2013 / July / 3 (33 releases)

3 July 2013

Download Website 03 Jul 20:23 MV3D 0.80


MV3D is a virtual world and multi-player game framework for use with Python. It was designed with scalability in mind and is able to distribute a world across as many servers as needed while dynamically balancing the load. The simulation framework is not specifically slanted towards any one genre of online game or virtual world, and can just as easily be used for a space game as a fantasy setting. Objects on an MV3D server can be simulated using the ODE physics engine for realistic interactions. A single server is able to host thousands of of simulated objects. The client works with both the Ogre3D and Panda3D renderers.

Release Notes: The highlights of this version are a revamped toolchain which should enable a better workflow for building new content. Some of the improvements include tabbed tools instead of docked windows, a property grid for editing, and support for third-party asset types. Also in this version is the first example gameplay system, the stats system. Finally, many improvements to the low level server code have been made, including initial support for asynchronous database connections and a new JSON-based protocol which can be used to support clients written in languages other than Python.

Download Website 03 Jul 20:22 Clonezilla live-testing 2.1.2-20


Clonezilla is a partition or disk cloning tool similar to Symantec Ghost. It saves and restores only blocks in use on the hard drive if the file system is supported. For unsupported file systems, dd is used instead. It has been used to clone a 5 GB system to 40 clients in about 10 minutes.

Release Notes: The underlying GNU/Linux operating system has been upgraded. This release is based on the Debian Sid repository (as of 2013/Jul/03). The Linux kernel has been updated to 3.9.8-1. Partclone has been updated to 0.2.66. A dd issue been fixed. clonezilla has been updated to 3.5.1-drbl1. A bug related to sdap1 not being the partition of the sda disk has been fixed. The disk size info will be shown when selecting the images during restoration. This is the final final release candidate for the next stable branch.

Download Website 03 Jul 20:21 poppler 0.22.5


Poppler is a PDF rendering library derived from xpdf. It has been enhanced to utilize modern libraries, and new features have been added. It also provides basic command line utilities.


Release Notes: Minor bugs were fixed, including potential memory leaks and crashes.

No download Website 03 Jul 20:20 Hypersocket 0.0.3 Alpha


Hypersocket is a cross-platform VPN solution built for all types of remote access scenarios. Powerful, yet simple to use, Hypersocket uses a single installed client to provide access to any number of network resources. Its powerful granular access means you can have fine-grained control over your entire network and remote users. Accessed through a secure HTTPS port, the Hypersocket client provides access to any number of host/port combinations, all assigned server-side by the Administrator through roles. The Administrator is able to configure the server through a Web portal on the same HTTPS port.

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release.

Download Website 03 Jul 20:20 Knot DNS 1.3.0-rc3


Knot DNS is a high performance authoritative-only DNS server. It supports all key features of the domain name system including zone transfers, dynamic updates, and DNSSEC.

Release Notes: This release adds a new tool to estimate memory consumption, which is now available as a "knotc memstats", changed handling of PIDs (the PID file is now created only when running the daemon in the background), support for Unix sockets for daemon control (enabled by default), a new parser written in Ragel (fast enough that there's no need to precompile the zones, and reducing the memory foot print of the daemon), and the new DNS utilities kdig, khost, and knsupdate.

Download Website 03 Jul 20:15 Jagacy 3270 2.5


Jagacy 3270 is a feature rich 3270 terminal emulator and screen-scraping library written entirely in Java. It supports SSL, TN3270E, and over thirty languages. The emulator can be configured to help create screen-scraping applications. Developers can also develop their own custom terminal emulators (with automated logon and logoff). Jagacy 3270 screen-scraping is faster, easier to use, and more intuitive than HLLAPI. It excels in creating applications reliably and quickly. Jagacy 3270 requires Java 1.3.1 or higher (Java 1.5.0 or higher for SSL support).

Release Notes: This release adds numerous emulation enhancements.

    Download Website 03 Jul 19:46 adevs 2.7


    adevs is a C++ library (with Java language bindings) for developing discrete event simulations based on the Parallel DEVS and Dynamic DEVS formalisms.

    Release Notes: This release improves adevs's support for Modelica models and the OpenModelica compiler and includes changes to the source code for compatibility with the most recent versions of the GNU C++ compiler.

    Download Website 03 Jul 19:45 Shasplit 0.1


    Shasplit takes a large data block, splits it into smaller parts, and puts those parts into an SHA-based content-addressed store. Reassembling those parts is a trivial "cat" invocation. Repeating parts (e.g., from previous split operations) are stored only once, which allows efficient incremental backups of whole LVM snapshots via Rsync. Shasplit shows its strengths on encrypted block devices, but might be useful for non-encrypted data, too.

