2013 / May / 3 (32 releases)

3 May 2013

Download No website 03 May 21:51 Hypertable


Hypertable is a high performance, scalable database modeled after Google's Bigtable. It is designed to manage the storage and processing of information on a large cluster of commodity servers, providing resilience to machine and component failures.

Release Notes: This release improves startup time by deferring CellStore loading, fixes a problem with the RPM package, fixes a critical bug relating to split row estimation, and has RangeServer failover improvements.

Download Website 03 May 21:51 libquickmail 0.1.14


libquickmail is a library intended to give C/C++ developers a quick and easy way to send email from their applications. It supports multiple To/Cc/Bcc recipients and multiple MIME attachments without size limitation. It uses libcurl for SMTP communication, but a light version is also included without the libcurl dependancy. The library can also be used to just create a multipart MIME message body. It also comes with a command line application for sending mail (with optional attachments).

Release Notes: This release adds a header line for body: Content-Disposition: inline. It uses angle brackets with CURLOPT_MAIL_FROM/CURLOPT_MAIL_RCPT. It adds the command line options -u username -w password.

Download Website 03 May 21:50 pyPEG 2.11.0


pyPEG is a quick and easy solution for creating a parser in Python programs. pyPEG uses a PEG language in Python data structures to parse, so it can be used dynamically to parse nearly every context free language. The output is a plain Python data structure called pyAST, or, as an alternative, XML.

Release Notes: Feature enhancements are provided, like a method for memory cache clearing and improving composing and text representation. Some small bugs are fixed.

Download Website 03 May 21:49 Wing IDE 4.1.13


Wing IDE is a software development environment for Python. It provides powerful editing, code intelligence, refactoring, testing, debugging, and search capabilities that reduce development and debugging time, cut down on coding errors, and make it easier to understand and navigate Python code.

Release Notes: This release speeds up Search in Files, particularly when looking in Project Files, speeds up project load, fixes several auto-editing bugs, fixes several VI mode bugs, correctly detects snippet context in files with tab indentation, fixes goto-definition in the Debug Probe, adds a How-To with tips for using Wing IDE with GTK via PyGObject, and fixes 14 other minor bugs.

Download Website 03 May 21:49 Babel Router 1.4.0


Babel is a distance-vector routing protocol for IPv6 and IPv4. It is designed to be robust and work efficiently on both wired networks and wireless mesh networks.

Release Notes: This version implements a new hysteresis algorithm, which dramatically reduces route flapping without increasing convergence times much. There are also minor changes to the local administrative interface, and support for routing over BATMAN interfaces.

Download No website 03 May 21:49 Converseen 0.6.1


Converseen is an image converter and resizer written in C++ with the powerful Qt4 libraries. Thanks to the Magick++ image libraries, it supports more than 100 image formats like DPX, EXR, GIF, JPEG, JPEG-2000, PhotoCD, PNG, Postscript, SVG, TIFF, and many others. Converseen allows you to convert, resize, rotate, and automatically flip an unlimited number of images. It can save you time because it can process more than one image with one mouse click. It features a very simple user interface without strange options.


Release Notes: This release updates Czech, German, and Russian translations.

Download No website 03 May 21:46 bashstyle-ng 8.00


BashStyle-NG is a graphical tool for changing Bash's behavior and look and feel. It can also style Readline, Nano, and Vim. It ships with a huge functionchain, which is used by the 16 default prompt styles, but may also be used separately.

Release Notes: This release features a GTK+3-based, improved UI, heavily improved UI code, and has moved from GConf to configobj for storing configuration. New features include an -n parameter for 'randomfile', a directory 'jump' feature, and bsng-help. This release closes bugs #128 - #137. It removes bs-ng-profiler and rcgenerator (no longer required). The GIT repo has been moved to GitHub.

Download Website 03 May 21:45 SyncWall 1.7.2


SyncWall is a basic wallpaper changer with a special feature, the ability to synchronize wallpaper changes between several workstations with a basic (and unsecured) client/server protocol. Each workstation must share the same pool of files, there is no FTP or Internet download. Other interesting features are simple multi-monitor support and the ability to add special effects to wallpaper.


Release Notes: This release has some code refactoring, adds a direct link to the Web site for help, and updates the .pro file for missing translation and installed files.

Download Website 03 May 21:41 XWiki 5.0


XWiki is a WikiWiki clone written in Java that supports many popular features of other Wikis like the Wiki syntax, version control, attachments, security, and searching, but also many advanced features like templates, database and dynamic development using scripting languages (Velocity, Groovy, Ruby, Python, PHP, and more), an extension system and skinability, J2EE scalability, an XML/RPC remote API, statistics, RSS feeds, PDF exporting, WYSIWYG editing, an Office viewer and importer, and a lot more.

