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Download Website 03 Feb 16:13 DEMUX Framework 0.8.1


DEMUX Framework enables Java developers to build modular, cross-platform applications which can run on desktop, Web, and mobile and embedded devices. It is based on OSGI and supports creating JavaFX desktop applications, mobiles apps (Android, iOS, Windows), and Web applications.

Release Notes: This release adds additional support for resource handling on Android and support for defining views from XML layout files.

Download Website 03 Feb 15:34 GNU ddrescue 1.18-pre7


GNU ddrescue is a data recovery tool. It copies data from one file or block device (hard disk, CD-ROM, etc.) to another, trying to rescue the good parts first in case of read errors. GNU ddrescuelog is a tool that manipulates ddrescue logfiles, shows logfile contents, converts logfiles to/from other formats, compares logfiles, tests rescue status, and can delete a logfile if the rescue is done.


Release Notes: Blocks skipped during the copying phase are no longer marked as non-trimmed. They are tried in additional passes (before trimming). This speeds the rescue in case of large errors by avoiding the creation of large non-trimmed areas. "ddrescue.texinfo" has been renamed "ddrescue.texi".

Download Website 03 Feb 15:34 Lzip 1.16-pre1


Lzip is a lossless data compressor with a user interface similar to the one of gzip or bzip2. Lzip decompresses almost as fast as gzip and compresses more than bzip2, which makes it well suited for software distribution and data archiving. Lzip is a clean implementation of the LZMA algorithm. The Lzip file format is designed for long-term data archiving. It is clean, provides very safe four factor integrity checking, and is backed by the recovery capabilities of lziprecover.


Release Notes: Copying of file dates, permissions, and ownership now behaves like "cp -p". (If the user ID or the group ID can't be duplicated, the file permission bits S_ISUID and S_ISGID are cleared). Compression time has been reduced by 4%. Some minor improvements have been made. "lzip.texinfo" has been renamed "lzip.texi".

Download Website 03 Feb 15:19 Visopsys 0.73


Visopsys is an alternative operating system for PC compatible computers. Under development since late 1997, this system is small, fast, and open source. It features a simple but functional graphical interface, real preemptive multitasking, and virtual memory. Though it attempts to be compatible in a number of ways, Visopsys is not a clone of any other operating system. You can demo the distribution from a "live" CD, USB stick, or floppy disk.

Release Notes: This is a hardware support update and bugfix release, adding native SATA and USB CD/DVD support and a Calculator program, as well as numerous usability and reliability fixes.

No download Website 03 Feb 03:14 Free Help Desk 2.4


Freehelpdesk is feature-rich help desk system designed from the ground up to meet the demands of help desk staff and their users. It is a Web-based system that can accept new calls from your users directly into the system. Calls can be tracked and searched to enable faster response times.


Release Notes: This version introduces the ability for a file to be uploaded with a ticket submission. The navbar has been changed to an even more mobile friendly version. There are many interface tweaks. Updated CAPTCHA and ezsql libraries. Please note: the fhd_config.php file has changed to allow for control of file uploading.

Download Website 03 Feb 03:11 TinyButStrong 3.9.0


TinyButStrong is a template class for PHP that allows you to generate XML/HTML pages and any other files based on text source. The engine gives facilities to work with any databases, including in native PDO, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, PHP arrays, and more. It is possible to design templates using any visual editor (like Dreamweaver or FrontPage), and thus to make templates that are compatible with W3C standards for example. It features simple block management, useful display formats, conditional displaying for blocks and locators, remote XML/HTML attribute modification, a cache system, and the ability to include sub-templates and execute associated scripts. Plug-ins are supported since version 3.0.


Release Notes: 2 new features, 3 fixed bugs, and 3 enhancements. A new parameter "parallel" for merging a block in columns (or any other parallel ways). A new way for merging sub-templates without absorbing PHP error messages. Fixed bugs: the HTML plug-in with the parameter "select" now works with values containing special HTML characters. In the parameter "frm", a leading zero coming with a prefix or a suffix may not have formatted the number as expected. An old error message when the entity of the parameter "att" is not found has been fixed. There are also 3 enhancements.