    Release Notes: This is the first public release.

    Download No website 03 Jul 19:18 WeatherLog 0.1


    WeatherLog is an application for keeping track of the weather and getting information about past trends.

    Release Notes: This is the first release.

    Download No website 03 Jul 19:18 reCsvEditor 0.95


    reCsvEditor is a cross platform CSV file editor. It can also view/update existing XML files. The editor allows for a large variety of field separators in CSV files. It will also edit very large CSV files.

    Release Notes: This release adds improved Macro (scripting) support, a basic script editor, more example scripts and Script documentation, a Standard Text editor view of files, and more CSV parsing options.

    Download Website 03 Jul 19:12 Arcavias Core 2013-07


    Arcavias is an e-commerce framework for Web shops, consisting of an e-commerce library, an administration interface, and different frontends. It's a modular stack which offers flexibility and speed. Unlike other Web shops, it's not a monolithic application. Instead, you have a choice between several user frontends, and you can adapt them to your needs or write one of your own.

    Release Notes: Arcavias now provides methods for Cross Site Scripting (XSS) protection, which are used by the HTML client and the Zend demo application in combination with a Content Security Policy (CSP). Composer, a dependency management tool, is now used in Arcavias. This way, integration of dependencies is much easier, and with the autoloading capabilities of Composer, the code is executed significantly faster. This release improves integration of PayPal Express and enhances the checkout process to work with all kinds of responses from payment partners.

    Download Website 03 Jul 19:10 Snort 2.9.5


    Snort is a network intrusion detection and prevention system. It is the most widely deployed technology of its kind in the world. It performs detection using a variety of methods including rules-based detection, anomaly detection, and heuristic analysis of network traffic. Its rules language is open source and available to the public as well.


    Release Notes: This release adds many bugfixes, additions, and improvements.

    Download No website 03 Jul 19:10 intrinsic Noise Analyzer 0.4.2


    iNA is a computational tool for quantitative analysis of fluctuations in biochemical reaction networks. Such fluctuations, also known as intrinsic noise, arise due to the stochastic nature of chemical reactions and cannot be ignored for when some molecules are present only in very low copy numbers as is the case in living cells. The SBML-based software computes statistical measures such as means and standard deviations of concentrations within a given accuracy using the analytical system size expansion. The result of iNA’s analysis can be tested against the computationally much more expensive stochastic simulation algorithm.

    Release Notes: This release fixes several bugs and enables the user to directly edit all plots.

    Download Website 03 Jul 19:10 PHP OAuth API 2013.07.02


    PHP OAuth API authorizes user access using the OAuth protocol. It abstracts OAuth 1.0, 1.0a, and 2.0 in the same class. It provides built-in support for popular OAuth servers: 37Signals, Amazon, Buffer, Bitbucket, Box.net, Dailymotion, Discogs, Disqus, Dropbox with OAuth 1.0 and 2.0, Etsy, Eventful, Facebook, Fitbit, Flickr, Foursquare, github, Google with OAuth 1.0a and OAuth 2.0, Instagram, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Rdio, Reddit, RightSignature, Salesforce, Scoop.it, StockTwits, SurveyMonkey, Tumblr, Twitter, VK, Withings, Xero, XING, and Yahoo!. Every other OAuth server is supported by setting an endpoint URLs and other parameters using specific class variables or an external JSON configuration file. The class can also send requests to an API using the previously-obtained OAuth access token. For servers which support offline access, the class can renew expired tokens automatically using refresh tokens.

    Release Notes: This release fixes the decoding of database query result boolean values.

    Download Website 03 Jul 19:09 Config::General 2.52


    With Config::General you can read and write config files and access the parsed contents from a hash structure. The format of config files supported by Config::General is inspired by the Apache config format (and is 100% compatible with Apache configs). It also supports some enhancements such as here-documents, C-style comments, and multiline options.

    Release Notes: This release adds minor bugfixes and plugin code which allows modifying parser behavior.

    No download Website 03 Jul 19:09 NOTE 1.3.17


    NOTE is a small console program that allows you to manage notes similar to programs like "knotes" from the command line. It supports different database backends for storage, and includes a DBI-based MySQL module and another module that uses a binary file for storage and a DBM module.

    Release Notes: Many bugs have been fixed.

    Download Website 03 Jul 19:09 Pod::S5 0.09


    Pod::S5 is a script that generates an HTML slideshow based on the S5 slideshow system from a POD (plain old documentation format) file.

    Release Notes: This release adds a minor bugfix.

