Download Website 03 Mar 19:11 Eric 5.3.1


Eric is a full featured Python and Ruby editor and IDE, written in Python. It is based on the cross platform Qt GUI toolkit, integrating the highly flexible Scintilla editor control. It is designed to be usable as an everyday quick and dirty editor as well as being usable as a professional project management tool, integrating many advanced features that Python offers the professional coder. Eric includes a plug-in system, which allows easy extension of the IDE functionality with plug-ins downloadable from the net. Current stable versions are Eric4 based on Qt4 and Python 2 and Eric5 based on Python 3 and Qt4.

Release Notes: This release adds bugfixes.

Download No website 03 Mar 19:10 eBag 3.0.4


eBag is software project focused on company (factory) administration via PHP+MySQL solutions, on the local network, using browsers as terminals to access the company database. The server solution provides platform independence and collaborative work. PHP offers flexibility and the ability to change (or upgrade) the source code to personal needs, and MySQL innoDB provides transactional safe, recoverable tables. Using language files provides easy and quick translation to any language, and MVC with a CSS customizable user interface.

Release Notes: This release fixes a current year is always editable bug.

Download Website 03 Mar 19:10 Urd 1.7.0


Urd is a Web-based Usenet binary download manager. It stores the newsgroup information in a MySQL database and aggregates the articles into sets of a single download (e.g. one album or movie). The Web interface can be used to search with regular expressions. It uses its own downloading daemon that has support for scheduling downloads and updating databases. URD can also download directly from NZB files and even create NZB files. Further features include custom scripts, multiple languages, a template based Web interface, support for multiple servers, automatic par2 and unrar support, and an intuitive user interface.

Release Notes: There are a couple of bugfixes this time, albeit mostly minor issues but not in the least some bright new features and improvements. The default stylesheet is now "Light". There is a new, smaller download basket, whitelists for spots, and a large set filter.

Download Website 03 Mar 19:01 gjrand 4.0.1


gjrand is a programmer's library for pseudo-random numbers. It includes random number generator testing code and is intended for simulation, games, and "Monte-Carlo" algorithms. It produces pseudo-random numbers of the types: uniform integers, uniform reals, normally distributed reals, binomial, Poisson, integer permutation, chi-squared distribution, "Student" T distribution, and spherical distribution.

Release Notes: There are no major changes to the library. Tests have some minor tweaks and some are faster or smaller. A few weak tests have been removed.

Download Website 03 Mar 19:00 jGnash 2.12.0


jGnash is a personal finance application written in Java. Java 7 is required. jGnash supports several account types, including investment accounts. It has support for split transactions, nested accounts, scheduled transactions, commodities, and currencies. It can import OFX and QIF files, excluding investment accounts and transactions. Data is stored in an XML format so it is easy to manipulate and read the data external to the program. jGnash also has scripting support to add custom reports and functionality.

Release Notes: Several bugs were fixed for this release. Basic OFX and CSV export has been added.

Download Website 03 Mar 18:59 reposurgeon 2.24


A tool for editing version-control repository history, reposurgeon enables risky operations that version-control systems don't want to let you do, such as editing past comments and metadata and removing commits. It works with any version control system that can export and import git fast-import streams, including git, hg, bzr, CVS, and RCS. It can also read Subversion dump files directly, and can thus be used to script production of very high-quality conversions from Subversion to any supported DVCS.

Release Notes: This release fixes a crash bug in the new blob handling, and has more performance tweaks.

Download Website 03 Mar 18:58 TheSSS (The Smallest Server Suite) 5.1


TheSSS (The Smallest Server Suite) is a lightweight server suite distributed as a live CD. It is designed for system administrators who need a small (less than 30MB) set of server software for small local area networks. The supported servers are FTP, HTTP, SFTP, SSH, and Telnet. A proxy server (Polipo) with the Tor anonymizer is also included. The main security components are a 4MLinux Firewall (based on iptables) and Clam AntiVirus.

Release Notes: This release is based on 4MLinux 5.1 Server Edition.

Download Website 03 Mar 18:57 The Legend of Edgar 1.07


The Legend of Edgar is a 2D platform game with a persistent world. When Edgar's father fails to return home after venturing out one dark and stormy night, Edgar fears the worst: he has been captured by the evil sorcerer who lives in a fortress beyond the forbidden swamp. In The Legend of Edgar, you take on the role of Edgar as he ventures across the world, battling fearsome creatures and solving puzzles while trying to find and rescue his father.

Release Notes: The lightning sword puzzle now works correctly. Updated Brazilian-Portuguese, French, and Japanese translations.

