2013 / May / 13 (50 releases)

13 May 2013

Download Website 13 May 23:02 ZXTune b2395


ZXTune is a set of portable cross-platform applications (GUI/CLI) intended to play chiptunes. It features advanced ripping possibilities that let you search for music in big data sets. Supported ZX Spectrum chiptunes formats include AY, AS0/ASC, FTC, GTR, PSC, PSG, PSM, PT1, PT2, PT3, SQT, ST1, ST3, STC, STP, TXT, TurboSound, VTX, YM, CHI, DMM, DST, PDT, SQD, STR, TF0/TFE, TFC, TFD, and COP. The Commodore64 SID format is supported. Supported PC chiptunes formats include 669, AMF, DMF, FAR, FNK, GDM, IMF, IT, LIQ, PSM, MDL, MTM, PTM, RTM, S3M, STIM, STM, STX, ULT, XM. Supported Amiga chiptune formats include DBM, EMOD, MOD, MTN, IMS, MED, OKT, PT36, SFX. Supported Atari chiptune formats include DTM, GTK, TCB. The Acorn chiptune format DTT is supported. Supported compressed formats include CHARPRES, CC3, CC4, CC4PLUS, DSQ, ESV, GAM, GAMPLUS, HRUM, HRUST1, HRUST2, LZH1, LZH2, LZS, MSP, PACK2, PCD61, PCD62, TLZ, TLZP, TRUSH. Supported archived/container formats include FDI, HOBETA, HRIP, LHA, RAW, SCL, TD0, TRD, ZXZIP, ZIP, RAR, SNA128, and Z80.

Release Notes: This release adds support for Philips SAA1099 emulation and E-Tracker format support from the Sam Coupe platform (COP). It also adds HQ interpolation for AY/YM rendering.

Download Website 13 May 23:01 SALI 1.6.1


SALI (Sara Automatic Linux Installer) is a tool that allows you to install Linux on multiple machines at once. It support several protocols for downloading by way of aria2 to install a machine. For example, BitTorrent and rsync are supported. SALI originates from SystemImager and still uses the same philosophy. It is a scalable method for performing unattended installation. SALI is mostly used in cluster setups.


Release Notes: This release changes the build setup for xmlrpc-c to make sure the command xmlrpc is available in SALI.

Download Website 13 May 23:01 zrep 1.0.1


zrep provides an easy-to-use program to manage zfs filesystem replication and failover. No configuration files are required. The program is developed under Solaris, but may work with any up to date zfs implementation. The executable is a single script. Initialization does a full data copy, but subsequent syncs are incrementals. It uses internal locking to make sure there is no danger of overlap if you just shove it in cron to run every minute. Design target is more "near-time replication", since the sync can be run every minute or more. However, it could conceivably be used for "backup" purposes as well.

Release Notes: This release fixes the format of the timestamp for the initial sync snapshot.

Download Website 13 May 23:00 TCPDF 6.0.014


TCPDF is a PHP class for generating PDF documents without requiring external extensions. TCPDF supports all ISO page formats and custom page formats, custom margins and units of measure, UTF-8 Unicode, RTL languages, HTML, barcodes, TrueTypeUnicode, TrueType, OpenType, Type1, and CID-0 fonts, images, graphic functions, clipping, bookmarks, JavaScript, forms, page compression, digital signatures, and encryption.


Release Notes: This version includes a new feature which allows linking existing fonts.

Download Website 13 May 23:00 Quassel IRC 0.9.0


Quassel IRC is a modern, cross-platform, distributed IRC client, meaning that one or more clients can attach to and detach from a central core, much like the popular combination of screen and a text-based IRC client, but graphical. In addition to this unique feature, it aims to be a comfortable chatting program.

Release Notes: Notable new features and changes of this release are channel-specific highlights, improved OS X integration, DockManager compatibility, and proper handling of intermediate CA certificates. Quassel 0.9.0 also adds Halfop support, DH1080 key exchange, authentication via SASL EXTERNAL, updated translations (now also available in Lithuanian, Romanian, and even Esperanto), and bugfixes of all sorts.

Download Website 13 May 22:59 myBill 13.05.2013


myBill is a money flow management utility. It can also be used to manage personal income/expenses.


Release Notes: This release adds a Czech translation and minor improvements.

Download Website 13 May 22:58 cego 2.18.0


Cego implements a relational and transactional database system with support for the SQL query language. The current release contains the most common database features for basic table manipulation and data retrieval. Indexes, foreign keys, views, and stored procedures are also implemented. Future releases (2.0 and above) will support a multi-node database concept with log file shipping for an automatic database application failover.

Release Notes: This release reworks the build process using current versions of autoconf, automake, and libtool. (Please note that lfc-1.5.1 and lfcxml-1.1.0 have also been adapted.)

Download Website 13 May 22:56 Xataface 2.0.0


Xataface is a flexible and shapable skin that sits on top of MySQL, making it accessible to every-day users. It automatically generates the appropriate forms, lists, and menus for a user to interact with the database without having to know any SQL. It is a full-featured Web application framework, and gives developers the flexibility to customize the features and behavior of their application via configuration files (using the simple INI-file syntax), templates, and plug-ins. A generic application with no customizations is completely functional, but the developer is free to customize things at his leisure.

