2014 / May / 4 (36 releases)

4 May 2014

Download Website 04 May 21:55 (R)?ex 0.46.0


(R)?ex is a tool that allows you to manage all of your servers from a central point, through the complete process of configuration management and software deployment.


Release Notes: This releases comes with new cool features like Rex::Test (a framework to test your script inside local virtual machines before executing on production), KVM support for Rex::Box, and RackSpace cloud support.

No download Website 04 May 21:55 fping 3.10


fping is a ping-like program which uses the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) echo request to determine if a target host is responding. fping differs from ping in that you can specify any number of targets on the command line, or specify a file containing the lists of targets to ping. Instead of sending pings to one target until it times out or replies, fping will send out a ping packet and move on to the next target in a round-robin fashion.

Release Notes: This is a minor release with small useability fixes and improvements to the documentation. Also, the test suite has been greatly expanded.

Download Website 04 May 21:55 pyAggr3g470r 5.0


pyAggr3g470r is a news aggregator with a Web interface based on Flask. It can be deployed on Heroku or on a traditional server.


Release Notes: pyAggr3g470r is now translated into English and French. Improvements concerning the news retriever and the Whoosh search functionality have been made. The user can now export all articles in JSON format. The user of the platform now has the possibility to delete his or her account.

No download Website 04 May 19:33 cdist 3.1.4


cdist is a usable configuration management system. It adheres to the KISS principle and is being used in both small and enterprise-grade environments. It is an alternative to other configuration management systems like cfengine, bcfg2, chef, and puppet.

Release Notes: This release includes documentation cleanup, ensures that created files end in \n, and improves the Jail type used on FreeBSD.

No download Website 04 May 19:33 FLStation 0.2 Alpha


FLStation is the Ground Control Software (GCS) for Firetail UAV. It allows users to control and monitor the UAV, upload flight plans, tweak settings, and review flight logs.

Release Notes: FLStation is a Ground Control Station application (GCS) that is being developed for the open-source Firetail UAV project. It allows users to plan flights, tweak settings, log flights, and remotely control model aircraft. It features a Google maps based flight planner and a 'cockpit-like' flight display. This release is a development release, not because it is unstable, but because there are features that are not yet implemented (such as logging and geofencing).

Download Website 04 May 19:33 JFtp 1.58


JFtp is a Swing Java network and file transfer client. It supports FTP using its own FTP API and various other protocols like SMB, SFTP, NFS, HTTP, and file I/O using third party APIs. It includes many advanced features such as recursive directory up/download, browsing FTP servers while transferring files, FTP resuming and queueing, browsing the LAN for Windows shares, and more. The FTP API is separated from the GUI and can also be used in third-party applications. It should ideally be launched in a Web browser via Java Web Start (contained by the Java 1.4 plugin), but can also be started locally.

Release Notes: This release contains an update of the underlying JSch API to the most recent version 1.51 and some documentation updates.

Download Website 04 May 19:32 Squid Analyzer 5.4


Squid Analyzer parses the native access log format of the Squid proxy and reports general statistics about hits, bytes, users, networks, top URLs, and top second level domains. Statistic reports are oriented toward user and bandwidth control; this is not a pure cache statistics generator.

Release Notes: This release fixes several bugs and adds more translation files (Ukrainian, Czech, Spanish, and Russian). It also allow a custom definition of the logo and title. It adds new weekly statistics and reports as well as a TCP DENIED report in cache statistics.

Download Website 04 May 19:32 Wmconfig 1.4.5


Wmconfig is a text-based menu generation tool for various X window managers for desktops. Toolkits like Qt or Gtk are not required. It uses a simple configuration layout and the configuration may be edited with a text editor.

Release Notes: Sawfish output support has been added. There is some minor code cleanup. A spec file for RPM packages and a Debian directory for deb packages have been added.

No download Website 04 May 19:31 STUBS and Franki/Earlgrey Linux STUBS "dun...


The STUBS Toolchain and Utility Build Suite is a set of scripts which, together with a set of pre-written configuration files, builds one or more software packages in sequence. STUBS is designed to work in very minimal environments, including those without "make", and URLs are included so source and patches can be downloaded as necessary. Configuration files and scripts are provided which create boot media for Franki/Earlgrey Linux (one of several example busybox- and uClibc-based Linux environments) and the intention is that STUBS should be able to rebuild such an environment from within itself.


Release Notes: This release updates numerous package configurations and adds 'xz' source archive support in the build scripts to support these updates. DOS package updates include new UIDE drivers, and Linux package updates include various prerequisites for building toolchains and improved kernel settings for EeePC framebuffer support.

Download Website 04 May 19:31 4MLinux 8.2 Server Edition


4MLinux is a miniature Linux distribution focusing on four capabilities: maintenance (by using it as a system rescue live CD), multimedia (for example, for playing video DVDs), miniserver (using the inetd daemon), and mystery (meaning console games).

