2013 / July / 20 (10 releases)

20 July 2013

No download Website 20 Jul 21:36 Midao JDBC 0.9.3


Midao JDBC simplifies development with Java JDBC. It is flexible, customizable, and simple/intuitive to use, and provides a lot of functionality: transactions, working with metadata, type handling, profiling, input/output processing/converting, pooled datasource libraries support, cached/lazy query execution, named parameters, multiple vendor support out of the box, custom exception handling, and overrides. With a single jar, it supports both JDBC 3.0 (Java 5) and JDBC 4.0 (Java 6). Midao JDBC is well tested. Not only does it have around 700 unit and functional tests, but it's also tested with the latest drivers of Derby, MySQL (MariaDB), PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, and Oracle. Midao is a data-centric project. Its goal is to shield Java developer from nuances of vendor implementation and standard boilerplate code. Midao JDBC is the first library released under it.

Release Notes: This release brings scrollable and updateable lazy output handlers (for both JDBC3 and JDBC4). Deep optimizations were done to all lazy output handlers. A few additional functional tests were introduced. The overall number of unit+functional tests was increased to over 800.

No download Website 20 Jul 21:34 j661 1.0 Beta 1


The j661 project provides a generic CDS (or ARINC 661 Server) in order to facilitate the understanding of the ARINC 661 standard, prototype ARINC 661 concepts and architectures, and facilitate the reuse of ARINC 661 specifications and artefacts between projects. The CDS architecture is designed to allow defining the Server behavior to be easily modified or extended. This is achieved by a modular plug-in architecture, allowing customization at runtime without changing anything in the Server core itself.

Release Notes: This is the first version supporting both the Swing and JavaFX UI frameworks. Note that this version requires at least JDK 7 update 6 to work. The JavaFX rendering implementation works in the Server as well as the Editor (though it is still not possible to select JavaFX-built widgets in the Editor with the pointer). Of course, as it is built on JavaFX, it can use multitouch gestures, animations, etc.

Download Website 20 Jul 21:33 Filemonitor 2.3.0


FileMonitor monitors the activity of open and closed files/processes in ‘real time’ using lsof, returning them in a list.

Release Notes: The main changes are related to memory usage reduction. Other changes are: a fixed “Stop” action to stop the monitor updating and fixed column selections.

No download Website 20 Jul 21:33 track-time.pl 20130720


track-time.pl reads a text file with audio track lists and outputs the calculated time per (tape) side.

Release Notes: This release fixes a side recognition rule and adds the offset time of each song per side.

No download Website 20 Jul 21:32 Distributed Multiplatform Framework 1.0.4-...


Distributed Multiplatform Framework is a component-based programming framework using XML (or currently a hardcoded variant) as the repository. The samples are implemented either in console or wxWidgets. This shows the independence of the GUI or UI.

Release Notes: This is the final release for 1.0. It has been developed a while in a branch. The main changes are bugfixes and support of ArgoUML as a UML editor. The UML editor only has the ability to import and export XMI 1.2 files, so only the basic modeling features are supported. Users still having BoUML in the last free version can use it further.

Download No website 20 Jul 15:33 sar2html 2.4.0


Sar2html is a Web-based front end for performance monitoring. It converts sar binary data to graphical format. Both the command line and Web interface provide the same functionality. HPUX 11.11, 11.23, and 11.31, Redhat 3, 4, 5, and 6, Suse 8, 9, 10, and 11, and Solaris 5.9, 5.10. 5.11 are supported for performance monitoring. The reporting tool runs on Linux only. If you have customers facing performance problems on the operating systems listed above, you may send sar2ascii to collect performance data. Then you may plot performance graphics and generate performance reports in PDF format through sar2html. If you are a systems administrator, you may monitor your systems by accessing them through sar2html. Automatically collecting performance data in a predefined time window will be implemented soon.

Release Notes: Sar2html is now able to connect to servers to capture reports.

No download Website 20 Jul 08:32 awlsim 0.13


Awlsim is a Step 7 AWL/STL/PLC simulator. Depending on the host machine and the Python interpreter used, it achieves good performance of several thousand to millions of AWL/STL instructions per second. S7-300 and S7-400 CPUs (with 2 and 4 accus) are supported.

Release Notes: Performance improvements, various GUI improvements, and bugfixes.

Download Website 20 Jul 06:11 fwknop 2.5


fwknop implements an authorization scheme called Single Packet Authorization that requires only a single encrypted packet to communicate various pieces of information, including desired access through an iptables, ipfw, or pf firewall policy and/or specific commands to execute on the target system. The main application of this program is to protect services such as SSH with an additional layer of security in order to make the exploitation of vulnerabilities much more difficult. The authorization server works by passively monitoring authorization packets via libpcap. Also supported is a robust port knocking implementation based around iptables log messages.

Release Notes: This release added support for HMAC SHA-256 authenticated encryption in the encrypt-then-authenticate model. Many bugs discovered by the Coverity static analyzer were fixed. OpenSSL compatibility tests were added to the test suite. Client stanza saving ability was added for the ~/.fwknoprc file, simplifying fwknop client usage. The ability to automatically generate both Rijndael and HMAC keys with --key-gen was added.

Download Website 20 Jul 06:09 Equake Xfce 1.03.1


Equake Xfce is a panel plugin for the Xfce panel which monitors earthquakes and displays an update each time a new earthquake occurs. In addition, it can show alerts when heavy earthquakes have happened, display maps and webpages with more information, produce lists of hourly and daily earthquakes, and update a handy signature file you can use in your email messages. Many features are user-configurable.

Release Notes: The dependency on the deprecated libxfcegui library was removed. libxfce4ui is now used instead.

Download Website 20 Jul 06:09 linSmith 0.99.26


linSmith is a Smith charting program. Users can enter either discrete components or transmission lines, see the results on screen, and/or generate Postscript output. Component values can be changed numerically or using scrollbars. Problems can be solved on-screen, and high-quality Postscript can be output for publication.

Release Notes: A bug in confmgr.c that caused errors when reading strings from the configuration was fixed. A problem with the default values in the vector map that cause a white chart was fixed. The vector chart is now the default for new installs.

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