2013 / June (681 releases)

June 2013

Download Website 20 Jun 14:37 queXS 1.7.6


queXS is a Web-based CATI (computer assisted telephone interviewing) system. It integrates with queXML for creating questionnaires, LimeSurvey for collecting data, and Asterisk for VoIP telephony. It can be used to operate outbound telephone research centers.

Release Notes: New features include the addition of a new token, IS_INTERVIEWER, which allows you to program separate instructions or logic in Limesurvey depending on whether an interviewer is administering the questionnaire via telephone, or if it is being self completed. Assigned samples to questionnaires can now be edited for maximum number of calls, etc. without having to remove and re-assign the sample files.

No download Website 20 Jun 14:34 coco 0.7


Coco is a code coverage utility for Ruby. It can be used from RSpec or unit/test with a simple "require 'coco'". It works with standalone Ruby or with Rails. It displays the names of files that are uncovered on the console, builds a simple HTML report, and reports sources that have no tests. It is UTF-8 compliant, configurable via a simple YAML file, and has colorized console output.

Release Notes: Some minor bugs were fixed.

Download Website 20 Jun 14:33 i-net Clear Reports 13.0.189


i-net Clear Reports (formerly i-net Crystal-Clear) is a very powerful reporting solution. It can accommodate a broad range of reporting needs, from a simple standalone application to a really big enterprise Web solution. It can produce many different output formats like Java Viewer, PDF, HTML, PS, RTF, XLS, TXT, CSV, SVG, and XML. It can generate reports from many different data sources like JDBC, ODBC, Java API, JNDI Data Source, and without data.

Release Notes: HTML, PDF, and SVG documents can now be embedded in reports. In exported PDFs, it is now possible to add formula fields like text fields, checkboxes, buttons, or lists. PDF tags are supported. They are useful for screen readers. Creation Web optimized PDF files are supported. Hierarchical grouping is now being displayed in the HTML report viewer. Interactive sorting was added (Java Viewer and HTML-Online Viewer). A default implementation of a .NET Report Viewer was added to the sample. HTML is now the default report viewer. Many bugs were fixed.

Download No website 19 Jun 21:09 Loadbars 0.7.0


Loadbars is a small script that can be used to observe CPU loads of several remote servers at once in real time. It connects with SSH (using SSH public/private key auth) to several servers at once and vizualizes all server CPUs and memory statistics right next each other (either summarized or each core separately). Loadbars is not a tool for collecting CPU loads and drawing graphs for later analysis. However, since such tools require a significant amount of time before producing results, Loadbars lets you observe the current state immediately. Loadbars does not remember or record any load information. It just shows the current CPU usages like top or vmstat does.

Release Notes: Initial version for Debian GNU/Linux Wheezy. Has only been tested on Wheezy. Major code cleanup. The text display sections have been removed from the code. Minor performance enhancements. It is now possible to specify a list of hosts using shell expansion, e.g. loadbars server{01,10..20}.example.com

Download No website 19 Jun 21:08 SFLphone 1.2.3


SFLphone is an SIP/IAX2 compatible softphone. The goal is to create a robust enterprise-class desktop phone. While it can serve home users very well, it is designed for intensive corporate use.


Release Notes: This is primarily a bugfix release. Some highlights include improvements to the Evolution address book plugin, a major rewrite of the GNOME client, and improved STUN support. In video: Symmetric RTP/RTCP (RFC 4961) was implemented.

Download Website 19 Jun 21:07 Fork CMS 3.6.0


Fork CMS is dedicated to creating a user friendly environment to build, monitor, and update your website. It is designed to be the CMS of choice for beginners and professionals.

Release Notes: The Symfony components Filesystem, Finder, and Monolog have been integrated. You can now select Universal Analytics to track your Web site. Better Internet Explorer support for the backend. Some smaller bugfixes and improvements.

Download No website 19 Jun 20:59 Pidgeon 1.2.3


Pidgeon is an IRC client which supports various bouncers, including its own bouncer which is able to synchronize timestamps (pidgeon sv), supports the quassel core, and supports the tcl scripting engine.

Release Notes: Skins have been implemented and localization improved. An annoying bug in /me in private messages has been fixed. DCC Chat support. New feature: display ignored text. A bug in logs that threw an error in Linux when a username contained some special symbols has been fixed. Some minor bugs related to the IRC parser have been fixed. The CTCP parser has been improved.

Download Website 19 Jun 20:55 Lziprecover 1.15-pre1


Lziprecover is a data recovery tool and decompressor for files in the lzip compressed data format (.lz) able to repair slightly damaged files, recover badly damaged files from two or more copies, extract data from damaged files, decompress files, and test integrity of files. Lziprecover is able to recover or decompress files produced by any of the compressors in the lzip family; lzip, plzip, minilzip/lzlib, clzip, and pdlzip. It makes lzip files resistant to bit-flip, one of the most common forms of data corruption, and its recovery capabilities contribute to make of the lzip format one of the best options for long-term data archiving.