Release Notes: 2.0.0 is includes quite a number of bugfixes from the past several months (from 2.0alpha1). It is also the first 2.0.x release that is considered stable. If you are starting on Xataface, it is now recommended that you use the 2.0.x line instead of the old 1.3.x line.

No download Website 13 May 22:55 MOSIX


MOSIX is a cluster operating system targeted for distributed computing on Linux clusters and multi-cluster private clouds.

Release Notes: This release for Linux kernel 3.8 includes several bugfixes.

Download Website 13 May 22:55 ZedLog 0.2 beta


ZedLog is a robust cross-platform input logging tool (A.K.A., a key logger). It is based on a flexible data logging system which makes it easy to get the required data. It features logging of all keyboard and mouse events, a replay simulation tool, logging to a file, and hiding in the background.

Release Notes: This release adds an initial replay simulation tool, saving and opening of log files, a record/pause button, separate mouse pressed and released loggers, a more polished GUI, and a new icon set.

Download Website 13 May 17:22 Diffuse 0.4.7


Diffuse is a graphical tool for comparing and merging text files. It can work with many revision control systems as a diff viewer or merge tool. Diffuse is able to compare an arbitrary number of files side-by-side (n-way merge), and gives the user the ability to manually correct line matching and directly edit the files.

Release Notes: This release adds Czech and Polish localization, better support for UTF-16 and UTF-32 encoded text, and a new menu item for opening n-way file merges. Syntax highlighting has been added for Erlang and OpenCL files. Several minor bugs were also fixed.

Download Website 13 May 17:22 JAXX 2.5.19


JAXX is a system that allows you to describe Swing user interfaces in XML and then generate them. It includes support for common user interface elements such as navigation trees.

Release Notes: This versions adds a JAxxRuntimeException to catch some special errors and updates dependencies' versions.

Download Website 13 May 17:21 JSkat 0.12.2


JSkat is an implementation of the German card game Skat in Java. You can play according the rules of the German Skat Association and with some add on rules that are played in the pubs (e.g. Ramsch). All data are stored in XML.

Release Notes: It's now possible to play hand games on the International Skat Server (ISS) again.

Download Website 13 May 17:21 extract_url.pl 1.5.8


extract_url.pl is a Perl script that extracts URLs from either correctly-encoded MIME email messages or from plain text. It can be used either as a pre-parser for a URL selector (such as urlview), or as a standalone URL selector. It is very configurable, can handle URLs that have been broken over several lines in format=flowed delsp=yes email messages, and eliminates duplicate URLs. It was designed primarily for use with Mutt, but can be used by for any similar purpose. The idea is that if you want to access a URL in an email, you pipe the email to a URL extractor (like this one), which then lets you select a URL to view in some third program (such as Firefox).

Release Notes: This release adds a few minor features, such as better handling of non-email plain-text, and the ability to specify inputs as arguments. However, a lot more has changed since the last release posted to freecode.com.

No download No website 13 May 13:25 QtitanChart 2.1


QtitanChart is a Qt.C++ library that represents a set of controls that allow you to quickly and easily provide your application with beautiful and colorful diagrams. It is implemented in pure Qt. Adding it to your program requires only a few lines of code, and the architecture allows you to customize every part of the charts. it supports point, line, step line, clustered column, stacked column, pie, doughnut, аrea, and stacked area charts with full interactivity. A rich set of themes is included, and real time charts are supported.

Release Notes: Three types of charts have been added with 2D and 3D views, Funnel Charts, Pyramid Charts, and Bubble Charts. The theme's storage has been restructured from an INI file to XML. More decoration themes have been added, and known bugs have been fixed.

Download No website 13 May 13:23 QtitanDataGrid 3.1


QtitanDataGrid provides a complete set of wide range of unique features that cannot be implemented using default Qt components and methods. It is a pure grid for business application in Qt. It enables you to load various types of data from different sources into a fast, flexible, and functional editable grid supporting sorting, grouping, reporting, creation of banded columns, drag’n’drop for buttons, and plenty of other handy functions. This data grid helps novice and experienced Qt developers with Delphi and C++ backgrounds to use the same comprehensive advanced editable grid capabilities that they’ve grown accustomed to in corresponding IDEs and that are not part of the standard Qt library.

Release Notes: This release fixes bugs which were registered.

Download Website 13 May 13:22 SymmetricDS 3.4.4


SymmetricDS provides file and database synchronization with support for multi-master replication, filtered synchronization, and transformation across the network in a heterogeneous environment. It supports multiple subscribers with one-direction or bi-directional, asynchronous data replication. It uses Web and database technologies to replicate data as a scheduled or near-realtime operation. The software has been designed to scale for a large number of nodes, work across low-bandwidth connections, and withstand periods of network outage. It works with most operating systems, file systems, and databases, including Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server (including Azure), IBM DB2, H2, HSQLDB, Derby, Firebird, Interbase, Informix, Greenplum, SQLite (including Android), Sybase ASE, and Sybase ASA (SQL Anywhere) databases.

