2013 / August / 11 (27 releases)

11 August 2013

Download Website 11 Aug 22:57 CmdOption 0.3.1


CmdOption is a simple annotation-driven command line parser toolkit for Java 5 applications. Everything you need is (at least one) simple configuration object. Each field and method annotated with an CmdOption annotation will be processed. Based on this config, CmdOption is able to parse any command line, guaranteeing the declared specification. The result is directly stored in the given config object. When errors occur, CmdOption gives a meaningful error message. Generated output and validation/error message can be localized.

Release Notes: This release adds an IntegerHandler which supports Integer and int values for fields and methods. The line length for the usage formatter is now configurable via a constructor parameter of DefaultUsageFormatter. Debug output has improved.

Download Website 11 Aug 22:56 Directory Explorer 1.0


Directory Explorer is a terminal based file manager based on Midnight Commander. It allows mouse and keyboard navigation, has two panels that allow you to do two tasks at a time, and includes a text editor.

Release Notes: This is the first release.

Download Website 11 Aug 22:51 PhoNetInfo WP8


PhoNetInfo for WP8 / WP8.1 retrieves detailed technical phone and network information such as firmware version, device name, battery status, power saving status, network operator, roaming status, WiFi/WAP interface names, camera details (e.g. ISO, white balance), number of CPUs, CPU architecture, CPU features, CPU page size, CPU frequency, high performance timer frequency, time since last device reboot, RAM, etc. All information can be exported by email and the application's language can be changed at any time.

Release Notes: This is the initial release.

Download Website 11 Aug 22:48 confluence-el 1.6


confluence-el is an Emacs extension that allows you to interact with Atlassian's Confluence wiki. It supports various methods for both navigating/viewing the wiki content and editing wiki pages and associated content.

Release Notes: This major release adds support for the new XML storage format used by Confluence 4.0+ as well as conversion functions for switching back-and-forth between the XML format and the wiki format.

Download Website 11 Aug 22:48 Eigen 3.1.4


Eigen is a C++ template library for linear algebra: vectors, matrices, and related algorithms. It is versatile, fast, elegant and works on many platforms.


Release Notes: This is a maintenance releases with various bug and warning fixes.

Download Website 11 Aug 19:25 Openbox 3.5.1


Openbox is a minimalistic, highly configurable window manager. Since it supports the latest freedesktop.org standards and previous standards, it lets you use the latest applications (which may have been intended for use with GNOME or KDE) without a full desktop environment.

Release Notes: This release adds some accumulated features and bugfixes.

No download Website 11 Aug 19:24 BirdFont 0.27


BirdFont is a font editor which can create TTF, EOT, and SVG fonts.

Release Notes: This release adds functionality which lets the user rotate paths, flip a path, convert segments to lines, add symmetrical control points, and use glyphs as backgrounds.

Download Website 11 Aug 19:24 mhWaveEdit 1.4.23


mhWaveEdit is a program for playing, editing, and recording sound files. It supports .wav files and a few other formats. It is good at editing both large and small files, and has support for 8/16/24/32-bit signed and unsigned sample formats.

Release Notes: This release fixes a few bugs and contains some improvements to the PulseAudio backend.

Download Website 11 Aug 18:07 R2CORBA 1.4.1


R2CORBA is the reference implementation for the official OMG Ruby CORBA Language Mapping (RCLM). It implements the CORBA mapping both for MRI (1.8, 1.9, and 2.0 series) and JRuby.

Release Notes: Replacement of the 'old' setup.rb based build system with a Rake based build system. Support for distribution/installation of R2CORBA as a Ruby Gem. A new r2corba tool script that currently provides support for running included regression tests after gem installation. Fixes for OSPortal issues.

Download Website 11 Aug 18:05 The Aime Interpreter 6.20130807


aime is a simple, C-like programming language and an interpreter, both designed to be embeddable in applications. The language is straightforward, trivial, and direct. Its syntax is simpler than that of C, while still providing for full object management, higher order functions, and references. The interpreter is secure and expressive, allowing comprehensive control over program execution and providing powerful methods of application integration.