Release Notes: Lziprecover can now repair multi-member files with up to one byte error per member, without having to split them first. Lziprecover can now merge multi-member files without having to split them first even if some copies have the header and the trailer damaged. The chapters "Repairing Files" and "Merging Files" have been added to the manual.

Download Website 19 Jun 20:54 TimeIT 1.2.0


TimeIT is a time tracker that works quietly almost without any interaction and still measures the time you are spending on several projects. The concept of this program is that tasks and projects are assigned to workspaces and while you are in those workspaces your projects are timed. It also has detection of idleness, editing of time records, and summary views grouped by day, week, month, and year.


Release Notes: This release contains improvements in usability and added speed. It is now using CMake instead of autotools, which enables easy RPM and Debian package generation. BOOST has been replaced with C++11, and some bugs have been removed.

Download Website 19 Jun 20:52 Jackcess 1.2.13


Jackess is a pure Java library for reading and writing MS Access databases (currently supporting versions 2000-2007).

Release Notes: This release includes new methods to find relationships in a database and attachment content decoding for complex value types. It has some minor bugfixes related to CodeHandler support.

Download Website 19 Jun 20:52 Whups H5 (3.0.0beta1)


Whups is a Horde ticket-tracking application. It is very flexible in design, and can be used for help-desk requests, tracking software development, and anything else that needs to track a set of requests and their status.

Release Notes: Compatible with Horde 5. More flexible table column configuration. Small bugfixes and improvements.

Download Website 19 Jun 20:51 YB.ORM 0.4.0


The YB.ORM library aims to simplify writing C++ code that has to deal with SQL databases. The goal is to provide a convenient interface like SQLAlchemy (Python) or Hibernate (Java). The library itself is cross-platform and supports a variety of SQL dialects: SQLite3, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, and Firebird. Integration with Boost, Qt4, and wxWidgets is built-in. In a typical usage scenario, you would describe your database schema and table relationships in a simple XML-based format, generate SQL code to populate database schema with tables, generate C++ classes, add application-specific logic to the classes, and use these classes in cooperation with the Session object to query objects from the database, create new or modify/delete existing objects, or link and unlink objects using relations. Simple serialization to XML is supported along with connection pooling.

Release Notes: This release adds a new SQL driver for the SOCI library. It adds support for the floating point numeric types (float and double). It has received significant improvements in speed; in particular, excessive use of shared pointers has been replaced with intrusive pointers where possible, and memory allocation for the variant type Yb::Value has been optimized. The release uses a single configuration file bin\yborm_env.bat in pre-built packages for Windows; it contains the environment variables and the connection string for the test database.

No download No website 19 Jun 20:49 JunkieTheSniffer 2.5.0


Junkie is a real-time packet sniffer and analyzer. It is modular enough to accomplish many different tasks. It can be a helpful companion to the modern network administrator and analyst. Compared to previously available tools, junkie lies in between tcpdump and wireshark. Unlike tcpdump, its purpose is to parse protocols of any depth; unlike wireshark, though, it is designed to analyze traffic in real-time and so cannot parse traffic as exhaustively as wireshark does. In addition, its design encompasses extendability and speed. It has a plug-in system and high-level extension language that eases the development and combination of new functionalities; threaded packet capture and analysis for handling of high bandwidth networks; and a modular architecture to ease the addition of any protocol layer. It is based on libpcap for portability, and well-tested on professional settings.

Release Notes: This release adds a new parser for TLS (with optional decryption a la ssldump) and SKINNY protocols, reordering of all TCP traffic by default, and a new interactive plugin, NetTop, to display a top of current flows.

Download No website 19 Jun 20:45 pgjdbc-ng 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT


PGJDBC-NG is an implementation of JDBC for the PostgreSQL server. It aims to support the complete JDBC 4.1. Specifically, it supports the advanced UDT features of JDBC that the mainstream driver lacks. It's implemented using an asynchronous I/O library (Netty), which allows it to support other advanced features like asynchronous notifications.

Release Notes: This is the first alpha release for testing supported features. The only major features that have yet to be implemented are updatable ResultSets and CallableStatement. All other features should be handled fairly well.

Download Website 19 Jun 20:44 Jailer 4.0.16


Jailer is a database subsetting and browsing tool. It is a tool for data exporting, schema browsing, and rendering. It exports consistent, referentially intact row-sets from relational databases. It removes obsolete data without violating integrity. It is DBMS agnostic (by using JDBC), platform independent, and generates DbUnit datasets, hierarchically structured XML, and topologically sorted SQL-DML.


Release Notes: This release adds support for Informix's "datetime year to day/month/minute" column type.