Release Notes: This release comes with virtual mode enabled and uses the new security authorization module for rights checking. It also brings improvements to the Extension Manager, Distribution Wizard, and the WYSIWYG editor.

Download No website 03 May 21:39 Pidgeon


Pidgeon is an IRC client which supports various bouncers, including its own bouncer which is able to synchronize timestamps (pidgeon sv), supports the quassel core, and supports the tcl scripting engine.

Release Notes: Completely rewritten (using GTK now so that it works well in Linux). Several new features and improvements (new icons, and changing the icon when the network is disconnected). Improved security (users can block ctcp or ignore other users). A fix for broken ircd servers. Many fixes and improvements (over 200 commits).

Download Website 03 May 21:38 OpenSAF 4.3.0


The Open Service Availability Framework (OpenSAF) is designed to work in a loosely coupled computer system with fast interconnections between the nodes. An application using OpenSAF could provide “five nines” (99.999 %) availability without re-inventing availability techniques. It provides mechanisms to replicate data between nodes, so that in case of failure the services can be started on a different node with the same state. It monitors itself for hardware and software failures, can keep several service instances running (with different availability models), and can automatically restart and migrate services to satisfy the availability requirements. It is based on the standard defined at saforum.org. It includes an availability management framework, a message service, a lock service, an event service, a checkpoint service, and much more.

Release Notes: This release implements the new IMM API version A.02.12, support for notifications when the information model is changed, and the ability to configure application log streams via configuration objects.

Download Website 03 May 21:31 Zero Install Injector 2.2


Zero Install is a decentralized cross-distribution software installation system. It allows software developers to publish programs directly from their own Web sites, while supporting features familiar from centralized distribution repositories such as shared libraries, automatic updates, and digital signatures. It is intended to complement, rather than replace, the operating system's package management. 0install packages never interfere with those provided by the distribution.


Release Notes: Bugs with HTTP chunked transfers on Python 3 and with the new <file> support producing empty files were fixed. The mirror service is no longer called if a download is slow because it is queued or waiting for user interaction. The desktop launcher is now a single item, making it easier to use from Unity and GNOME 3. Performance has been improved when running apps, especially on Arch Linux.

No download No website 03 May 21:31 codecrypt 1.0


codecrypt is a GnuPG-like program for encryption and signing that uses only quantum-computer-resistant algorithms.

Release Notes: This release has backwards incompatible changes (padding improvements), several fixes, and algorithms for 2^192 security levels.

Download Website 03 May 21:22 phpMyAdmin 4.0.0


phpMyAdmin is a tool intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the Web. It can create, rename, and drop databases, create/drop/alter tables, delete/edit/add fields, execute any SQL statement, manage keys on fields, create dumps of tables and databases, export/import CSV data, and administrate one single database and multiple MySQL servers.

Release Notes: The HTML frames are gone, and the navigation panel now presents a tree. This version requires JavaScript. Many bugs were fixed, smaller new features were added, and the documentation has a new look and contains an index.

Download Website 03 May 21:21 PowerDNS Recursor 3.5.1


With a small codebase, the PowerDNS Recursor is an advanced resolver currently serving the DNS resolving needs of over 80 million Internet connections. Besides high performance (using kqueue or epoll, over 100 thousand qps on commodity hardware), it provides advanced anti-spoofing measures. In addition, the program caches server performance and timeouts, making it both network and user friendly. It also has built-in hooks for making graphs with rrdtool, providing insight into nameserver performance.

Release Notes: This is a stability and bugfix update to 3.5. It contains important fixes that improve operation for certain domains.

Download Website 03 May 21:19 abcMIDI 20130430


The abcMIDI suite consists of programs for turning ABC music files into MIDI and vice versa, typesetting them as PostScript files, and manipulate them in several ways.


Release Notes: A potential memory overflow was fixed.

No download Website 03 May 21:19 RText 2.0.7


RText is a fully customizable programmer's text editor. Some of its features include syntax highlighting, editing multiple documents at once, printing and print preview, find/replace/find in files dialogs, undo/redo, and online help.

Release Notes: This release adds syntax highlighting for Visual Basic, improves syntax highlighting and code completion for JavaScript, HTML, PHP and JSP, and includes editor rendering performance improvements.

Download Website 03 May 21:18 MathGL 2.1.3


MathGL is a library for making high-quality scientific graphics under Linux and Windows, fast data plotting and handling of large data arrays, working in window and console modes, and easily embedding into other programs. It has more than 40 general types of graphics for 1d, 2d, and 3d data arrays. It can export graphics to raster and vector (EPS or SVG) formats. It has an OpenGL interface and can be used from console programs. It has functions for data handling and MGL language scripting for simplification of data plotting. It has several types of transparency and smoothed lightning, vector fonts and TeX-like formula drawing, an arbitrary curvilinear coordinate system, and many other useful things.

