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Download Website 13 Jan 23:59 The Aime Interpreter 7.20140107


aime is a simple, C-like programming language and an interpreter, both designed to be embeddable in applications. The language is straightforward, trivial, and direct. Its syntax is simpler than that of C, while still providing for full object management, higher order functions, and references. The interpreter is secure and expressive, allowing comprehensive control over program execution and providing powerful methods of application integration.

Release Notes: This release sees minor extensions to the aime libraries and minor C application programming interface changes.

No download Website 13 Jan 23:59 Seafile 2.1


Seafile is a file synchronization and collaboration platform. It comes with Dropbox-like file syncing, but is designed to be better suited to teamwork. You can build a file syncing and collaboration service for your team on your servers. It can also be used to build your own Dropbox for personal use.

Release Notes: This release comes with three major improvements: an improved Web UI, a redesigned desktop client GUI, and WebDAV support.

No download Website 13 Jan 23:59 Joget Workflow 3.1.3


Joget Workflow is a platform to easily build enterprise Web apps for cloud and mobile. Build full-fledged apps, e.g. CRM, HR, Healthcare, etc. Drag and drop forms, lists, and UI elements. Add workflows to automate processes. Extend via plugins. Apps are mobile optimized and cloud ready. Download ready made apps from the Joget Marketplace.

Release Notes: This stable release provides overall performance and security improvements.

Download No website 13 Jan 23:58 neoeedit R221


neoeedit is a light but smart text editor for programmers. It's mainly written in Java.

Release Notes: This release adds Input Method support. It supports on-the-spot pre-editing of CJK IME on Windows and Linux. The IME support is not perfect in Java Swing currently, but Neoeedit does the same as Swing JTextComponent. There are some small enhancements.

No download No website 13 Jan 23:57 node-cassandra-cql 0.4.0


node-cassandra-cql is a Node.js CQL driver for the Apache Cassandra CQL3 binary protocol. CQL is a query language for Apache Cassandra. It features connection pooling to multiple hosts, parameters in queries, the ability to get a cell by column name using row.get('first_name'), and bigints support.

Release Notes: This release adds new streaming options, extended error messages, and support for expired prepared queries.

Download Website 13 Jan 23:57 Uliweb 0.2.4


Uliweb is a full-stacked Python Web framework. Its three main design goals are reusability, configurability, and replaceability. All the functionalities revolve around these goals. It features ORM, Templates, Views, i18n, etc., and provides commandline tools to improve development efficiency.

Release Notes: Fix ORM is not compatible with SQLAlchemy 0.9.1. This release adds __contains__ to functions, so you can test whether an API is already defined. It refactors generic.py, removing functions.flash and functions.get_fileserving dependencies by default. It fixes yield support in the view function; you can also use it in a gevent environment. It fixes a rawsql() bug for different database engines. It fixes a jsonp() dumps Chinese characters bug. It adds a trim_path() function to utils/common.py, which can trim a file path to a specified length, etc.

No download Website 13 Jan 23:55 gscan2pdf 1.2.1


gscan2pdf is a GUI to ease the process of producing PDFs from scanned documents. You scan in one or several pages and create a PDF of selected pages. Scanning is handled with SANE via scanimage. PDF conversion is done by PDF::API2. Perl is used for portability and ease of programming, with gtk2-perl for the GUI.

Release Notes: Bugs were fixed in opening saved sessions and storing the resolution of scanned images.

Download No website 13 Jan 23:55 XOWA 1.1.2


XOWA is a desktop application that can read and edit English Wikipedia offline. It displays articles in an HTML browser, and can download images on demand. It can also be used for Wiktionary, Wikisource, Wikiquote, and the non-English counterparts.

Release Notes: This release adds an image update for English Wikipedia; offline images for Chiniese Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikiquote, Wikibooks, and Wikinews; better support for Chinese Wikis; and other minor fixes.

Download No website 13 Jan 23:54 Aspose.Imaging for .NET 2.2.0


Aspose.Imaging for .NET is an image processing and manipulation component which allows developers to create, edit, draw, or convert images in their .NET application. It allows developers to convert image files to PSD, BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and GIF formats. A set of pens, brushes, and fonts can be used to draw images or add new elements and text to existing images. Aspose.Imaging for .NET works well with both Web and Windows applications. It supports the Silverlight platform.