Download Website 03 Mar 18:57 HTTP extension for PHP 1.7.5


The HTTP extension for PHP aims to provide a convenient and powerful set of functionality for one of PHP's major applications. It eases handling of HTTP URLs, dates, redirects, headers, and messages, provides means for negotiation of clients' preferred language and charset, as well as a convenient way to send any arbitrary data with caching and resuming capabilities. It provides powerful request functionality if built with CURL support. Parallel requests are available for PHP 5 and greater.

Release Notes: This release fixes Bug #64310 (weak etags W/"abc" are quoted as "W/"abc"").

Download Website 03 Mar 18:56 DRBL live-stable 2.1.0-12


Diskless Remote Boot in Linux (DRBL) provides a diskless or systemless environment for client machines. It works on Debian, Mandriva, Red Hat, Fedora, and SuSE. Unlike LTSP, it uses distributed hardware resources and makes it possible for clients to fully access local hardware. It also includes Clonezilla, a partitioning and disk cloning utility similar to Symantec Ghost.

Release Notes: The underlying GNU/Linux operating system was upgraded. This release is based on the Debian Sid repository (as of 2013/Mar/02). DRBL was updated to 2.3.12-drbl1, and Clonezilla was updated to 3.3.11-drbl2. The package partclone was updated to 0.2.58. GParted was updated to 0.14.1. The Linux kernel was updated to 3.2.39-1. Multi-path devices, e.g. /dev/cciss/c0d0, are now supported natively, with no more linking them to /dev/sd[a-z]. Therefore, now LVM on cciss device are supported. Xen disk (/dev/xvd[a-z]) was added as a supported device.

Download Website 03 Mar 18:54 bareos 12.4.2


Bareos (Backup Archiving REcovery Open Sourced) is a fork of the backup project from bacula.org. It has been in development since late 2010, and has many new features.

Release Notes: Second beta release.

Download Website 03 Mar 18:48 Embedthis Goahead 3.1.0


Embedthis GoAhead is a tiny embedded Web server. It is fast, runs in less than 150K, and has been embedded to a wide variety of operating systems and CPUs.

Release Notes: Improvements to the build system supporting building via Bit, Makefiles, and IDE projects.

Download Website 03 Mar 18:48 Embedthis Ejscript 2.3.0


Ejscript is a complete server-side JavaScript Web framework. It supports both async and sync paradigms and includes Web templating, routing, and a complete class library.

Release Notes: This is an optimization and general fix release. It has optimizations for the Array class, Tar, and String classes. It adds base64() and sendmail() support.

Download Website 03 Mar 18:47 Embedthis MakeMe 0.8.3


Embedthis MakeMe replaces both autoconf and make with a single utility. MakeMe provides a higher level of abstraction for easily specifying the targets to build (libraries and executables). It can build directly on Linux, Mac, or Windows and cross compile for other platforms. It can also generate native projects for Visual Studio, XCode, Make, Nmake, and shell scripts. MakeMe builds quickly without the complexity of autoconf and make. MakeMe projects are described using JavaScript, and the entire build is exposed as a unified DOM object.

Release Notes: Updated documentation and improved makefile generation and install/uninstall.

Download Website 03 Mar 18:46 Skrooge 1.6.0


Skrooge is a personal finances manager powered by KDE. It allows you to keep track of your expenses and income, categorize them, and build reports. You can also manage your investments and see how they perform over time. Multiple accounts are supported. Some of the features included are advanced graphical reports, tabs that help you to organize your work, infinite undo/redo (even after the file was closed), instant filtering on operations and reports, infinite category levels, mass update operations, scheduled operations, tracking of refunds, automatic processing based on search conditions, and support for multiple currencies.

Release Notes: This version's highlights include a revamped Dashboard and an enhancement in the import mechanism (now extensible with additional backends). More point styles in graph and better rendering, better error management in the weboob import plugin, faster and notification-less units downloads, toolbar customization, and other bugfixes.

Download Website 03 Mar 18:46 Calligra 2.6.1


Calligra is an integrated suite of applications that cover office, creative, and management needs. It offers applications on both desktop computers and mobile platforms like tablets and smartphones. OpenDocument Format (ODF) is used, making it compatible with OpenOffice.org, LibreOffice, and Microsoft Office. Calligra Suite contains the following applications: Calligra Words (word processor), Sheets (spreadsheets), Stage (presentations), Flow (diagrams and flowcharts), Kexi (visual database creator), Braindump (note taking), Plan (project management), Krita (drawing), and Karbon (vector graphics).