Release Notes: This release contain mostly fixes for bugs and memory leaks. There are speeding up for Dots() drawing, multi-threading for data transforms, and so on. This release has a few new features: a Join() function for joining mglData arrays; a Roots() function for finding roots of nonlinear equation; the class mglExprC for parsing formulas with complex numbers; and a flag to disable tick labels at axis origin. Finally, the MPI interface functions are moved to a separate libmgl-mpi library.

Download No website 03 May 02:20 PeerProject


PeerProject is a versatile peer-to-peer filesharing client and file manager. It's intuitive and aesthetic while supporting many networks and features, including BitTorrent, G2, Gnutella, eDonkey, DC++, IRC, HTTP/FTP, and more. It's a mainstream fork of Shareaza p2p, for Windows and WINE.

Release Notes: This is the initial public release after five years of development.

Download Website 03 May 02:19 queXS 1.7.5


queXS is a Web-based CATI (computer assisted telephone interviewing) system. It integrates with queXML for creating questionnaires, LimeSurvey for collecting data, and Asterisk for VoIP telephony. It can be used to operate outbound telephone research centers.

Release Notes: Some more bugs related to respondent self completion have been fixed, including sending email messages in UTF-8, text focusing, and last completed page position resetting. Better description and error messages are provided when creating a new operator. Cases from questionnaires which have been disabled will not appear for interviewers, and the message about no available cases will reflect this.

Download Website 03 May 02:19 Ultimate Boot CD 5.2.3


Ultimate Boot CD is a collection of Freeware and Free Software tools for PC diagnostics and maintenance. Included are tools for BIOS editing, CPU and memory testing, boot management, data recovery, peripheral and system inventory, and hard drive partitioning, cloning, wiping, diagnostics, and low-level editing. All tools boot and run from the CD.


Release Notes: This release provides FDUBCD and DOSAPPS on a 16MB superfloppy image. This will enable FDUBCD to work on more systems under both sysLinux/memdisk and grub4dos. The ClamAV and F-Prot antivirus databases are now included. Many applications have been updated.

Download Website 03 May 02:17 SecureCRT 7.1


SecureCRT provides terminal emulation with secure remote access, file transfer (SFTP and X/Y/Zmodem), and data tunneling. Supported access protocols are SSH 1 and 2, telnet, telnet/SSL, and serial. It has emulation support for VT100/102/220, ANSI, SCO ANSI, Wyse 50/60, Xterm, and Linux consoles. It provides session management and tabbed sessions in one or more windows. The program is fully scriptable via VBScript, JScript, PerlScript, or Python.


Release Notes: This release brings tiled sessions to the Mac and Linux versions, adds an option to set up dependent sessions for connecting with jump hosts, and extends file transfer options with Kermit support. Productivity improvements include the ability to send a button bar command to all sessions and to optimize the data transfer speed with a new send delay option. On the Windows platform, this release supports SHA1 in RSA signatures, which allows X.509 certificates to be used in FIPS mode.

Download Website 03 May 02:17 Disk Based HashTables 4.9.3


Disk based hashes is a method to create multidimensional binary trees on disk. This library permits the extension of the database concept to a plethora of electronic data, such as graphical information.

Release Notes: The main content changes in this version are parallel and thread safe mechanisms for simultaneous access from independent processes or memory sharing threads. This release is the one which will be used by Rodent Filemanager in the upcoming 5.0 release.

Download Website 03 May 02:16 Q4Wine 1.0-r3


Q4Wine is a Qt 4 GUI for Wine that helps you to manage Wine prefixes and installed applications. It can export Qt color themes into Wine color settings, works with different Wine versions at the same time, supports autostart icons, can extract icons from PE files, and more.

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release.

Download Website 03 May 02:16 NolaPro 5.0.10066


NolaPro is a free Cloud Accounting suite that can be securely run from your PC. Refine and manage your business with its flexible and powerful Customer tracking, Billing, Payables, General Ledger, and Reporting features. Optional modules include Inventory Control, Service/Labor Order management, POS/Fulfillment Order support, a B2B Web portal, eCom Shopping Cart, vTiger add-on, Employee Timeclock, QuickBooks converter, development API, and many more. White Label partner revenue versions are available for CPAs, VARs, and consultants. For international users, it offers multi-currency, VAT/GST support, multi-language capability, and currency, decimal, and temperature flexibility. However NolaPro's customization is its best feature. It can be modified upon request to fit any industry spec or business requirement, as well as integrated with most 3rd party applications to provide backend accounting support. Secure Business Cloud hosting and a Linux version are also available.

Release Notes: This release adds support for the USA ePay credit card processor, style changes to several pages for improved efficiency, and an expanded "getting started" wizard for the Prosper version.

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