No download Website 03 Feb 03:01 Piwigo 2.6.0


Piwigo is photo gallery system for the Web. The project started in 2002 and is built by an active community of users and developers. It comes with powerful features for publishing and managing your photos, scalability, and smart browsing capabilities such as albums, tags, or calendars. Extensions make Piwigo even more customizable.

Release Notes: This version introduces new features for users, especially administrators. The mobile theme now has important improvements. The user manager has been redesigned from scratch. The new plugin "Admin Tools" will let you edit albums and photos from the gallery. A new mail system presents clean graphical themes and a robust engine. This version also introduces technical features including simpler coding for plugin creators.

Download Website 03 Feb 02:59 APCComm 2.4.0


APCComm is a program to transfer files between an Amiga and a Linux PC using a laplink cable. It's able to transfer files and whole directories.

Release Notes: This release adds support to directly write incoming ADF images to floppy disk drives and to create images from disks.

Download No website 02 Feb 22:25 libefgy 6


libefgy is a set of C++ headers containing lots of templates loosely related to maths. The headers include templates for fractional arithmetic, big integers (and thus "big fractions"), calculating π, e, and some calculations with those (for trigonometrics), matrix manipulations, tuples, polar and Euclidian spaces in arbitrary dimensions, (perspective) projections, colour space manipulations in RGB and HSL, and assorted other things.

Release Notes: This sixth release of the library primarily updates geometry code: parametric surfaces, trigonometric functions, arbitrary coordinate systems for models, vectors, and a simple GLSL synthesiser. S-expression classes have also been added, and documentation has been improved. The number of Doxygen warning lines is now finally under a thousand. Two models have been added, a klein bottle and a torus.

No download No website 02 Feb 17:38 LaunchControl 1.12.1


LaunchControl is a fully-featured launchd(8) frontend allowing you to manage and debug system and user services on your Mac. It provides everything you need to load, unload, start, create, edit, remove, or troubleshoot launch services. It supports all documented features of launchd, reports potential problems before a job is even started, and makes sure you always create valid configurations. It supports user LaunchAgents and Global and System LaunchAgents/Daemons. It shows all services and their status at a glance, and misconfigured services are highlighted. You can enable or disable services, and find them with a job filter. Not just a plist editor, it provides a dedicated interface for every configuration key with an adaptive interface that displays only information relevant for the selected job.


Release Notes: This release adds i386 support and fixes an issue with tooltips on OSX10.6. Default values for Hard/SoftResourceLimits are now displayed as placeholder for agents as well. A crash when selecting a daemon with Hard/SoftResourceLimits key on OS X10.6 has been fixed.

Download Website 02 Feb 17:37 4MLinux 8.0 Game Edition


4MLinux is a miniature Linux distribution focusing on four capabilities: maintenance (by using it as a system rescue live CD), multimedia (for example, for playing video DVDs), miniserver (using the inetd daemon), and mystery (meaning console games).

Release Notes: This is an updated version using 4MLinux 8.0 as the core system. The 4MLinux collection includes, among other things, the following items: classic "shoot'em up" games (Abuse, Doom, Heretic, Hexen, and Quake), Liero (a realtime "Worms-like" game), Lincity (a construction and management simulation game), space shooters (XGalaga, Kobo Deluxe), and DOSBox 0.74 with some Freeware DOS games. GNU Chess 6.1.1 with WinBoard 4.7.33, GNU Go 3.8, and Michael Speck's LGames are also available.

Download Website 02 Feb 17:37 Librfm 5.2.3


Librfm is a basic file management library used by Rodent applications, such as the file manager. It was developed as a part of the Rodent file manager, and has evolved into a separate package.

Release Notes: Optimizations for increased speed on icon resolution. Modules are now contained within the package.

    Download No website 02 Feb 17:37 Rodent filemanager 5.2.3


    Rodent filemanager is a fast, small, and powerful file manager. Its emphasis is on ease of use for the advanced user, not the computer illiterate. Rodent filemanager (a.k.a. xffm >= 4.6.0) is the next step in the evolution of Xffm, now with a threaded design optimized for multicore processors.