Release Notes: The error catching library and the list library have been extended.

Download Website 11 Aug 18:05 libx1f4l2 1.20130801


libx1f4l2 is a data structures library. Featured are self balancing BSTs and self balancing BST backed lists. The BST (binary search tree) selection includes AVL, red/black, AA, and RBST trees in simple, parent pointer, and threaded flavors. The BST backed lists are all-purpose lists, allowing for sequential and random access. The complexity for most operations is log(N), including reading, inserting, and deleting, random or sequential. Other library features include pointer sets and tries. A collection of demo, test, and data structure comparison programs is included.

Release Notes: The b-tree based sequence library has been extended.

Download Website 11 Aug 18:05 pride 0.9.9


Pride combines bash scripts, zenity, ant, ImageMagick, and the Android tools to create a fast and simple POSIX alternative for Android development. It provides all the basic commands (clean, build, release, etc.) of other Android IDEs. But it is primarily a robust and simple injection framework. Injections from methods to clusters of activities are easily created from existing code and can then be injected into any project. Pride can also be used to batch build, load, or release multiple projects and can update class and resource files among projects that use the same objects or resources.


Release Notes: A bugfix was made to PRAFileHandler.java, which now handles removeLineByToken0 using a regex to avoid meta-character problems in Java's String.matches method.

Download No website 11 Aug 18:04 ChiantiPy 0.5.3


ChiantiPy is a Python interface to the CHIANTI atomic database for astrophysical spectroscopy. The CHIANTI atomic database for astrophysical spectroscopy provides the information necessary to calculate the emission spectrum from hot plasmas. ChiantiPy provides several top-level classes to access the database and calculate continuum and emission line intensities.

Release Notes: This is another bugfix release. The methods and functions for calculating ionization cross section were never properly implemented, and this has been corrected. The calculation of ionization rate coefficients were performed correctly. Errors in the calculation of photo-excitation and stimulated emission have been corrected.

Download Website 11 Aug 18:04 pyAggr3g470r 4.1


pyAggr3g470r is a news aggregator with a Web interface based on Flask. It can be deployed on Heroku or on a traditional server.


Release Notes: HTTP proxy support has been added for the fetching of feeds. This is useful, for example, if you are using Privoxy/Tor.

No download Website 11 Aug 18:04 Blink 11aug13


Blink is a small public-access blog engine. It supports running multiple blogs, displays a main page and links for accessing older posts, and supports searching. Each blog can be oldest post first or newest post first. Any blog can be set to take public posts or allow comments. Admin functions include archiving all blogs, and viewing and deleting posts and comments. Posts can also utilize a semiotic bolding of definitions and automatic linking to all definitions. Anti-spam functionality is included, with an IP-based block list. All functionality is in one CGI file smaller than 15 KB.


Release Notes: This release handles hash tags both in the search bar and in a list of existing tags at the bottom of the page.

Download Website 11 Aug 18:03 LEAF 5.0.1-rc1


LEAF is a secure, feature-rich, customizable embedded Linux network appliance for use in a variety of network topologies. Although it can be used in other ways, it's primarily used as a Internet gateway, router, firewall, and wireless access point.

Release Notes: This release candidate provides a minor kernel update, and a few more packages have been updated to their latest upstream versions.

Download Website 11 Aug 18:03 rpmrebuild 2.10-2


rpmrebuild is a tool to build an RPM file from a package that has already been installed. It can be used to easily build modified packages, and works on any Linux distribution that uses RPM.


Release Notes: This is a bugfix release for 2.10. The install test was inverted (applied to RPM files instead of installed packages).

No download Website 11 Aug 18:02 PMD 5.0.5


PMD is a Java source code analyzer. It finds unused variables, empty catch blocks, unnecessary object creation, and more. It includes CPD, a tool to detect chunks of identical code.

Release Notes: This is a maintenance release with many bugfixes.