    Download Website 03 Jul 19:09 phlyMail 4.4.10


    phlyMail is a groupware, webmailer, and PIM. It offers unlimited nested groups, unlimited POP3/IMAP profiles, quotas, an integrated address book, a calendar with multiple reminders and event repetitions, a file manager with an integrated WebDAV server, the ability to send faxes, SMS support (which lets you send SMS, get reminded of events via SMS, and get email notification via SMS), a bookmark manager, themes, and multilingual support. It uses either sendmail or SMTP to send email, and can handle MIME and SSL connections. Support for IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) is included. Through its modular design, it's easy to add completely new features as modules, which can be plugged into the system.

    Release Notes: This build fixes a nasty error in the installer, which "forgot" to create some system folders for the user. Code has also been added which tries to recreate the missing folders on login, if necessary.

    Download Website 03 Jul 19:08 QCAD 3.1.3


    QCAD is an application for computer aided drafting (CAD) in two dimensions (2D). With QCAD, you can create technical drawings such as plans for buildings, interiors, mechanical parts, or schematics and diagrams. QCAD can be easily extended through plugins and its very powerful and complete ECMAScript (JavaScript) interface.

    Release Notes: This release features a Japanese user interface translation and a Japanese user reference manual. Minor bugfixes have been added.

    Download Website 03 Jul 19:07 ethtool 3.10


    ethtool is a Linux net driver diagnostic and tuning tool for the Linux 2.4.x (or later) series of kernels. Obtain information and diagnostics related to media, link status, driver version, PCI (or other) bus location, and more.


    Release Notes: Displaying of support for 10000BASE-KR link mode was implemented. Support for new versions of ixgbe register dump was added. The private flags print output was beautified.

    No download No website 03 Jul 19:07 SmartGit/Hg 4.6


    SmartGit/Hg is a graphical user interface for Git and Mercurial which can work with SVN repositories. It supports cloning from common repository providers (e.g., GitHub, Assembla), assists Git newbies, and also offers the advanced, powerful Git features. It provides several tools to help create clean commits, for example by allowing the user to commit just parts of changes files and reordering and squashing unpushed commits. If you are using GitHub or GitHub Enterprise, SmartGit/Hg can work easily with pull requests (creation, resolving) and commit comments. SmartGit/Hg ships with a built-in SSH client, file comparer, and merge tool which are capable of syntax coloring for many languages.


    Release Notes: This release adds support for Git-Flow, increased rebase performance, clone-in-smartgit-URL, and safe forced push.

    Download No website 03 Jul 19:07 Sesame 2.7.3


    Sesame is an Open Source RDF Schema-based repository and querying facility. It is a scalable, modular architecture for persistent storage and querying of RDF and RDF Schema. It supports two query languages (SPARQL and SeRQL), and can use main memory or PostgreSQL, MySQL and Oracle 9i databases for storage.

    Release Notes: This is a maintenance release, fixing 13 issues, including two critical bugs, one in the nativestore's B-Tree index and one in the QueryJoinOptimizer.

    No download Website 03 Jul 02:13 Data Crow 3.10.2


    Data Crow is a movie, video, book, image, software, and music cataloger/media manager. Data Crow uses MusicBrainz, Amazon, IMDb, and many other Web services to retrieve the information for you. It is highly customizable, easy to use, and feature rich. It helps you to keep track of your loans, allows you to create reports, enables you to create your own modules (using wizards) and, most importantly, enables you to easily manage all your collections.

    Release Notes: This release adds only bugfixes (64bit JRE detection, PDF parsing, a critical issue with the Web version).

    No download Website 03 Jul 02:12 MSS Code Factory 1.11.7420 Beta 11


    MSS Code Factory is a rule-based expert system for translating application models to source code.

    Release Notes: This release adds support for audit columns for PostgreSQL. By simply specifying HasAuditColumns="true" in a base table, four audit columns to track createdby, createdat, updatedby, and updatedat will be added and populated by the code. This release also incorporates a subtle bugfix which affects the production of SAX XML parsers.

    Download Website 03 Jul 02:12 JTcl 2.5.0


    JTcl is an implementation of Tcl (Tool Command Language) written in Java that implements a large extent of Tcl 8.4 syntax and commands, limited only by API restrictions of the Java Virtual Machine. It is based on the Jacl interpreter from the TclJava project.

    Release Notes: This is primarily a bugfix and performance release. Reading from stdin now reads as many bytes as possible. Invalid format specifiers now raise an error instead of causing an exception. On-the-fly compilation of Java code for the "hyde" and "TJC" packages now works correctly under Java 7 when using the embedded compiler. Line continuation sequences containing carriage returns and environment variables set for a sub-process now behave as expected.

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