2013 / March / 30 (21 releases)

30 March 2013

Download Website 30 Mar 18:17 pcapfix 0.7.2


pcapfix is a repair tool for corrupted pcap and pcapng files. It checks for an intact pcap global header and packet block and repairs it if there are any corrupted bytes. If a header is not present, one is created and added to the beginning of the file. It then tries to find pcap packet headers or packet blocks, and checks and repairs them.

Release Notes: This release compiles on Apple systems properly and fixes problems with installing man-pages.

Download Website 30 Mar 18:17 sysstat 10.1.5


The sysstat package contains the sar, sadf, iostat, nfsiostat, cifsiostat, mpstat, and pidstat commands for Linux. The sar command collects and reports system activity information. The statistics reported by sar concern I/O transfer rates, paging activity, process-related activites, interrupts, network activity, memory and swap space utilization, CPU utilization, kernel activities, and TTY statistics, among others. The sadf command may be used to display data collected by sar in various formats. The iostat command reports CPU statistics and I/O statistics for tty devices and disks. The pidstat command reports statistics for Linux processes. The mpstat command reports global and per-processor statistics. The nfsiostat command reports I/O statistics for network filesystems. The cifsiostat command reports I/O statistics for CIFS filesystems.

Release Notes: mpstat now takes into account every interrupt per processor so that their number adds up to the number displayed for CPU "all". The systemd unit file could no longer be installed because a macro wasn't expanded in the configure script. This is now fixed.

No download Website 30 Mar 11:06 mu


mu is a collection of utilities for maildirs, in particular for indexing and searching them. mu fills a database with information about your emails, which can then be queried using an easy query language. It can work stand-alone or be integrated with a mail client. It also provides an emacs-based email client ("mu4e") and bindings for Guile/Scheme.

Release Notes: mu/mu4e now supports 'related' messages (a la Gmail). Support for querying specific mailing lists was added. Guile scripts were integrated ('mu script'). Support for embedded tags was improved, 'human dates' were implemented, and many other improvements were made.

Download Website 30 Mar 06:14 Clonezilla live-testing 2.1.1-12


Clonezilla is a partition or disk cloning tool similar to Symantec Ghost. It saves and restores only blocks in use on the hard drive if the file system is supported. For unsupported file systems, dd is used instead. It has been used to clone a 5 GB system to 40 clients in about 10 minutes.

Release Notes: The underlying GNU/Linux operating system was upgraded. This release is based on the Debian Sid repository (as of 2013/Mar/29). The Linux kernel was updated to 3.2.41-2. DRBL was updated to 2.3.22-drbl1, and Clonezilla was updated to 3.3.25-drbl1. Partclone was updated to 0.2.60.drbl1. A failure to restore images saved from disk sda to disk sdb was fixed. When using "select_in_client" mode, the postrun action is now correctly passed to PXE clients.

Download Website 30 Mar 06:13 Aspose.Email for Java 2.8.0


Aspose.Email for Java is a Java component for reading and writing Microsoft Outlook MSG files without using Outlook. It can create and update MSG files, and retrieve properties such as subject, body, recipients, attachments, sender information, MAPI properties. It can be used with Web or desktop applications.

Release Notes: This release fixed issues with extracting messages from PSTs, loading large PSTs created with Aspose.Email in Outlook, and PST corruption based on adding SMIME message types.It also fixed display of Microsoft Word documents with embedded images on mobile platforms.

Download Website 30 Mar 06:12 PGP Individual UID Signer 2.0.10


PGP Individual UID Signer makes signing all the UIDs on all of the keys at a PGP keysigning party much simpler. It prompts for verification fingerprints, and then signs each UID on each key separately and emails them to their recipients encrypted with PGP/MIME.

Release Notes: A variety of of bugfixes and changes to several default preferences to make it easier to use. This release is compatible with GnuPG2. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

No download Website 30 Mar 06:12 Burp 1.3.28


Burp is a program that backs up and restores data. It uses librsync in order to save on the amount of space that is used by each backup. It also uses VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) to make snapshots when backing up Windows computers.

Release Notes: This release added the ability to resume partially transferred files. The program now ensures that the 'timer conditions not met' message appears on the client when it is out of the time band. A bug with turning off compression before resuming a backup was fixed.

Download Website 30 Mar 06:11 JSoko 1.68


JSoko is a Java program for playing the game of Sokoban. It features path finding, auto push, auto solving, undo/redo, deadlock detection, and more.