Release Notes: This release includes TIFF image data recovery and dithering support for raster Images. The TIFF file format stores data in strips. When strips are damaged, other strips may still retain the correct information; therefore, it is possible to recover the correct data strips by filling the damaged strips with a background color. The data recovery module offered allows the user to retrieve the correct data portions (strips) in a similar fashion. It allows the user to convert AutoCAD DXF drawings to PDF, and allows the user to select a layer from a DXF drawing and export it to PDF.

Download Website 13 Jan 23:54 Perl Audio Converter 5.0.1


Perl Audio Converter is a tool for converting multiple audio types from one format to another. It supports the following audio formats: 8SVX, 3G2, 3GP, AAC, AC3, ADTS, AIFF, AL, AMB, AMR, APE, AU, AVR, BONK, CAF, CDR, CVU, DAT, DTS, DVMS, F32, F64, FAP, FLA, FLAC, FSSD, GSRT, HCOM, IMA, IRCAM, LA, MAT, MAUD, MAT4, MAT5, M4A, MP2, MP3, MP4, MPC, MPP, NIST, OFF, OFR, OFS, OPUS, OGA, OGG, PAF, PRC, PVF, RA, RAM, RAW, RF64, SD2, SF, SHN, SMP, SND, SOU, SPX, SRN, TAK, TTA, TXW, VOC, VMS, VQF, W64, WAV, WMA, and WV. It can also extract audio from the following video extensions: RM, RV, ASF, DivX, MPG, MKV, MPEG, AVI, MOV, OGM, OGV, QT, VCD, SVCD, M4V, NSV, NUV, PSP, SMK, VOB, FLV, WEBM and WMV. Parallel Processing, a CD ripping function with CDDB support, batch conversion, tag preservation for most supported formats, independent tag reading and writing, service menus for KDE Dolphin/Konqueror, a Gnome Nautilus script, and action scripts for Nemo/Thunar are also provided.


Release Notes: This release adds minor changes and bug fixes.

No download Website 13 Jan 23:53 DB Solo 4.2.8


DB Solo is a powerful database development and management tool for developers and DBAs. It has an intuitive user interface that allows you to explore and manage your database objects as well as execute ad-hoc queries. It supports Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, DB2, Solid, PostgreSQL, and MS SQL Server. In addition to viewing and managing objects such as schemas, tables, indexes, views, tablespaces, users, roles, sessions, and stored procedures, you can view, edit, print, and export data from tables or the results of queries. You can also graphically view foreign key relationships.

Release Notes: Several bugs were fixed.

Download Website 13 Jan 23:53 fwknop 2.6.0


fwknop implements an authorization scheme called Single Packet Authorization that requires only a single encrypted packet to communicate various pieces of information, including desired access through an iptables, ipfw, or pf firewall policy and/or specific commands to execute on the target system. The main application of this program is to protect services such as SSH with an additional layer of security in order to make the exploitation of vulnerabilities much more difficult. The authorization server works by passively monitoring authorization packets via libpcap. Also supported is a robust port knocking implementation based around iptables log messages.

Release Notes: This release adds HMAC support to the Android client, adds an AppArmor policy for the fwknop daemon, adds support for building on Mac OS X "Mavericks", and adds a new Valgrind test mode via the CPAN Test::Valgrind module. A few bugs were fixed with dealing with GnuPG encryption modes in the fwknopd daemon, and the fwknop project has a Coverity defect score of zero.

Download Website 13 Jan 23:52 cpuid 2 20140112


cpuid dumps detailed information about the CPU(s) gathered from the CPUID instruction, and also determines the exact model of CPU (s).

Release Notes: This release adds synth decoding for new processors, new decoding for Intel CPUID leaves & fields, and new instruction support for synthetic leaf, particularly for PREFETCH.

Download No website 13 Jan 23:52 intricacy 0.2.4


intricacy is a networked game in which players attempt to construct maximally difficult puzzles within certain strict design constraints, and to solve the puzzles of others.