Release Notes: This release includes bugfixes for ignoring missing tables from synchronization and reading metadata on DB2.

Download Website 13 May 12:22 TOMUSS 5.1.13


TOMUSS allows multiple users to edit the same spreadsheet table with their Web browsers. It stores the complete history of the table modification. TOMUSS is intended to be used by teachers to enter ranking and to allow students to see their ranks.

Release Notes: This release allows the cell text to be colored in red or green using filters. It is now possible to import a cell's comment. The line filter is now focused by Ctrl-F.

Download Website 13 May 12:22 Kernel Mode Linux 3.9_001


Kernel Mode Linux is a technology which enables the execution of user programs in a kernel mode. In Kernel Mode Linux, user programs can access kernel address space directly. Unlike kernel modules, user programs are executed as ordinary processes (except for their privilege level), so scheduling and paging are performed as usual. Although it seems dangerous, the safety of the kernel can be ensured through such methods as static type checking, software fault isolation, and so forth.

Release Notes: This release has been merged with the 3.9 Linux kernel.

No download No website 13 May 12:22 GeoToad 3.16.7


GeoToad is a geocaching query tool to help speed up the boring part of geocaching: choosing the cache and collecting the data. It allows you to generate any kind of complex query you want, and the program will go and poll the Geocaching query, grab the data, and output it to any format you want. The Geocache info can be synced straight to your GPS, iPod, PDA, or cell phone in over 20 different formats.

Release Notes: This stable version, codenamed "M'aidez!", is mainly a bugfix release triggered by recent changes in the search result format. Minor additions include the "-Y" option (skip fetching details), and "short input" into the TUI. Please move to Ruby 1.9, as 1.8 support will be phased out soon.

Download Website 13 May 12:21 OpenAPC 3.0-1


OpenAPC is an APC (Advanced Process Control) solution that is highly flexible and configurable and covers a wide range of automation, visualization, and process control tasks from home control up to industrial automation. Control applications created with the OpenAPC editor's visual interface can perform several tasks dependent on how the application is configured and used. The application is available for many different platforms, so OpenAPC projects can be switched over to a different platform easily.


Release Notes: This version provides several new functions and new supported hardware for all components of the software package, including ControlRoom and BeamConstruct. New external tools, like CorrCorrect for generating scanhead correction files, have been added. Several bugfixes have been made, and a vision system was introduced for BeamConstruct.

Download Website 13 May 12:20 Monitorix 3.2.0


Monitorix is a lightweight system monitoring tool designed to monitor as many services and system resources as possible. It has been created to be used under production Linux/UNIX servers, but due to its simplicity and small size may also be used on embedded devices as well.

Release Notes: This version introduces a new major feature, a new graph to monitor the sensors of a Raspberry Pi card, which includes its clock frequencies, temperature, and voltages. Another important new feature is support of ATI cards in the lmsens graph, which will be able to display its temperature. As in the NVIDIA case, it requires the ATI official drivers. It also includes the new option temperature_scale to be able to toggle between values in Celsius or in Fahrenheit in all graphs that show temperatures.

Download Website 13 May 12:19 Wmconfig 1.3.9


Wmconfig is a text-based menu generation tool for various X window managers for desktops. Toolkits like Qt or Gtk are not required. It uses a simple configuration layout and the configuration may be edited with a text editor.

Release Notes: Wmconfig is now compatible with Clang and compiles without errors.

Download No website 13 May 02:08 bashstyle-ng 8.1


BashStyle-NG is a graphical tool for changing Bash's behavior and look and feel. It can also style Readline, Nano, and Vim. It ships with a huge functionchain, which is used by the 16 default prompt styles, but may also be used separately.

Release Notes: The window is no longer forced to be centered. Adds the ability to specify which Python interpreter to use. Makes sure PATH is set early so that bs-ng-wizard is callable, and ensures check_opts. Removes the show_weather function and apm version of show_battery_load. Updates configure to v4.2.1, which brings more parameters, more flexibility and stability, and improved code.

No download No website 13 May 02:08 LaunchControl 1.3


LaunchControl is a fully-featured launchd(8) frontend allowing you to manage and debug system and user services on your Mac. It provides everything you need to load, unload, start, create, edit, remove, or troubleshoot launch services. It supports all documented features of launchd, reports potential problems before a job is even started, and makes sure you always create valid configurations. It supports user LaunchAgents and Global and System LaunchAgents/Daemons. It shows all services and their status at a glance, and misconfigured services are highlighted. You can enable or disable services, and find them with a job filter. Not just a plist editor, it provides a dedicated interface for every configuration key with an adaptive interface that displays only information relevant for the selected job.


Release Notes: This release adds a button to trace StandardOutPath and StandardInPath in Console.app. The validation of the keys StandardErrorPath, StandardOutPath, ExitTimeout, StartInterval, ThrottleInterval, and TimeOut was improved.

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