Download Website 19 Jun 19:39 Generic Data Structures Library 1.7


The Generic Data Structures Library (GDSL) is a collection of routines for generic data structures manipulation. It is a portable and re-entrant library fully written from scratch in pure ANSI C. It is designed to offer C programmers access to common data structures with powerful algorithms and hidden implementation. Available structures are lists, queues, stacks, hash tables, binary trees, binary search trees, red-black trees, 2D arrays, permutations, heaps and interval-heaps.

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in the interval-heap module.

Download Website 19 Jun 19:39 samhain 3.0.13


samhain is a daemon that can check file integrity, search the file tree for SUID files, and detect kernel module rootkits (Linux only). It can be used either standalone or as a client/server system for centralized monitoring, with strong (192-bit AES) encryption for client/server connections and the option to store databases and configuration files on the server. For tamper resistance, it supports signed database/configuration files and signed reports/audit logs. It has been tested on Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and Unixware.

Release Notes: A regression in the handling of growing log files has been fixed. For compiling with the kernel check option, the detection of an existing yet non-functional /dev/kmem device has been improved.

Download Website 19 Jun 18:08 Class::EHierarchy 0.92


Class::EHierarchy is intended for use as a base class for custom objects. The objects need one or more of the following features: orderly bottom-up destruction of objects, opaque objects, class-based access restrictions for properties and methods, primitive strict property type awareness, and alias-based object retrieval.

Release Notes: This release expands the API to improve object reference fetching based on relationships, adds an alias-based system, and updates and improves the documentation.

Download No website 19 Jun 18:04 FVWM-Crystal 3.2.2


FVWM-Crystal aims to create an easy to use, pretty, but also powerful desktop environment for Linux or other Unix-like operating systems. It uses the following programs: FVWM as a window manager and "main core"; different ways to provide icons on the desktop including support for many file managers and custom commands; xterm, aterm, mrxvt, or urxvt as terminal emulators; MPD or XMMS2 as music players (there's built-in support for controlling these programs), and several other tools for different functions, like setting a wallpaper or taking screenshots.

Release Notes: This is bugfix release addresses a possible cursor freeze with the toggle mute and/or pause function. A new toggle mute only function has been added as well, with the Ctrl + XF86AudioMute key binding.

Download Website 19 Jun 17:49 JasperStarter 1.4.1


JasperStarter is a commandline launcher and batch compiler for JasperReports. It can run any JasperReport that needs a JDBC, CSV, or empty data source, use any database for which a JDBC driver is available, execute reports that need runtime parameters, print directly to the system default or a given printer, optionally show a printer dialog to choose a printer, optionally show a print preview, export to file in the PDF, RTF, .docx, .odt, and HTML formats, export multiple formats in one commanding call, print and export in one commanding call, and integrate in non-Java applications (for example PHP, Python) A binary executable is available for Windows. JapserStarter is able to prompt for report parameters. Any parameter whose class has a string constructor is accepted. Additionally, the following types are supported or have special handlers: date, image (see usage), and locale.

Release Notes: This release fixes [JAS-33] ("Report parameter with space produces error on Unix-like systems.").

Download Website 19 Jun 17:48 KeyBox 1.08.20


KeyBox is a Web-based SSH console for executing commands and managing multiple systems simultaneously. It allows you to share terminal commands and upload files to all your systems. Once the sessions have been opened you can select a single system or any combination on which to run your commands. Also, additional system administrators can be added and their terminal sessions and history can be audited.

Release Notes: This release adds fixes to the script dialog and changes how terminals are selected in the composite view

Download Website 19 Jun 17:48 imread 0.2.6


imread is a simple library which reads and saves images from disk to and from numpy arrays. Its goal is to perform this task simply, so that it can become very stable, leaving more complex image processing for other packages.

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release which fixes compilation issues and hard crashes which happened in a few specific error conditions.

Download Website 19 Jun 17:48 Milk 0.5.3


Milk is a machine learning toolkit in Python. Its focus is on supervised classification with several classifiers available: SVMs (based on libsvm), k-NN, random forests, and decision trees. It also performs feature selection. These classifiers can be combined in many ways to form different classification systems. For unsupervised learning, milk supports k-means clustering and affinity propagation.

Release Notes: This release adds fixes compilation on a few older compilers and adds some new functionality on Multidimensional scaling.

Download Website 19 Jun 17:47 Samba 3.6.16


Samba is a software suite that provides seamless file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients. It is freely available, unlike other SMB/CIFS implementations, and allows for interoperability between Linux/Unix servers and Windows-based clients.

Release Notes: This is the latest stable release of the Samba 3.6 release series.

Download Website 19 Jun 17:47 pysmb 1.1.5


pysmb is an experimental SMB/CIFS library written in pure Python to support file sharing between Windows and Linux machines.


Release Notes: This release adds support for Direct hosting of SMB over TCP/IP (TCP port: 445).

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