle loading, and integration with the Maven Android plugin.

Download Website 21 Jan 03:17 cdrtools 3.01a22


cdrtools (formerly cdrecord) creates home-burned CDs/DVDs with a CDR/CDRW/DVD/BluRay recorder. It works as a burn engine for several applications. It supports CD/DVD/BD recorders from many different vendors; all SCSI-3/mmc- and ATAPI/mmc-compliant drives should also work. Supported features include IDE/ATAPI, parallel port, and SCSI drives; audio CDs, data CDs, and mixed CDs; full multi-session support; CD-RWs, DVD-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW, BD-R/BD-RE; and TAO, DAO, RAW, and human-readable error messages. cdrtools includes remote SCSI support and can access local or remote CD/DVD/BD writers.

Release Notes: mkisofs includes a new option, -legacy, that allows it to reenable the short options -H/-L/-P; these have been disabled in 2006 for compatibility with scripts that have not been updated during the past 10 years. libsiconv now only tries to open a file when the argument includes a slash in its name. libschily::printf() now includes support for %n$ argument reordering for the first 30 arguments.

Download Website 21 Jan 03:14 GTKMan 0.7.2


GTKMan is a simple manual page viewer. Manual pages are viewed by specifying their name and optionally the section they are in, just as with the original man command. The manual pages are displayed in simple text form using the default system monospace font.

Release Notes: This release adds compatibility with Debian and Debian-based distributions. It also includes a few minor UI fixes and updated translations.

Download Website 20 Jan 23:11 libquickmail 0.1.17


libquickmail is a library intended to give C/C++ developers a quick and easy way to send email from their applications. It supports multiple To/Cc/Bcc recipients and multiple MIME attachments without size limitation. It uses libcurl for SMTP communication, but a light version is also included without the libcurl dependancy. The library can also be used to just create a multipart MIME message body. It also comes with a command line application for sending mail (with optional attachments).

Release Notes: This release fixes the Date header to show the local time with proper UTC offset, fixes line breaks in source files (Unix EOL), and shows only the version of libcurl instead of all its components.

Download Website 20 Jan 23:10 Aspose.Words for .NET 13.12.0


Aspose.Words is a word processing component that makes it possible for .NET applications to read, write, and modify Word documents without using Microsoft Word. Other useful features include document creation, content and formatting manipulation, mail merge abilities, reporting features, and support for DOCX, DOC, WordprocessingML, HTML, XHTML, TXT, and PDF formats (requires Aspose.Pdf). It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

Release Notes: This release adds Curved WordArt support (the WordArt shapes fit to frames defined by Bezier curves) and advanced DrawingML effects such as glow, outer shadow, and reflection. When "track changes" is enabled, any insertions, deletions, or changes in the document are identified and displayed to the user. Along with these three standard changes, there is a special type of change tracking which identifies when a portion of content is moved from one place to another in the document. This move is seen as one unique operation in which the content is moved from one position to another.

Download Website 20 Jan 23:09 cego 2.20.0


Cego implements a relational and transactional database system with support for the SQL query language. The current release contains the most common database features for basic table manipulation and data retrieval. Indexes, foreign keys, views, and stored procedures are also implemented. Future releases (2.0 and above) will support a multi-node database concept with log file shipping for an automatic database application failover.

Release Notes: This release improves the query execution plan in such a way that btree relevance is checked for the corresponding query. For this, btree relevance is calculated for each btree object. As a consequence, btree objects have to be recreated in case of a database upgrade (drop btrees, upgrade db, create btrees).

Download Website 20 Jan 22:58 freedns-afraid 0.10


freedns-afraid is a dynamic DNS client or updater, a Linux daemon which keeps your record on the free dynamic DNS service up-to-date. The rpm is built for Fedora, but it should work for other rpm-based Linux distributions which use systemd and NetworkManager.

Release Notes: This release fixes two bugs: If the `freedns-afraid` user exists, the rpm could not be installed because of a failure in the pre-install scriplet (now, an existing account will be utilized), and when an rpm is removed, the `freedns-afraid` user and group are deleted, and the configuration file `freedns-afraid.conf.rpmsave` was owned by an undefined group (the gid of which may be accidentally reused). Now, configuration files are forced to be owned by the `root` group before deleting the `freedns-afraid` account. GNU autoconf/automake are now used for building. This may help to build/install freedns-afraid on other Linux distributions.

Download No website 20 Jan 22:51 C5Connector.Java 0.3


C5Connector.Java is a backend for the Core Five file manager. It provides a bridge between the file manager and a storage backend and works like a transparent virtual file system or a proxy. It includes a default implementation for accessing the local filesystem (on the server side). The API encapsulates the building of JSON and is intended to be used within JSPs as well as with a template engine like Velocity or FreeMarker.

Release Notes: This release simplifies the Connector-API, adds the ability to change the "shared" filemanager configuration in a Java-style approach, and adds many fixes and improvements.

Download Website 20 Jan 22:50 LedgerSMB 1.4.0 beta 4


LedgerSMB is an accounting and ERP framework which aims to provide solid accounting, industry-leading security, and support for rapid development of business tools re-using accounting logic to support workflows of any specific business.

Release Notes: This release moves reports to the new reporting framework and adds Dojo-based widgets.

Download Website 20 Jan 22:48 Areca Backup 7.4.1


Areca is a file backup system that supports data compression (zip / zip64 format) and encryption, incremental backups, FTP/SFTP file transfer, delta storage mode, and many other features. It includes a transaction mechanism, which guarantees the integrity of your backups. Two user interfaces are available: a command-line interface (useful for backup automation) and a graphical user interface (useful for backup administration).

