2013 / November (640 releases)

November 2013

Download No website 30 Nov 04:22 PerfMonger 0.5.0


PerfMonger is an yet another performance monitoring tool. The monitoring targets of PerfMonger are similar to the ones of sysstat (CPU usages, IO usages, etc.), but PerfMonger can collect and report performance information very frequently (the reporting interval of sysstat is 1 second at minimum, but PerfMonger can use a much smaller interval such as 0.5 seconds or 0.01 seconds) and can display performance information in both human-readable and machine-readable formats.

Release Notes: This release focuses on improvement of usability. The newly added 'summary' subcommand is very useful for summarizing recorded perfmonger log files. It also has many other improvements and bugfixes, including support for Ruby 1.8.7 (only Ruby 1.9/2.0 were supported before). PerfMonger is available on yum repository as of this release.

No download Website 30 Nov 04:19 BlueMind 2.0.11


BlueMind is a messaging and collaboration platform. It offers scalable shared messaging, calendars, contacts, and instant messaging with advanced mobility (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.), and Outlook, Thunderbird, and CalDAV connectivity support. Designed with simplicity as a goal, it uses Web 2.0 technologies with a JavaScript UI, offline Web capability, and a Web-services-oriented pluggable architecture.

Release Notes: This release fixes and optimize mailbox restore, LDAP import, and many system tasks, and fixes some small calendar display issues. Contact, Webmail, Mobile, and Thunderbird fixes were made. IMAP support has been enhanced for Outlook 2013, with patches for Outlook crashes. PST file can now be imported by the Exchange migration tool.

No download Website 30 Nov 04:18 TinyBrain R5


Tinybrain understands natural language and automates the desktop.


Release Notes: This release introduces the TinyBrain interpreter that can perform (fairly) simple translations derived from examples.

Download Website 30 Nov 03:11 P* Web Programming Language 1.1-alpha3


P* (P-star) is a Web programming language that incorporates common tasks like template handling and database queries into the language. It features MySQL database access with prepared statements, HTML templates, standard arithmetic and variables, functions, structs, (to-be-classes), JSON output, and GET and POST. Programs can be run on the command line, in a CGI environment, or by the P* Apache Module.

Release Notes: P* now supports scene inheritance with a syntax borrowed from C++. This makes it possible to stash configuration material inside a scene and extend other scenes with it in an object-oriented fashion. Variables and functions of scenes can now be specified as private or protected.

Download Website 30 Nov 03:10 Groonga 3.1.0


Groonga is a fast and accurate full text search engine based on an inverted index. Newly registered document instantly appears in search results, and updates are allowed without read locks. These characteristics result in superior performance for real-time applications. It is also a column-oriented database management system (DBMS). Compared with well-known row-oriented systems, such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, column-oriented systems are more suited for aggregate queries.

Release Notes: In this release, Groonga supports an option to skip updating for the same value. This feature is enabled by setting GRN_JA_SKIP_SAME_VALUE_PUT=yes as an environment variable. If you install Groonga as deb or rpm packages, you can modify the default configuration file to enable it. It may avoid increasing the database size excessively. Note that this feature is experimental.

No download Website 30 Nov 03:09 Mroonga 3.10


Mroonga is a MySQL storage engine based on Groonga, the full text search engine. It support MySQL 5.5 or later and MariaDB 10.0 or later.

Release Notes: In this release, Mroonga supports MariaDB 10.0.6. You can try Mroonga with the MariaDB bundled version on Windows.

Download Website 30 Nov 03:09 xllmnrd 1.0y2


xllmnrd is an IPv6 LLMNR responder daemon (primarily for GNU/Linux operating systems). It allows Microsoft Windows clients to get the IPv6 address of a server on the same local network without any DNS configuration and effectively complements IPv4-only NetBIOS name resolution provided by Samba.

Release Notes: This release is the second milestone for version 1.0.0. In this release, xllmnrd now responds to queries that match its host name, but with no answers. It also has a new command-line option to set its host name explicitly, which would be quite useful in testing.

Download Website 30 Nov 03:03 Samba 3.6.21


Samba is a software suite that provides seamless file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients. It is freely available, unlike other SMB/CIFS implementations, and allows for interoperability between Linux/Unix servers and Windows-based clients.

Release Notes: This is the last maintenance release of the Samba 3.6 release series. After this point, there will be 3.6 security releases only.

Download Website 30 Nov 03:03 Lynx 2.8.8dev.17 / 2.8.8pre.1


Lynx is a fully-featured WWW client for users running cursor-addressable, character-cell display devices (e.g., vt100 terminals, terminal emulators running on PCs or Macs, or any other character-cell display). It will display HTML documents containing links to files on the local system, as well as files on remote systems running HTTP, HTTPS, gopher, FTP, WAIS, NNTP, finger, or cso/ph/qi servers, and services accessible via logins to telnet, tn3270, or rlogin accounts.