No download Website 11 Aug 18:02 OpenPSA 9.0beta5


OpenPSA is a Web application designed specifically to meet the needs of Web agencies and consultants. It aims to be a one-stop solution for the management of typical agency business processes, such as project management and time tracking, invoicing and document management, and group calendars. It also includes CRM features such as sales force automation and direct marketing, and is extendable via the builtin component framework.

Release Notes: The main focus of this release has been the deeper integration of Composer: the majority of bundled PHP libraries have been replaced by Composer dependencies, and installing out-of-tree components is now fully supported by the framework. Aside from that, tons of legacy workarounds were removed, all Javascript dependencies were updated to their latest major releases, and performance and usability improvements were implemented all over the tree.

Download Website 11 Aug 18:02 calc


Calc is arbitrary precision arithmetic system that uses a C-like language. It's useful as a calculator, an algorithm prototype, and as a mathematical research tool. More importantly, calc provides a machine-independent means of computation. Calc comes with a rich set of builtin mathematical and programmatic functions.

Release Notes: This release adds a number of calc resource files. With the exception of 3 source files, this release is "picky" about line lengths and other issues reported by the picky tool: cal/test8900.cal, cal/set8700.line, and help/errorcodes.sed. These 3 files now pass picky -w (OK except for line length).

No download No website 11 Aug 18:01 BioLadder.Org 0.2


BioLadder.Org is a visualization of the Evolutionary Tree of Life, allowing you to explore how life evolved. You can navigate up and down the tree, watching, for example, amphibians change into dinosaurs, then into birds. It currently works on Chrome, Safari, and IE10.

Release Notes: Works on Firefox 22 (in addition to Chrome and Safari). Works on IE10 sometimes. Now shows which popular descendants are in each direction.

Download Website 11 Aug 10:09 Parted Magic 2013_08_10


The Parted Magic OS employs core programs from GParted and Parted to handle partitioning tasks with ease, while featuring other useful programs including Partition Image, TestDisk, fdisk, sfdisk, dd, and ddrescue and an excellent set of documentation to benefit the user. An extensive collection of fileystem tools are also included, and the following filesystems are supported: ext2, ext3, ext4, FAT16, FAT32, HFS, HFS+, JFS, Linux-swap, NTFS, ReiserRS, reiser4, and XFS. It loads completely to system memory and requires at least 256MB of RAM to operate.

Release Notes: This release adds improved international language, USB, and video support. Dutch, Ukrainian, and Turkish language support has been added. Asian language support has been improved by adding the SCIM input method by default. The panel menu now has vastly better translations for all supported languages. pptp networking support has been added to the Network Manager. Support has improved for USB and USB flash drives and for ATI and Intel graphics cards.

Download Website 11 Aug 10:07 htmLawed 1.1.15


htmLawed is a PHP script that makes input text more secure, HTML standards-compliant, and suitable in general from the viewpoint of a Web-page administrator, for use in the body of HTML 4 or XHTML 1 or 1.1 documents. It is a customizable HTML/XHTML filter, processor, purifier, and sanitizer. It can ensure that HTML tags are balanced and properly nested tags, neutralize code that may be used for cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, and limit the allowed HTML elements, tags, attributes, or URL protocols.

Release Notes: This release improves handling of whitespace during execution of the HTML tidying/beautifying behavior of htmLawed.

No download No website 11 Aug 10:06 extcarve 1.4


extcarve is a ext2/ext3/ext4 file recovery and semantic file carving tool. It can recover a range of file formats, including PNG, JPG, GIF, PDF, C/C++ programs, PHP, and HTML.


Release Notes: This release supports the MP3 file format.

Download Website 11 Aug 10:06 Tor


Tor is a network of virtual tunnels that allows people and groups to improve their privacy and security on the Internet. It also enables software developers to create new communication tools with built-in privacy features. It provides the foundation for a range of applications that allow organizations and individuals to share information over public networks without compromising their privacy. Individuals can use it to keep remote Websites from tracking them and their family members. They can also use it to connect to resources such as news sites or instant messaging services that are blocked by their local Internet service providers (ISPs).

Release Notes: This is the second release candidate for the Tor 0.2.4.x series. It fixes several crash bugs in the 0.2.4 branch.

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