Release Notes: This release comes with minor memory optimizations.

Download Website 20 Jan 22:48 Worker 3.3.0


Worker is a file manager for the X Window System with the classical two panel interface. It features a fully graphical configuration, while still allowing manual editing of the configuration file without the need to restart Worker. Any external program can be integrated easily into the GUI using buttons, hotkeys, and file type actions. Worker uses file recognition by file content or by filename extension (or both). Different actions with completely configurable commands can be assigned to each file type.

Release Notes: This release improves the path jump dialog. It is now possible to hold entries which matches a given filter and then refine the filter only for those entries. The matching entries can be panelized in the list view. The command menu now also temporarily highlights the button which corresponds to the current entry in the menu. The start prog interface has been improved to support command history and command completion. The left and right cursor keys allow navigation within a virtual directory. Some minor bugs have been fixed.

Download No website 20 Jan 20:32 XOWA 1.1.3


XOWA is a desktop application that can read and edit English Wikipedia offline. It displays articles in an HTML browser, and can download images on demand. It can also be used for Wiktionary, Wikisource, Wikiquote, and the non-English counterparts.

Release Notes: This release includes better support for Wikisource, offline images for German wikis and Wikinews, a fix for underscore magic words (__NOTOC__), and other minor changes.

No download No website 20 Jan 17:17 isort 3.1.2


isort automatically sorts and sections Python imports. It can turn even the most messy import structure into nice clean sections without duplicates. It provides a command line utility, Python library, and Kate plugin for convenient use.

Release Notes: This release fixes a crash when parsing from a path with Unicode characters in Python2.

No download No website 20 Jan 17:16 Frosted 1.1.2


Frosted is a passive Python syntax checker. It is a fork of pyflakes which aims at more open contribution from the outside public, a smaller more maintainable code base, and a better Python checker for all.

Release Notes: This release fixes a crash when parsing from a path with Unicode characters in Python2, switches from integer error codes to informational and grouped error codes, and integrates several new improvements from the community.

Download Website 20 Jan 17:16 AutoLaTeX 28.4


AutoLaTeX is a tool for managing small to large LaTeX documents. It detects which files which are used to build the document (included TeX files, BibTeX, figures, etc.), and launches the various different tools (latex, bibtex, makeindex) when the sources files have been changed. It provides translation rules which automatically generate figures in EPS, PNG, or PDF formats from different types of sources (dia, xfig, svg, astah, source code, etc.) AutoLaTeX also provides graphical user interfaces, a plugin for the editors Gedit and Sublime Text, and a standalone Gtk application.


Release Notes: This release outputs the warnings only from the last run of pdflatex.

Download Website 20 Jan 17:15 Zero Install Injector 2.6


Zero Install is a decentralized cross-distribution software installation system. It allows software developers to publish programs directly from their own Web sites, while supporting features familiar from centralized distribution repositories such as shared libraries, automatic updates, and digital signatures. It is intended to complement, rather than replace, the operating system's package management. 0install packages never interfere with those provided by the distribution.


Release Notes: 0install 2.6 completes the transition from Python to OCaml. There is no remaining Python code in 0install and, therefore, no need to have Python installed in order run it. 2.6 also adds support for the Raspberry Pi and a JSON API for interfacing with other systems.

Download Website 20 Jan 17:15 Xdgmenumaker 0.5


Xdgmenumaker is a command line tool that generates application menus using xdg information by scanning *.desktop files in all $XDG_DATA_DIRS/applications directories. All applications are sorted according to the main categories as specified by Generated menu entries are localised according to the current user locale settings. It currently supports generation of menus for Fluxbox, IceWM, and WindowMaker. Icons from the current GTK+ icon theme can be included in the menus, when they are supported by the output format.

Release Notes: This release adds support for creating menus for pekwm. It also adds support for reading and using the XDG Path attribute.

Download Website 20 Jan 16:12 lighttpd 1.4.34


lighttpd is a secure, fast, compliant, and very flexible Web server which has been optimized for high-performance environments. It has a very low memory footprint compared to other Web servers, and it takes care of CPU load. It has an advanced feature set that includes FastCGI (load balanced), CGI, Auth, Output-Compression, URL-Rewriting, SSL, and much more.

Release Notes: This release fixes some security bugs (CVE-2013-4508, CVE-2013-4559, CVE-2013-4560) and contains other small fixes.

Download Website 20 Jan 16:12 Rapid Photo Downloader 0.4.9 beta 3


Rapid Photo Downloader is an application for professional and amateur photographers, designed for use on the Linux desktop. It can download photos and videos from multiple cameras, memory cards, and portable storage devices simultaneously. It provides many flexible, user-defined options for subfolder creation, photo and video renaming, and backup.

Release Notes: This release adds file verification of downloaded and backed-up files. Several translations are updated, and Catalan is added.

Download Website 20 Jan 16:12 Jackcess Encrypt 2.0.1


Jackcess Encrypt is an extension library for the Jackcess project that implements support for some forms of Microsoft Access and Microsoft Money encryption.

Release Notes: This release expands the range of keys supported for the RC4 cipher to 40-512 bits and adds support for a few other chaining block modes.

Download Website 20 Jan 14:45 Novius OS 2.4


Novius OS is a CMS that takes up the challenge of managing Web content in today’s multi-channel environment. Its goal is to provide users with one single tool for their digital communication: Web sites, social networks, mobile applications, email, and custom business applications. It is based on the FuelPHP framework. It uses an HTML5 interface, the jQuery UI framework, and the Wijmo and TinyMCE plugins.


Release Notes: This release adds one migration, three improvements, and many bugfixes.

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