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January 2013

No download Website 17 Jan 21:59 Silva CMS 3


Silva is a CMS for organizations that manage multiple or complex Web sites. Content is stored in clean XML, independent of layout and presentation. Features include versioning, a workflow system, an integral visual editor, content reuse, sophisticated access control, multi-site management, extensive import/export facilities, fine-grained templating, and hi-res image storage and manipulation. Silva is built on top of the Zope Web application platform.

Release Notes: This is a major release. The new architecture sports a state-of-the-art user interface, entirely AJAX-driven and much more user-friendly, responsive, and better performing. It includes a new content editor running on top of a new document type. Silva News Network has been refactored and provides advanced calendar functionality. On a system level, the performance of both the frontend and backend has been immensely improved.

Download No website 17 Jan 21:55 YAGAC 0.99-4.0


YAGAC is a library that when linked to your C program, allows you to conveniently track or trash memory leaks within your application while it is still running. You can have multiple garbage collectors according the code part you are in. It tracks memory assigned by your code only, and does not monitor third part libraries. Tracking can be activated by updating a debug flag without restarting your application. It is intended for use with daemon-type programs.

Release Notes: This release has a better way to use the Garbage collector stack. You can move (gear_up, gear_down) on the GC stack according where you are within your code (trashing memory in expected leaking memory code areas, and detecting unexpected leaked memory in other code areas). An example is given within the memory detection program yagac.c.

Download Website 17 Jan 21:52 GnuAccounting 0.8.2


GnuAccounting is an accounting and bookkeeping application. It interfaces with Moneyplex, Starmoney, Karm, and Winston, embeds OpenOffice.org and Firefox, and utilizes either HSQLDB or a separate MySQL installation.

Release Notes: This release has improved its asset and document management. Gleeo timer import, the selection of a bank account in bank statement import, and a daily balance in the account reconciliation window have been added, as well as support for multiple scanners, a document viewer, a document number "todo" feature, asset export, and extended and improved document number recognition.

Download No website 17 Jan 21:51 wikiup 1.3.2


wikiup is a commandline utility which uploads files (as attachments to topics) to remote Foswiki or TWiki sites. It makes it easy to batch upload multiple files with a single command or automate uploads via cron jobs or as part of a workflow.

Release Notes: Supports sites using self-signed SSL certificates. Improved matching of URLs to site profiles.

Download Website 17 Jan 21:51 THIS 1.1.0


THIS (This HTML Is Simple) is a content management system with blog capabilities. It features HTML templates, themes, and an extensible database design, with an emphasis on code/data separation, but it has many odd features and requires much manual maintenence.


Release Notes: This release adds "Test" modes to simulate a database or to use temporary tables ("try before you install").

No download Website 17 Jan 21:50 British bingo 1.24


British bingo runs in your browser and uses 3 by 9 boards. The game simulates the other players. Players make mistakes and chat. Players leave, join, and re-join between and during games. You can have over 10,000 players. You can hear the players and the caller talk. You can change the sizes to fit a small screen


Release Notes: The caller does not always check the numbers when a player has a house. You can now hear everything that is said.

Download Website 17 Jan 21:49 pgBadger 2.3


pgBadger is a fast PostgreSQL log analyzer that generates detailed reports with charts.

Release Notes: This release fixes several major issues, especially with csvlog and a memory leak with log parsing using a start date. There are also several improvements, like new reports of the number of queries by database and application. Mousing over reported queries will show database, user, remote client, and application name where they are executed. Several SQL code beautifier improvement from pgFormatter have also been merged.

Download Website 17 Jan 21:43 Mobius Forensic Toolkit 0.5.16


Mobius Forensic Toolkit is a forensic framework written in Python/GTK that manages cases and case items, providing an abstract interface for developing extensions. Cases and item categories are defined using XML files for easy integration with other tools.

Release Notes: This release features the Turing extension, an extension to handle cryptographic services. It is fully integrated to the Hive (registry) extension, so that when registry files are opened, it automatically records the user account password hashes and tests keywords such as LSA secrets, e-mail passwords, and Internet Explorer Autocomplete, among others. All hashes and passwords found are stored in an SQLite database. The Turing extension exports and imports to/from John The Ripper .pot files and to John The Ripper hash files.

Download Website 17 Jan 10:56 PowerDNS Authoritative Server 3.2


PowerDNS Authoritative Server is a high-performance authoritative nameserver with a host of backends. Besides plain BIND configuration files, PDNS reads information from MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB, and many other databases. Backends can easily be written in any language, and a sample Perl backend is provided. PDNS powers around 30-40% of all domain names in many parts of the world, including >90% of all DNSSEC domains in Europe.