Release Notes: JSoko now saves the last played level and automatically loads it when the program is started again. For players who don't like too much help, highlighting of reachable box positions can now be turned off. Replay can be started using the key "R" and redo and undo can be set to using single steps. A new skin which displays the level using ASCII characters was added.

Download Website 30 Mar 06:10 Podget 0.6.13


Podget is a simple podcast aggregator optimized for running as a scheduled background job (i.e. cron). It features support for downloading podcasts from RSS and XML feeds, for sorting the podcasts into folders and categories, for importing podcast URLs from iTunes PCAST files and OPML lists, automatic M3U and ASX playlist creation, and automatic cleanup of old podcasts. It also features automatic UTF-16 conversion for podcasts hosted on Windows servers and includes the ability to handle authentication for premium podcasts.

Release Notes: The default contents of the configuration file (podgetrc) was updated to further explain the SModcast updates.

Download Website 30 Mar 06:07 Exponent CMS 2.2.0 beta 2


Exponent CMS is a content management system for Web sites. It allows site owners to easily create and manage dynamic Web sites without necessarily directly coding Web pages or managing site navigation. Exponent uses an intuitive and flexible content editing system that allows Web pages to be edited on the page as it is displayed. This avoids the need for more back-end administration or for navigating many administration pages to add a simple line of text. You can simply visit the page you need to edit as if you were a site visitor, and make the change.

Release Notes: This version adds all of the fixes found in version 2.1.4 plus many others. Many features were added to online donations and event registrations, making them more robust and polished. Event registrations now abide by 'options'. A new forms showall portfolio view for multi-record custom view was added (fixes custom single record view). Broader use of Ajax paging was implemented along with new HTML 5 input types. Additional date/time form designer controls were added.

Download Website 30 Mar 06:05 Vrapper 0.30.0


Vrapper is an Eclipse plugin which acts as a wrapper for Eclipse text editors to provide a Vim-like input scheme for moving around and editing text. Unlike other plugins which embed Vim in Eclipse, Vrapper imitates the behavior of Vim while still using whatever editor you have opened in the workbench. The goal is to have the comfort and ease which comes with the different modes, complex commands, and count/operator/motion combinations which are the key features behind editing with Vim, while preserving the powerful features of the different Eclipse text editors, like code generation and refactoring.

Release Notes: Lots of miscellaneous bugfixes and new features, including sentence motions '(' and ')', support for mappings with Shift and Alt, and change list traversals 'g,' and 'g;'. Marks now stay put as the document changes.

No download Website 30 Mar 06:05 Genit 2.0


Genit is a framework that builds a static Web site, which does not require a server side programming language or database. Generated sites consist only of XHTML code (plus CSS and media). It runs from the command line, is based on XML, and is designed to be simple, readable, and minimalist.

Release Notes: This release improves the project folder structure, which leads to faster compilation and reduced size on disk. Genit is now HTML 5 only. It provides a Web server for development. The config file is no longer a hidden file. All CSS templates were removed. An error message is now displayed if the main template is malformed.

No download Website 30 Mar 06:04 Erebus 0.6


Erebus is a 2D real-time role-playing game with three quests and random dungeons. It is a classic point-n-click style RPG, with dungeons to explore, enemies to fight, NPCs to talk to, sub-quests to complete, scenery to interact with, weapons, treasure, and other items to find.

Release Notes: New gameplay modes, random dungeons, and permadeath were introduced. Players can now select which stats to improve when levelling up. New weapons were added: Holy Water, Acid, and different arrow types. More spells for enemies were added. AI improvements were made. Graphical and UI improvements were made, including a circle for targetted enemy, graphical effects for spells and arrows, and UI changes for non-mobile devices. A new turbo mode makes the game run at 2x speed. Various bugs were fixed. The Linux version now supports "make install", and an installer is now available for Windows.

Download No website 30 Mar 06:03 fonts-tweak-tool 0.3.0


fonts-tweak-tool provides users with a GUI for customizing desktop fonts per language, and generic alias families.

Release Notes: This release contains Feature Tags support and bugfixes.

Download Website 30 Mar 01:30 Exponent CMS 2.1.4


Exponent CMS is a content management system for Web sites. It allows site owners to easily create and manage dynamic Web sites without necessarily directly coding Web pages or managing site navigation. Exponent uses an intuitive and flexible content editing system that allows Web pages to be edited on the page as it is displayed. This avoids the need for more back-end administration or for navigating many administration pages to add a simple line of text. You can simply visit the page you need to edit as if you were a site visitor, and make the change.