Release Notes: This release fixes several bugs, provides runtime configurability of the color-style configuration, and makes portability improvements for cross-compiling to MinGW. This is a pre-release version for 2.8.8.

Download No website 30 Nov 03:02 Simple DocBook Processor 0.80


SDoP (Simple DocBook Processor) reads a DocBook XML file, processes it into typeset pages, and outputs the result as PostScript (which can easily be converted to a PDF). It is "simple" because it supports only a subset of DocBook, and also because it does not make use of a DTD or stylesheets or any other heavyweight apparatus. It is a single program. SDoP is used to format the Exim reference manual.

Release Notes: All characters in the first three Unicode code pages are now supported. When the output is converted to a PDF, you can now request that links to individual index letters appear in the PDF table-of-contents (useful for large indexes). The font sizes for the "tags" of itemized and ordered lists can now be specified.

Download Website 30 Nov 03:02 rpmrebuild 2.11


rpmrebuild is a tool to build an RPM file from a package that has already been installed. It can be used to easily build modified packages, and works on any Linux distribution that uses RPM.


Release Notes: A new option (Install) has been added, to allow installing the built rpm package.

Download Website 30 Nov 03:01 C-Dogs SDL Port 0.5.2


C-Dogs SDL is a port of the old DOS arcade game C-Dogs to modern operating systems. C-Dogs is an arcade shoot-em-up which lets players work alone or co-operativly during missions, and against each other in the "dogfight" deathmatch mode. The original DOS version of C-Dogs came with several built in missions and dogfight maps, and this version is no exception. The author of the DOS version of C-Dogs is Ronny Wester.

Release Notes: This release introduces four-player support for all game modes, two new secret weapons, and bugfixes.

No download Website 30 Nov 03:00 AeonWave Audio-FX 1.1.2


AeonWave Audio-FX is real-time, hardware accelerated, cross platform audio effects software for guitar players, singers, vocalists, voice overs, or DJs. Originally designed as an audio effects applet for instrumentalists, it now extends to areas like voice processing for vocalists or live or podcasting DJ work. Effects include Compressor, Phaser, Flanger or Chorus, Wah, Distortion, and Reverb with echo.

Release Notes: This release fixes a file reading bug for .wav files that aren't WAV files, works around a file-dialog problem, fixes AGC for spoken text, and adds five reverb presets.

Download Website 30 Nov 03:00 pride 1.6.1


Pride combines bash scripts, zenity, ant, ImageMagick, and the Android tools to create a fast and simple POSIX alternative for Android development. It provides all the basic commands (clean, build, release, etc.) of other Android IDEs. But it is primarily a robust and simple injection framework. Injections from methods to clusters of activities are easily created from existing code and can then be injected into any project. Pride can also be used to batch build, load, or release multiple projects and can update class and resource files among projects that use the same objects or resources.


Release Notes: The AlertDialogList code injection has been upgraded to a custom, styleable dialog. The code injection system has been improved to allow res/ files to be injected along with the code and imports. The release script now loads strings.xml into $EDITOR after the manifest, to allow for EULA updates. The pra_list_item now has an explicit background setting.

Download Website 30 Nov 02:59 Recoll 1.19.11


Recoll is a personal full text desktop search tool based on Xapian. It provides an easy to use, feature-rich, easy administration interface with a Qt-based GUI. Text, HTML, PDF, PostScript, MS Word, OpenOffice, Wordperfect, KWord, Abiword, maildir, and mailbox mail folder formats are supported, along with their compressed versions and quite a few others. Powerful query facilities are provided. Multiple character sets are supported, and internal processing and storage uses Unicode UTF-8. Stemming is performed at query time and the stemming language can be switched after indexing.

Release Notes: The release brings a Scope for the new Ubuntu 13.10 Dash, Python 3 compatibility for the Python module, and a new filter (one which actually works) for PowerPoint files.

Download Website 30 Nov 02:59 c++-gtk-utils 2.2.4


c++-gtk-utils is a lightweight library containing a number of classes and functions for programming GTK+ programs using C++ in POSIX environments where the user does not want to use a full-on wrapper such as gtkmm or wxWidgets. It provides classes for managing the lifetimes of GTK+ widgets and windows that will make GTK+ exception safe, functions to make single instance programs where restarting will bring up the existing instance, smart pointer classes for memory management, thread-safe signal/slot classes with automatic disconnection, classes for using std iostreams with files opened with Unix file descriptors, functions for connecting a callback object and a Unix file descriptor to the main loop with provision for automatic disconnection, classes and functions for inter-thread communication, some convenience pthread wrapper classes., a class encapsulating anonymous Unix pipes, a class to reassemble UTF-8 sent over pipes and sockets, and classes for printing Postscript files and plain text using the GTK+ print system.

Release Notes: This release adds minor improvements.