Release Notes: This is a stability and conformity update. It mostly makes the DNSSEC implementation more robust and improves interoperability with various validators. Very extensive testing was conducted on a lot of edge cases, verifying output against both common validators and other authoritative servers.

Download Website 17 Jan 10:53 4MLinux 5.1 BETA


4MLinux is a miniature Linux distribution focusing on four capabilities: maintenance (by using it as a system rescue live CD), multimedia (for example, for playing video DVDs), miniserver (using the inetd daemon), and mystery (meaning console games).

Release Notes: The main features in this release are maintenance (4MLinux Backup Scripts 5.1 and Clam AntiVirus 0.97.6), multimedia (MPlayer SVN-r35564-4.7.0 and FFmpeg Git-2012.12.02), a mini server (FTP, HTTP, SSH, SFTP, and Telnet), and mystery (a collection of small Linux games). The X Window System is based on X.Org Server 1.12.0, Mesa 9.0.1, JWM 2.1.0, and the FOX toolkit 1.6.47. Both Ethernet (including WiFi) and dialup (including fast USB modems) networking are supported. The size of the ISO image is about 42 MB.

Download Website 17 Jan 08:21 JASocket


JASocket is a lock-free, scalable, and robust server framework with no single point of failure. Servers are run on a cluster of nodes. Servers interact with other servers using mobile agents, which reduces the number of messages and thus reduces the overall system latency. Administration is handled via ssh.


Release Notes: A reconnection issue and an SSH halt problem were fixed. New pause, localServers, and sshServer who commands were added. Log files now include SSH operator names.

Download Website 17 Jan 02:25 ELFIO 2.0


ELFIO is an ELF (Executable and Linkable Format) reader and producer implemented as a C++ library.

Release Notes: The documentation was updated.

Download No website 17 Jan 02:13 KDE-Services 1.7-7


KDE-Services extends the features of the Dolphin File Manager right-click menu in the KDE graphical environment. It allows you to play and convert between several video formats, extract audio from movies and convert them to MP3 or FLAC, convert audio to MP3 or FLAC, securely send a file or directory to Mailx as an email, send files to Thunderbird as attachments, burn and checksum ISO images, execute scripts and applications, get low-level information on video files, build ISO images from folders, replace text, search, SSH, use Midnight Commander, use system, network, and backup/restore tools, use Samba, extract subtitles from MKV video, multiplex subtitles into MPEG-2 videos, and work with YouTube, DVDs, multimedia, GPG. You can add a timestamp prefix to a filename or directory name. A paranoid shredder, an HTTP publisher, graphic tools, RPM package tools, Xorg configuration, and Dropbox tools are included.


Release Notes: A bug in "Convert Video Files" with FFmpeg 1.1 was fixed.

Download Website 17 Jan 01:09 NolaPro 5.0.9732


NolaPro is a free Cloud Accounting suite that can be securely run from your PC. Refine and manage your business with its flexible and powerful Customer tracking, Billing, Payables, General Ledger, and Reporting features. Optional modules include Inventory Control, Service/Labor Order management, POS/Fulfillment Order support, a B2B Web portal, eCom Shopping Cart, vTiger add-on, Employee Timeclock, QuickBooks converter, development API, and many more. White Label partner revenue versions are available for CPAs, VARs, and consultants. For international users, it offers multi-currency, VAT/GST support, multi-language capability, and currency, decimal, and temperature flexibility. However NolaPro's customization is its best feature. It can be modified upon request to fit any industry spec or business requirement, as well as integrated with most 3rd party applications to provide backend accounting support. Secure Business Cloud hosting and a Linux version are also available.

Release Notes: This release adds line items on Point of Sale and Fulfillment Orders which are drag-and-drop sortable, a summary tab in the dashboard (providing a graphical view of the company status), a simplified database backup process for those with the self-installed version of NolaPro, enhanced PDF support for currency symbols, the ability to display the requested ship date for each line item on a purchase order, the ability to block display of estimated ship dates on order and quote PDFs, and PHP 5.4 compatibility. Invoice terms can now be set in Point of Sale. Aging reports and payables list now reflects VAT taxes.

Download Website 17 Jan 01:07 Ip phone Scanning Made Easy (ISME) 0.8


Ip phone Scanning Made Easy (ISME) scans a VOIP environment, adapts to enterprise VOIP, and exploits the possibilities of being connected directly to an IP Phone VLAN. It seeks to get the phone's configuration file directly from a TFTP server, enable SIP/SIPS (TCP/UDP), communicate with an embedded Web server and Web server banner, identify the editor by MAC address, and identify potential default login/password combinations which should be changed.


Release Notes: This release adds a user interface update, vulnerability detection, and Cisco phone SSH server detection. It fixes exploits related to Alcatel OXO FTP Denial of service, Mitel IP phone information disclosure, and Mitel IP phone XSS. A new Perl library is in use, Net::SSH.

