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Download Website 21 Jan 12:24 SlackE17 0.17.6


SlackE17 is a distribution of the Enlightenment DR17 window manager for Slackware.

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release for Linux Slackware 14.1. It contains E17 version 0.17.6, the EFL 1.7.10, terminology 0.4.0, elemines 0.2.3, and eperiodique 0.4. Some extra modules and themes are provided.

No download No website 21 Jan 12:24 LaunchControl 1.11


LaunchControl is a fully-featured launchd(8) frontend allowing you to manage and debug system and user services on your Mac. It provides everything you need to load, unload, start, create, edit, remove, or troubleshoot launch services. It supports all documented features of launchd, reports potential problems before a job is even started, and makes sure you always create valid configurations. It supports user LaunchAgents and Global and System LaunchAgents/Daemons. It shows all services and their status at a glance, and misconfigured services are highlighted. You can enable or disable services, and find them with a job filter. Not just a plist editor, it provides a dedicated interface for every configuration key with an adaptive interface that displays only information relevant for the selected job.


Release Notes: Output redirection is now suggested on job error, and the program now informs if output is available from stdout/stderr when there is a job error. Continuous job validation was added. Filters are now disabled before creating a new job to avoid creating a seemingly invisible job.

Download Website 21 Jan 12:22 Aspose.BarCode for .NET 6.0.0


Aspose.BarCode is a .NET component for generation and recognition of Linear and 2D barcodes on all kinds of .NET applications. It supports WPF with 29+ Barcode symbologies like OneCode, QR, Aztec, MSI, EAN128, EAN14, SSCC18, Code128, Code39, Postnet, MarcoPDF417, Datamatrix, UPCA, etc. Other features include barcode insertion in PDF, Word, and Excel documents. It can also take image input in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and WMF formats. You can also control image styles such as background color and bar color.

Release Notes: The .NET Compact Framework version has been improved with appropriate error messages and enhanced reliability. The performance of DataMatrix with large pictures has been improved. Key factors of this improvement are "Diagonal check" and "Strict angle check". It is now possible to generate multiple barcodes in a single image. The decoding accuracy rate of DataMatrix and Code128 symbologies from images and PDF files is now noticeably better.

Download Website 21 Jan 12:20 MeTA1 1.0.Alpha20.0


MeTA1 is a modularized message transfer agent (MTA) consisting of five (or more) persistent processes, four of which are multi-threaded. A queue manager controls SMTP servers and SMTP clients to receive and send email messages, an address resolver provides lookups in various maps (including DNS) for mail routing, and a main control program starts the other processes and watches over their execution. The queue manager organizes the flow of messages through the system and provides measures to avoid overloading the local or remote systems by implementing a central control instance. It is simple to configure using a C-like syntax and is secure and efficient.

Release Notes: This version enhances handling of failures of processes that are under control of mcp and adds cert pinning as an experimental feature.

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