Release Notes: The servers controlled by the inetd daemon are now: FTP (vsftpd 3.0.2), HTTP/HTTPS (Busybox 1.22.1), SSH/SFTP (OpenSSH 6.5p1), and telnet. The programming environment includes the thttpd build of PHP 5.5.11 (with cURL 7.35.0 support), Perl 5.18.2, and DBMS (SQLite, MariaDB 5.5.37 with Adminer 4.1.0). The main security components are 4MLinux Firewall 8.2 (based on iptables 1.4.21) and Clam AntiVirus 0.98.1. A proxy server (Polipo 1.1.0 with Tor, a VNC server (x11vnc 0.9.13 with EchoVNC 2.40a), and rsync 3.1.0 are also available. There's an online demo (server.4mlinux.com).

No download Website 04 May 19:30 etmTk 0.1.9


etmTk is an event and task manager. In contrast to most calendar/todo applications, creating items (events, tasks, and so forth) in etm does not require filling out fields in a form. Instead, items are created as free-form text entries using a simple, intuitive format and stored in plain text files. Both a graphical user interface based on Tkinter and a command line interface are provided.


Release Notes: A new help system in which "?" shows all commands and their shortcuts and "F1" opens an internal copy of the HTML user manual in your default browser. Many of the most common commands can be invoked with a single key press, e.g., "e" to edit the selected item.

No download Website 04 May 19:30 view3dscene 3.14.0


view3dscene is a browser for VRML (1.0 and 2.0) and X3D, and a viewer for other 3D model formats (3DS, MD3, Wavefront OBJ, and Collada are handled). It supports viewing the scene in the "Examine" mode and walking in the virtual world with features such as collision detection and gravity. Rendering is done using OpenGL. Many advanced 3D graphic effects are available, like mirrors (flat and through cube environment mapping), shadows (shadow maps and shadow volumes), GLSL shaders and more. The program can also convert files from 3DS, MD3, Collada and other formats to X3D and pretty-print VRML and X3D files.

Release Notes: TextureBackground support, making it possible to render movies on a skybox. Much improved 2D controls, with anti-aliased text and better dialog boxes, thanks to new Castle Game Engine features. Support for moving using standard AWSD keys.

Download Website 04 May 16:36 InfoList 20140504


InfoList is a sim­ple console application that lets you ed­it the IN­FO list chunk in a RIFF (Re­source In­ter­change File For­mat) file, such as WAVE, RMID, and AVI.

Release Notes: If no input code page is specified, and there is no CSET chunk in the file, the program will first try to decode the text as UTF-8 before falling back to code page 1252.

Download Website 04 May 16:36 dht 0.22


dht is an implementation of the BitTorrent "mainline" Kademlia DHT, used in particular by Transmission, Shareaza, and Hekate.

Release Notes: This version consults local storage upon a DHT query, which makes bootstrapping of small DHTs easier. It also avoids flushing the debug stream when debugging was not requested, which apparently works around a bug in Transmission.

Download Website 04 May 16:31 AutoLaTeX 31.3


AutoLaTeX is a tool for managing small to large LaTeX documents. It detects which files which are used to build the document (included TeX files, BibTeX, figures, etc.), and launches the various different tools (latex, bibtex, makeindex) when the sources files have been changed. It provides translation rules which automatically generate figures in EPS, PNG, or PDF formats from different types of sources (dia, xfig, svg, astah, source code, etc.) AutoLaTeX also provides graphical user interfaces, a plugin for the editors Gedit and Sublime Text, and a standalone Gtk application.


Release Notes: This release adds minor fixes in the CLI and in the documentation/manuals.

Download Website 04 May 16:30 pgBadger 5.1


pgBadger is a fast PostgreSQL log analyzer that generates detailed reports with charts.

Release Notes: This release fixes several issues and adds several new features, like support to named PREPARE/EXECUTE queries replaced by their real statements. pgBadger is now able to parse remote logfiles using a passwordless ssh connection, and locally generate the reports. Histogram granularity can be adjusted using the -A commandline option. The xz compression format is supported. The week/day menu is changed in the incremental index, and is now represented as usual with a calendar view per month. Fix were made for various compatibility issue with Windows and Perl 5.8.

Download No website 04 May 12:28 C5Connector.Java 04


C5Connector.Java is a backend for the Core Five file manager. It provides a bridge between the file manager and a storage backend and works like a transparent virtual file system or a proxy. It includes a default implementation for accessing the local filesystem (on the server side). The API encapsulates the building of JSON and is intended to be used within JSPs as well as with a template engine like Velocity or FreeMarker.

Release Notes: In this release, previewing of images and editing of text files are implemented.

Download Website 04 May 12:28 uftpd 1.0


uftpd is a small, no nonsense FTP server with no confusing configuration files and security features you don't need. It serves files from /srv/ftp on port 21 by default and just works.


Release Notes: This is the first release.