Download Website 17 Jan 01:02 OGLplus 0.24.0


OGLplus is a header-only library that implements a thin object-oriented facade over the OpenGL (version 3 and higher) C-language API. It provides wrappers that automate the resource and object management and make the use of OpenGL in C++ safer and easier.

Release Notes: Several problems in the BlenderMesh loader have been fixed, and a new example showing its usage has been added. The SLDataType enumeration has been updated. The program interface traversal functions have been updated, and a function for getting information (name, GLSL type, size, etc.) has been added to Uniform.

Download No website 17 Jan 00:56 gcab 0.1


gcab is a tool and library for manipulating cabinet files. It uses the GObject API and provides GIR bindings. It supports creation of archives with simple MSZIP compression.

Release Notes: This is the first release of gcab.

Download Website 16 Jan 23:54 GLib 2.35.4


GLib is a library containing many useful C routines for things such as trees, hashes, and lists. GLib was previously distributed with the GTK toolkit, but has been split off as of the developers' version 1.1.0.


Release Notes: New APIs g_get_num_processors() and g_application_command_line_get_stdin() have been added. More timezone offset formats can now be parsed. GParamSpec constructors have been made introspectable. Adding interfaces after class_init is now disallowed. Minor bugs have been fixed.

Download Website 16 Jan 23:53 GTK+ 3.7.6


GTK, which stands for the Gimp ToolKit, is a library for creating graphical user interfaces. It is designed to be small and efficient, but still flexible enough to allow the programmer freedom in the interfaces created. GTK provides some unique features over standard widget libraries.


Release Notes: State flags are now used for text direction, deprecating gtk_style_context_set_direction(). Headers for accessible implementations of GTK+ widgets are now installed. Invisible widgets now return a size of 0x0. GtkFrame now draws a background. Minor bugs have been fixed.

Download Website 16 Jan 23:53 cvs-fast-export 0.3


cvs-fast-export analyzes a collection of RCS files in a CVS repository (or outside of one) and, when possible, emits an equivalent history in the form of a fast-import stream. Not all possible histories can be rendered this way; the program tries to emit useful warnings when it can't. The program can also produce a visualization of the resulting commit DAG in the DOT format handled by the graphviz suite. The package also includes cvssync, a tool for mirroring masters from remote CVS hosts.

Release Notes: This is the first freecode release.

Download Website 16 Jan 23:53 Tine 2.0 Joey (2012.10) Build 3


Tine 2.0 is a Web-based groupware solution that focuses on usability and correctness. To achieve these goals, the project uses usability experts and covers most of the code by unit tests. It contains support for contacts, tasks, calendar, email, CRM, VoIP integration, a time tracker, ActiveSync, and a flexible rights management system.

Release Notes: This is the second service release of the current stable version, Joey (2012.10). 33 bugs have been fixed, and a new feature was included: It is now possible to configure the maximum number of login failures before an account is blocked.

No download Website 16 Jan 23:52 msitools 0.90


msitools is a collection of utilities to inspect and create Windows Installer files. It is useful in a cross-compilation environment such as fedora-mingw.

Release Notes: This release provides a WiX-like tool called "wixl" which fulfills the need for simple installers. The libmsi library is now fully GObject-like, with GIR bindings.

No download No website 16 Jan 23:52 SmartGit/Hg 4


SmartGit/Hg is a graphical user interface for Git and Mercurial which can work with SVN repositories. It supports cloning from common repository providers (e.g., GitHub, Assembla), assists Git newbies, and also offers the advanced, powerful Git features. It provides several tools to help create clean commits, for example by allowing the user to commit just parts of changes files and reordering and squashing unpushed commits. If you are using GitHub or GitHub Enterprise, SmartGit/Hg can work easily with pull requests (creation, resolving) and commit comments. SmartGit/Hg ships with a built-in SSH client, file comparer, and merge tool which are capable of syntax coloring for many languages.


Release Notes: This release focuses on Annotate/Blame, reordering, join commits (interactive rebase), improved Mercurial support (e.g., rebase, phases), full SVN properties support (especially when merging), and streamlined workflows.

Download Website 16 Jan 23:50 NewsFeed 3.0


NewsFeed is an RSS/RDF/Atom reader and aggregator that features minimal dependencies (it uses Python/Tk), a live search function, and audio notification when new items are available.

Release Notes: This release has been ported to Python 3.

Download Website 16 Jan 23:49 (R)?ex 0.37.1


(R)?ex is a tool that allows you to manage all of your servers from a central point, through the complete process of configuration management and software deployment.


Release Notes: This release fixes a bug related to modules using templates.

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