    Release Notes: Restructured as a meta-package including a file manager, difference viewer, search tool, and icon theme manager. Modifications for compatibility with librfm 5.2.3.

    Download No website 02 Feb 17:36 cwwav 0.4.2


    cwwav takes one or more text files (or text read from standard input) and converts the text into an audio file (wav or mp3) containing the CW (Morse code) representation of the text. It's useful for generating practice files if you are learning CW and want to practice by listening to text. It's a very simple program but it is designed to do what it does well. That is, it is designed to produce good sounding CW output files, with proper timing and comfortable envelope to avoid keyclicks and to make the CW softer.

    Release Notes: Dramatically improves MP3 sound quality and reduces the file sizes of MP3's by changing the LAME encoding command. It turns out that disabling all cleverness works best with the simple audio in a CW recording.

    Download Website 02 Feb 17:36 GNU Typist 2.9.4


    GNU Typist (gtypist) is a universal typing tutor. It includes typing tutorials in several languages and for several keyboard layouts. GNU Typist is a direct descendant of the famous program "Typist".

    Release Notes: This release has a fix for Colemak lesson. libintl is now an external requirement. libtinfo is now linked against, as required. There are minor documentation fixes.

    Download Website 02 Feb 15:33 vmm 0.6.2


    vmm is an easy-to-use and configurable commandline tool for administrators and postmasters, used to manage domains, alias-domains, accounts, and relocated mail users. It allows fast and easy management of mail servers. It's designed for installations using Dovecot and Postfix with a PostgreSQL backend.

    Release Notes: This long-overdue maintenance release adds two small features, support for internationalized country code top-level domains and support for the SCRAM-SHA-1 password scheme. It requires Dovecot ≧ v2.2.0. An error in the `userdelete … force` subcommand has been fixed. On some systems, the script failed to install the configuration file in /usr/local/etc, and this has also been fixed. The Finish translation has been updated.

    No download Website 02 Feb 15:32 Fotoxx 14.02


    Fotoxx navigates an image collection using a thumbnail browser to choose images to view or edit. Edit functions include brightness, contrast, color, gamma, white balance, tone mapping, red eyes, sharpen, blur, noise suppression, smart erase, trim (crop), resize, rotate, add text, bend/warp, many art effects, HDR, HDF, stack, and panorama. Edit functions use movable curves and sliders. Feedback is live using the whole image. RAW files can be edited and saved with deep color. Areas or objects can be selected using freehand draw, follow edge, and tone matching. Selections can be edited in place with adjustable blending. They can also be cut and pasted into other images. Any metadata can be edited, reported, and searched (filenames, tags, dates, geotags, comments, captions, ratings, etc.). Collections (arbitrary subsets) can be defined and viewed. Batch functions are available for rename, resize/export, RAW conversion, and more.

    Release Notes: Indexing of new images is faster. Retouch Combo has new controls for fast adjustment of overall brightness, contrast, and color (curves can still be hand-tuned). Slide Show can simulate turning a book page. The Batch Rename and Convert functions were combined, and an auto-sharpen option was added. In Paint/Clone, a "shadow" paintbrush tracks the copy-from area. Edge blending of an edited area was marginally improved. Retouch Combo, Trim/Rotate, and Resize can recall prior settings for faster processing of multiple images needing similar treatment. One significant and two minor bugs were fixed.

    No download Website 02 Feb 15:07 FeResPost 4.2.5


    FeResPost is a library that allows the rapid development of small programs for the post-processing of Nastran or Samcef finite element results. The library allows easy manipulation of finite element models, groups, and results. Efficient post-processing is possible because the time-consuming operations are written in C/C++. The library is distributed as a COM component, a .NET assembly, as well as a Ruby compiled extension.

    Release Notes: This release fixes a few bugs that sometimes led to severe segmentation faults.

    Download Website 02 Feb 14:58 Spack 3.11


    Spack is a standalone package manager with its own CPIO-based package format but aiming to keep total compatibility with Slackware Linux. Written in POSIX shell as much as it makes sense, it attempts to provide a fairly complete toolkit to build, install, remove, list, retrieve, and arrange your packages. It can be used as an alternative to Slackware's pkgtools, just to independently and properly manage your local software on any distribution, or as the main package manager of the distribution you build yourself.