Release Notes: This release brings fixes for several different crashes, and several new or improved icons for different applications. A new filter for the MOBI ebook format was released with 2.6.1. The HTML export filter has much improvement in exporting tables.

Download Website 03 Mar 18:45 The Meson Build System 0.1.0


Meson aims to be the most usable and fast build system. It provides a simple yet powerful mostly declarative language for describing your build. It has native support for modern tools and frameworks, such as Qt5, code coverage, unit tests, precompiled headers, and others. It utilizes a host of optimization techniques to compile your code faster on both full and incremental builds.

Release Notes: Meson is a build system designed to be as easy to use as possible without sacrificing performance. Support for modern development practices and tools are built in. These include native support for things such as unit testing, coverage reports, precompiled headers, CCache, and so on. All the gory details of these systems are dealt with by Meson so the user does not have to care. This is the first ever Meson release, which already supports complex tasks, such as building a program to generate new source code and adding those sources to a build target.

Download Website 03 Mar 03:07 FreeOrion 0.4.2


FreeOrion is a turn-based space empire and galactic conquest (4X) computer game. FreeOrion is inspired by the tradition of the Master of Orion games, but is not a clone or remake of that series or any other game.

Release Notes: In this version, the AI has been very much improved, the GUI has been improved, Galactopedia has been expanded with game mechanics articles and many cross-links, batch production of ships is now possible, sitrep notifications have been improved, and stealth and detection have been reworked. Almost everything has been enhanced, reworked, and better balanced.

Download Website 03 Mar 03:07 ethtool 3.8


ethtool is a Linux net driver diagnostic and tuning tool for the Linux 2.4.x (or later) series of kernels. Obtain information and diagnostics related to media, link status, driver version, PCI (or other) bus location, and more.


Release Notes: Destination MAC addresses can now be set in L3/L4 flow spec rules (-N/-U options). A version check has been added for et131x regs. Full 64 bits of user-data (-n/-u options) are now shown. 20000baseKR2 cap display options have been restored. The man page has been improved.

Download Website 03 Mar 03:06 OpenNetAdmin 13.03.01


OpenNetAdmin provides a database managed inventory of your IP network (IPAM). Each host can be tracked via a centralized AJAX-enabled Web interface that can help reduce tracking errors. It also has the ability to generate DHCP and DNS configuration for individual servers from the data stored in the database. There is a command line interface for batch scripting that can be accessed remotely or locally.

Release Notes: This release is the first official IPv6 capability release. It moves unused workspace plugin items to a workspace context menu (removing clutter from a workspace page), updates the list of available IPs dialog (it has more useful information now), and adds various bugfixes.

Download Website 03 Mar 03:05 python-aalib 0.3


python-aalib is a set of bindings for AAlib, an ASCII art library.

Release Notes: Support for Python 3 was added.

Download Website 03 Mar 03:00 LDAP Account Manager 4.1.RC1


LDAP Account Manager (LAM) is a web frontend for managing entries (e.g. users, groups, DHCP settings) stored in an LDAP directory. LAM was designed to make LDAP management as easy as possible for the user. It abstracts from the technical details of LDAP and allows persons without technical background to manage LDAP entries. If needed, power users may still directly edit LDAP entries via the integrated LDAP browser.

Release Notes: LAM now supports QMail groups, and DHCP support has been enhanced. There have also been several usability changes. This is a test version. Do not install it in a production environment. Please report any bugs until 2013-03-15.

Download Website 03 Mar 02:59 hamsterdb Embedded Storage 2.1.0


hamsterdb Embedded Storage is an embedded database engine for C/C++, including wrappers for Java, .NET, and Erlang. It supports in-memory databases, very fast database cursors, "record number" databases, ACID transactions, and duplicate keys. hamsterdb is very fast and highly configurable. It compiles and runs on Unix platforms, Linux, Microsoft Windows, and embedded platforms.

Release Notes: This release has a few performance improvements and supports Transactions with In-Memory Environments. In addition, it comes with a myriad of small API cleanups. See the README for details and how to migrate your code. Sources and precompiled Win32 libraries are available for download.

Download Website 03 Mar 02:59 ncdc 1.15


ncdc is a modern and lightweight Direct Connect client with a friendly text-mode interface.

Release Notes: This release adds full support for IPv6 and fixes various issues when using an older version of GnuTLS. Support for encrypted UDP messages and TLS-enabled file transfers are now always enabled by default.

Download Website 03 Mar 02:59 mmsdec 0.5.3


mmsdec is an application that can be used to decode MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) messages. This application can extract text messages, photos, and videos from a raw MMS message.

Release Notes: Bugs have been fixed.

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