Download Website 04 May 12:27 IMDbPY 5.0


IMDbPY is a Python package useful to retrieve and manage the data of the IMDb movie database about movies, people, characters, and companies. It can retrieve data from both the IMDb's Web server and a local copy of the whole database. The IMDbPY package can be very easily used by programmers and developers to provide access to the IMDb's data to their programs. Some simple example scripts are included in the package.


Release Notes: This release adds many fixes to stay aligned with the IMDb website.

No download Website 04 May 12:27 PeaZip 5.3.1


PeaZip is a cross-platform file archiver utility that provides a unified portable GUI for many open source technologies like 7-Zip, FreeArc, PAQ, UPX, etc. Creates 7Z, ARC, BZ2, GZ, *PAQ, PEA, QUAD/BALZ, TAR, UPX, WIM, XZ, and ZIP files. It extracts more than 150 archive types: ACE, ARJ, CAB, DMG, ISO, LHA, RAR, UDF, ZIPX, and more. Features of PeaZip include extracting, creating, and converting multiple archives at once, creating self-extracting archives, split/join files, strong encryption with two factor authentication, an encrypted password manager, secure deletion, find duplicate files, calculate hashes, and export job definitions as scripts.

Release Notes: This release adds various fixes and updates embedded translations.

Download Website 04 May 12:27 Query Interface 1.2


Query Interface is a Wordpress plugin that allows you to run database queries in the admin panel.

Release Notes: This release adds security fixes.

Download Website 04 May 01:09 psx 0.8.6


PSX is a PHP framework for creating RESTful APIs. It helps you to build clean URLs serving Web standard formats like JSON, XML, Atom, and RSS. It includes a handler system that abstracts away SQL queries from domain logic, a routing system that executes correct controller method for the location of the controller and the method annotation, and a flexible data system that converts database records into formats like JSON, XML, Atom, and RSS. A lightweight DI container handles dependencies. The controller supports request and response filters that can modify the HTTP request or response, and filters are provided for Basic and Oauth authentication.

Release Notes: This release improves hhvm compatibility (all tests pass on hhvm 3.0.1). A missing HTTP event method onHead was added, and it is now possible to set an alias path in a routing file. An HTML writer was added, and the routing mechanism was improved. The swagger library was updated to the current version 1.2. A record XML definition schema was added, and the overall test coverage was increased.

Download Website 04 May 01:08 xterm Patch #304


The xterm program is the standard terminal emulator for the X Window System. It provides DEC VT102/VT220 and Tektronix 4014 compatible terminals for programs that can't use the window system directly. If the underlying operating system supports terminal resizing capabilities (for example, the SIGWINCH signal in systems derived from 4.3bsd), xterm will use the facilities to notify programs running in the window whenever it is resized.

Release Notes: This adds experimental support for ReGIS. There are also several minor bugfixes and portability improvements.

Download Website 04 May 01:07 Zorka 1.0.2


Zorka is a sophisticated programmable profiling/monitoring agent for Java suitable for running with production applications. The agent integrates seamlessly with popular monitoring systems and protocols (Zabbix, Nagios, syslog, SNMP) and offers additional tracing/profiling capabilities that - along with the accompanying data collector - help with spotting performance issues and general problems. The agent also exposes JMX data to conventional monitoring systems. Platforms (more or less) supported out of the box include: JBoss 4/5/6/7, Wildfly 8, Tomcat 6/7/8, Jetty 6/7/8/9, Websphere, Weblogic, GlassFish 4.0, WSO2 ESB, Mule ESB, and Jasig CAS. There is also dedicated support for the popular Java libraries Spring, Quartz, CXF, and Axis 1.x. The agent should run on most other platforms with limited functionalities (that is, lack of support for platform-specific features). It works with JDK6, JDK7, and JDK8. JDK5 support is also possible after preprocessing the agent binary with retrotranslator. Functionality can be easily added by implementing simple BSH scripts.

Release Notes: This release adds better support for Nagios with a nagios commands subsystem and functions for generating proper Nagios performance data messages. Only memory utilization is predefined right now using new functions, with more to come in the next release. Another change is hiding BSH scripts inside an agent jar. Users can still create a script directory and add their own scripts there (or even extract scripts from a jar, and modify and put it into the scripts/ directory).

Download Website 04 May 01:05 Castle Game Engine 5.0.0


Castle Game Engine is a cross-platform 3D game engine written in Object Pascal. It includes a flexible system of 3D objects, with out-of-the-box levels, items, intelligent creatures, and more. Rendering and processing of 3D models in X3D, VRML, Collada, and other formats is implemented. Many graphic effects are available, including shadows, bump mapping, shaders, mirrors, and screen effects.

Release Notes: The main feature of this release is support for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad). Rendering on mobile platforms uses OpenGLES 2.0 and supports most of the graphc effects available on desktops. Asset reading and logging are nicely integrated in the engine. This way, you can easily compile a single game source code to various platforms. Many improvements to the 2D API were done, resulting in a flexible TGLImage class and themeable default 2D controls. Font reading and rendering was reimplemented to use the FreeType library, making it possible to read a font at runtime and render it with anti-aliasing.

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