    Release Notes: This release makes the find command comply with POSIX in spackcook, prevents spackadd from yelling when looking for short a -(bad) package name containing slashes, and ditches the code providing the backward compatibility with the now almost-three-years-old branch 2 of the project.

    Download Website 02 Feb 14:51 segatex 8.100


    segatex is a tool to configure SELinux policy with the help of a GUI. At the push of a button, it can generate a .te file in the /usr/share/segatex directory. You can then edit your .te file, make a module, and install. You can make any module name and edit current modules. You can install, update, and remove modules. You can semanage list and semanage login, fcontext, and port or set some domain permissive. You can download SELinux-related RPMs, including xguest, sepostgresql, and mod_selinux. You can download Fedora DVD or CDs. You can relabel your system. You can audit2allow by GUI. You can check refpolicy by analyzer. segatex includes its own policy.


    Release Notes: This release updates the refpolicy and fixes the spec file for the RPM version.

    No download Website 02 Feb 14:50 OAQL Server 1.6u04


    OAQL Server allows you to connect, on all your networks, all your Java applications and all your SQL/NoSQL databases (from different suppliers), as if you had a single application/database in an oriented architecture environment.

    Release Notes: The editor was improved. Many bugs were fixed. More functions were added (mail, backup).

    No download Website 02 Feb 01:48 Rainbows! 4.6.1


    Rainbows! is an HTTP server for sleepy Rack applications. It is based on Unicorn, but designed to handle applications that expect long request/response times and/or slow clients. For Rack applications not heavily bound by slow external network dependencies, consider Unicorn instead as it simpler and easier to debug.

    Release Notes: This release fixes EventMachine support. There's nothing relevant for most users who do not use EventMachine.

    Download Website 02 Feb 01:47 Less.php 1.6.1


    Less.php is a PHP port of the official LESS CSS compiler. To produce the same results as the official compiler and to make future updates more manageable, most of the code structure in less.php remains the same as the official codebase.

    Release Notes: This release is compatible with LESS 1.6.1.

    Download Website 02 Feb 01:47 Zorka 0.9.16


    Zorka is a sophisticated programmable profiling/monitoring agent for Java suitable for running with production applications. The agent integrates seamlessly with popular monitoring systems and protocols (Zabbix, Nagios, syslog, SNMP) and offers additional tracing/profiling capabilities that - along with the accompanying data collector - help with spotting performance issues and general problems. The agent also exposes JMX data to conventional monitoring systems. Platforms (more or less) supported out of the box include: JBoss 4/5/6/7, Wildfly 8, Tomcat 6/7/8, Jetty 6/7/8/9, Websphere, Weblogic, GlassFish 4.0, WSO2 ESB, Mule ESB, and Jasig CAS. There is also dedicated support for the popular Java libraries Spring, Quartz, CXF, and Axis 1.x. The agent should run on most other platforms with limited functionalities (that is, lack of support for platform-specific features). It works with JDK6, JDK7, and JDK8. JDK5 support is also possible after preprocessing the agent binary with retrotranslator. Functionality can be easily added by implementing simple BSH scripts.

    Release Notes: This release contains mainly bugfixes on its way to 1.0. For new functionalities, it adds JMS monitoring scripts/templates, a generic application auditing framework (with JBoss7 currently supported, more on the way), and a generic trappers/logging framework for logging slow/error requests (e.g., HTTP, SQL, EJB, JMS) to zabbix or syslog in addition to standard files.

    Download Website 01 Feb 23:45 Camera Life 2.6.7


    Camera Life is a system for cataloging your photo collection. It gives users the ability to search or browse your archive in intuitive ways, with an attention to powerful administrative functions. Photos can be stored locally, on a remote server, on Amazon S3, or on Flickr. The theme and icons can be easily customized. It is compatible with the Gallery Remote API (so you can upload with iPhoto, Digikam, and Java). It is RSS enabled, supports microformats and OpenSearch, and has a special version of the site for iPhone/iPod touch. AJAX is used to optimize the site as necessary.

    Release Notes: This release fixes photo sorting across the site.

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