Download Website 30 Nov 02:58 Kid3 3.0.2


Kid3 tagger can edit the ID3v1 tags and all ID3v2 frames in MP3 files and the tags in Ogg/Vorbis and FLAC files in an efficient way. It is easy to convert between ID3v1 and ID3v2, set the tags of multiple files to the same values and generate the tags from the file name or vice versa. Import is possible from freedb.org, MusicBrainz, and other sources of track data.

Release Notes: This bugfix release solves the problem that translations and the documentation were not found on Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks. The application is now correctly terminated when the main window is closed while the handbook is open. Session restoration and the genres list have been improved. A few build system issues are fixed, too.

Download Website 30 Nov 02:51 XRoar 0.31


XRoar is a cross-platform emulator for the Dragon 32, Dragon 64, and Tandy CoCo computers, all originally released in the early '80s. The emulator runs under Unix-like operating systems (including Mac OS X) and Windows, with older versions available for handhelds like the Nintendo DS and GP32.

Release Notes: This release emulates the Eurohard Dragon 200-E, including a Spanish keyboard layout and an external character generator. It allows toggling of inverted text mode. General audio timing accuracy is improved, and greater control over latency is possible with OSS and ALSA.

No download No website 30 Nov 02:50 Centipede 98.7


Centipede is a simple framework for writing command line application in Java. It uses classpath scanning and the Spring framework to automatically discover classes that fit a certain pattern to automatically expose classes as command line applications.

Release Notes: This release contains OptionsParser, a super-getopt() driven by Java annotations.

No download Website 28 Nov 23:43 F-IRC 1.25


F-IRC is an IRC client for the console. It supports multiple servers, scrollback, and all the basic features one can expect from an IRC client.


Release Notes: All parameters can now be fully configured from within the program, so you no longer need to edit the configuration file by hand.

Download Website 28 Nov 23:42 Veusz 1.19.1


Veusz is a scientific plotting package, designed to create publication-ready Postscript, PDF, or SVG output. It features an easy to use graphical interface as well as a command line interface and can be scripted or embedded in Python scripts. Graphs are constructed in a modular fashion from separate components. Datasets can be interactively modified or created from within the program.

Release Notes: This is primarily a bugfix release, but it includes some new features. It fixes dragging and dropping widgets, an occasional random crash, and some compilation problems. When plotting scaled points on a graph, it is optional to scale the border of the points. Text labels now have an optional border and background fill. The axis labels on a ternary plot can be placed at the minimum or maximum of the graph. Veusz can now use astropy for FITS file support, rather than pyfits.

No download Website 28 Nov 23:42 RPL/2 4.1.16


RPL/2 (Reverse Polish Lisp/2) is a langage derived from the RPL made by Hewlett-Packard for its HP-28S. It has some extensions (preprocessor, compilated libraries, new functions), a TeX output, and can draw graphics.

Release Notes: OpenMotif is now patched to correctly detect fontconfig. Sqlite and ncurses are updated. rpl.inc is fixed. rpl() now sends arguments to RPL/2 subroutines. The rpl() prototype is fixed (rpl_home is an unsigned char *, not an unsigned char **). GSL is upgraded. A major bug is fixed in the READ intrinsic (it only occurs on Unix devices).

No download Website 28 Nov 23:40 TRIP 1.3.0


TRIP is a general computer algebra system dedicated to celestial mechanics. It includes a numerical kernel and has interfaces to gnuplot and xmgrace. Computations can be performed with double, quadruple, or multi-precision. Users can dynamically load external libraries written in C, C++, or Fortran. Parallel computations on multivariate polynomials can be performed.

Release Notes: Several features have been introduced, including numerical matrices (double, quadruple, and multiple precision) and quadruple precision FFT. Compensated summation is supported in the function sum and integral. The "for" loop supports the OpenMP statement. Several bugs have been fixed.

Download No website 28 Nov 23:38 Salad 0.4.0


Salad (short for Letter Salad) is an efficient and flexible implementation of the well-known anomaly detection method Anagram by Wang et al. (RAID 2006). Salad is based on n-gram models, that is, data is represented as all of its substrings of length n. During training these n-grams are stored in a Bloom filter. This enables the detector to represent a large number of n-grams in little memory and still being able to efficiently access the data. Salad extends Anagram by allowing various n-gram types, a 2-class version of the detector for classification, and various model analysis modes.


Release Notes: This release adds support for processing network dumps and capturing packets and streams directly from network interfaces. It integrates unit tests, establishes a logging infrastructure for more consistent output, and fixes various bugs.

Download Website 28 Nov 23:38 Novius OS 2.3


Novius OS is a CMS that takes up the challenge of managing Web content in today’s multi-channel environment. Its goal is to provide users with one single tool for their digital communication: Web sites, social networks, mobile applications, email, and custom business applications. It is based on the FuelPHP framework. It uses an HTML5 interface, the jQuery UI framework, and the Wijmo and TinyMCE plugins.


Release Notes: This is the third (and certainly last) intermediary version of Chiba 2. It adds many bugfixes, some improvements, and new features, including official support for PHP 5.5.

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