Release Notes: This release only fixes bugs found in 2.1.3, everything else is destined for the soon-to-be released 2.2 major version update. This release updates EQL file exportation/importation to also include table definition for future proofing backups, adds a new "Exponent as a Service" module for JSON service calls, fixes Online Event Registrations activating many features, adds email registrants, and fixes over three dozen issues found in 2.1.3.

Download Website 30 Mar 01:29 Dada Mail 6.2.2


Dada Mail can help you manage a mailing list, offers complete support for safe, closed-loop opt-in subscriptions, sends out mass mailings, keeps an archive of your messages, and allows you to share your messages in many ways. It runs on your Web hosting account and you interact with it through your Web browser, making it available anywhere you have a connection to the Internet. You do not have to rely on a third-party list management system with costly monthly fees. It is rich with features, but tries to keep it simple. It is designed to favor flexibility, extensibility, and ease-of-use over core speed or extremely flashy but hard-to-use features. It is designed to be installed, set up, and understood by regular people who have Web sites, but has enough advanced features to entice more proficient users. If you've ever installed a bulletin board or blog software, you should be able to install Dada Mail without too many problems. Dada Mail can scale. You can install Dada Mail on most any basic hosting account and start sending out messages. If your mailing list grows large, you can switch to sending with a more powerful third-party system, like Amazon SES, where there's potentially no limit on the number of emails you may send, all without having to change mailing list management systems or your hosting.

Release Notes: This release fixes bugs found in the 6.2.1 version of Dada Mail. It's a suggested upgrade for anyone running 6.2.1 or lower.

Download Website 30 Mar 01:28 BBCT Android Lite 0.5.3


BBCT is a simple database app for your baseball card collection. You can add information about the cards in your collection, view details about individual cards, and filter the list of cards according to a limited set of criteria. BBCT helps you organize your collection and quickly look up which cards you own.

Release Notes: This release lets you edit all baseball card data, not just the value and count, fixes a bug on Android 2.3 which made the app crash when applying a filter, and makes all text fields provide an obvious icon when input is incorrect.

No download Website 30 Mar 01:27 BabelZ 1.1.3


BabelZ displays a Yahoo Babel Fish widget in your WordPress side bar. Options can be adjusted from the admin page or the widget page.

Release Notes: This release adds additional inline display modes, an updated language list, a "Your page contains content in multiple languages" option, and an "Automatically display translation banner to users speaking languages other than the language of your page" option.

Download Website 30 Mar 01:24 reposurgeon 2.30


A tool for editing version-control repository history, reposurgeon enables risky operations that version-control systems don't want to let you do, such as editing past comments and metadata and removing commits. It works with any version control system that can export and import git fast-import streams, including git, hg, bzr, CVS, and RCS. It can also read Subversion dump files directly, and can thus be used to script production of very high-quality conversions from Subversion to any supported DVCS.

Release Notes: Fossil map dumps are now pruned appropriately after an expunge. This release adds more speed tuning. An AUTHORS file now credits some significant collaborators.

Download No website 30 Mar 01:23 todoyu 2.3


todoyu is a powerful project and task management system. The core features are project handling, time tracking, time sheets, resource management, calendar, customizable reporting, keeping track of communication and decisions, invoicing directly from tracked time, and address management of customers and employees. It improves billing accuracy and timeliness, and removes risk from the billing process. A todoyu customer's clients get visibility into the project work done on their behalf. The system is extensible with additional modules. The system is completely Web based and translated in 12 languages.

Release Notes: This release adds extended width for all content, live validation for form fields, support for SMTP accounts, a re-added icon for exceeded deadlines/end dates, a new autocompleter for companies in the project form, new look-and-feel for comments, quoting of comments, use of comment text as a prefixed template, assets on comments and project levels, texts cropped with CSS instead of PHP functions (a first step towards a responsive design), a mail signature per user for all mail, project tabs, cleanup of CSS and sprites, upgrades of external libraries (highcharts, tinyMCE, prototype), and bugfixes.

Download Website 30 Mar 01:21 Gnome Subtitles 1.3


Gnome Subtitles is a subtitle editor for the GNOME desktop. It supports the most common text-based subtitle formats, video previewing, timings synchronization and subtitle translation.

Release Notes: With this release, it's now possible to set the gap between subtitles to be used when inserting or splitting subtitles. The character counts displayed when editing text have been fixed, as well as a number of issues with the subtitles parsing/writing engine. This release switches to GStreamer 1.0 and fixes Help menu items.

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