Release Notes: A bug with mouse input prematurely dismissing prompts has been fixed. SDL graphics have been tightened. A background has been added. Handling of inaccessible servers has been improved.

Download No website 13 Jan 23:51 iKeyMonitor 3.6.0-26


iKeyMonitor is an iOS keylogger for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that logs keystrokes, Web sites, and screenshots and automatically sends the logs to you by email or FTP. It can be installed on any jail-broken iOS device.

Release Notes: This release adds full monitoring features for iOS 7 devices, including logging keystrokes, passwords, SMS, Web site, WhatsApp, and capturing screenshots. It fixes the Safe Mode issue on iOS 4 devices. It fixes a bug in the remote control panel for iPhone 4 iOS 7 devices. It fixes some other bugs.

Download No website 13 Jan 23:50 pyRetro 2014.01.12.r94


pyRetro is a MAME frontend written in pygame. It is easy to use and features nearly automatic configuration. It is designed to be used in an arcade machine cabinet.

Release Notes: This release has a better screensaver (without bugs and with added code for transitions between images). It adds a feature to shut down the arcade machine by holding the select button for 5 seconds (disabled via config). It improves the Web admin tool and fixes many bugs.

Download Website 13 Jan 23:49 Caché Monitor 2.51


Caché Monitor is an SQL development tool for InterSystems database Caché. It features an advanced SQL query editor with SQL syntax highlighting, SQL code completion with context sensitive information about database objects (also known as Intellisense), an SQL history buffer for executed SQL commands, SQL code formatting, parallel queries, graphical SQL execution plan with index and selectivity information, SQL abbreviations, and much more. Database diagrams graphically show the structure of the database.

Release Notes: Some improvements and bugfixes for database diagrams. ENH, Database Diagrams: more key constraints are determined and visualized in diagrams; exported keys are marked with a special icon. ENH, Table Browser: lists imported\exported keys in a new tab called "References".

Download No website 13 Jan 23:48 rpmconf 0.3.6


rpmconf is a tool that searches for .rpmnew and .rpmsave files and asks you what to do with them. You can choose to keep the current version, place back the old version, or view the difference between the two before deciding.

Release Notes: Non-interactive dump of differences. Fixes in the man page. Experimental application upgrades.

Download Website 13 Jan 23:48 JStock - Free Stock Market Software 1.0.7i


JStock is stock market software for 26 countries. It provides a stock watchlist, an intraday stock price snapshot, a stock indicator editor, a stock indicator scanner, and portfolio management. Free SMS/email alerts are supported. It integrates seamlessly with Android.

Release Notes: Migrates the India stock market to Google Finance. Adds absolute and square functions for the indicator editor. Supports Czech Republic Koruna in currency exchange. Auto-updates the JStock internal stock database. Enables a back currency exchange option. Fixes in AEX index. Handles cases when the brokerage fee maximum value is 0. Prompts to save edited indicator during application exit.

Download Website 13 Jan 23:47 MirBSD Korn Shell R49


The MirBSD Korn Shell (mksh) is an actively developed successor of pdksh (the Public Domain Korn Shell), aimed at producing a shell good for interactive use, but with the primary focus on scripting. It is intended to be portable to most *nix-like operating systems as long as they're not too obscure. mksh incorporates improvements from OpenBSD and Debian, as well as bugfixes and enhancements developed for the MirOS, FreeWRT, and MidnightBSD projects and Android. The emacs command line editing mode is UTF-8 capable, and Byte Order Marks are ignored in scripts. The shell supports large files, as well as all pdksh and some csh, AT&T ksh, zsh, and GNU bash features, is compatible with the Bourne shell and POSIX (within limits), has no limit on array sizes, and incorporates some other useful builtins and features. While being already fast and small (without losing functionality), flags to make it even smaller can be given at compile time. An interactive shell reads "~/.mkshrc" on startup.


Release Notes: This release fixes a number of minor bugs, such as ones related to terminal handling, in the dot.mkshrc file, the testsuite runner, and the manual page. This release also adds documentation, some portability, and updates the internal character width code to Unicode 6.3.0.

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