2013 / October (730 releases)

October 2013

Download Website 30 Oct 21:02 Affiliates 2.6.0


Affiliates is an affiliate management system for clubs, communities, schools, and associations. It allows you to set up and maintain a database and provides a graphical interface, a mailing and label printing tool, an email tool, an archive and initialization tool, import and export to CSV files, membership and record cards, support for JPEG images, templates for forms and documents, and networking support.

Release Notes: This cosmetic update includes a Debian package (.deb) for Linux which works on Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, etc.

Download No website 30 Oct 21:01 Rikulo CouchClient 0.4.1


Rikulo CouchClient is a client SDK that enables aaccess to the NoSQL document database Couchbase in the Dart language.

Release Notes: This release has been fine tuned to support the latest Dart SDK (0.8.7).

Download Website 30 Oct 21:01 Orthanc 0.7.1


Orthanc is a lightweight, RESTful DICOM server for health care and medical research.

Release Notes: This maintenance release features better compatibility in the ZIP archives that are downloaded from Orthanc (notably for Mac OS X), an important refactoring of the CMake options, and support for big-endian architectures.

Download Website 30 Oct 21:00 s6-networking 0.0.2


s6-networking is a collection of small Unix tools designed to help networking. It includes clock synchronization, Unix and TCP super-servers, Unix and TCP access control, and other miscellaneous utilities. It is particularly suited for management of clients and servers on embedded devices, but works just as well on larger systems.


Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in s6-tcpclient that prevented it from connecting to IPv6 addresses in some cases.

Download No website 30 Oct 21:00 odb 2.3.0


ODB is a compiler-based object-relational mapping (ORM) system for C++. It allows you to persist C++ objects to a relational database without having to deal with tables, columns, or SQL and without manually writing any mapping code. The C++ code that performs the conversion between persistent classes and their database representation is automatically generated by the ODB compiler. The ODB compiler is a real C++ compiler except that instead of producing assembly or machine code, it generates portable C++, which can in turn be compiled by any C++ compiler. ODB is not a framework. It does not dictate how you should write your application. Rather, it is designed to fit into your style and architecture by only handling C++ object persistence and not interfering with any other functionality.

Release Notes: The major new feature in this release is support for database schema evolution, including schema and data migration as well as soft object model changes. Other important features in version 2.3.0 include support for C++11 enum classes as well as object sections which provide the ability to split data members of a persistent class into independently loaded/updated groups.

Download Website 30 Oct 02:10 taccGL 0.53


taccGL is a JavaScript canvas library for animating HTML elements and 3D objects as integrated scenes with depth buffering and shadows. It uses the GPU-accelerated HTML5 canvas (WebGL). Features include accelerated motion in 2D and 3D space, rotating, mapping of HTML elements on 3D objects, custom shaders, etc. The library loads 3D models from OBJ files. In WebGL mode, animations mostly run inside the GPU. Otherwise, there is a restricted fallback to the 2D canvas.

Release Notes: This release supports shadows (including shadows cast from 3D Objects on HTML elements and vice versa), improves the examples and tutorial, and adds various bugfixes.

Download No website 30 Oct 02:09 Hypertable


Hypertable is a high performance, scalable database modeled after Google's Bigtable. It is designed to manage the storage and processing of information on a large cluster of commodity servers, providing resilience to machine and component failures.

Release Notes: This release fixes a ThriftBroker crash on bad object IDs, fixes monitoring UI table detail graphs, fixes a bug in FileBlockCache key computation for offsets >= 2^32, adds a do_not_cache member to ScanSpec, and adds stability improvements.

No download No website 30 Oct 02:08 LaunchControl 1.10


LaunchControl is a fully-featured launchd(8) frontend allowing you to manage and debug system and user services on your Mac. It provides everything you need to load, unload, start, create, edit, remove, or troubleshoot launch services. It supports all documented features of launchd, reports potential problems before a job is even started, and makes sure you always create valid configurations. It supports user LaunchAgents and Global and System LaunchAgents/Daemons. It shows all services and their status at a glance, and misconfigured services are highlighted. You can enable or disable services, and find them with a job filter. Not just a plist editor, it provides a dedicated interface for every configuration key with an adaptive interface that displays only information relevant for the selected job.


Release Notes: This release improves validation/usability of Soft/HardResourceLimits, warns about incorrect input/output redirection, improves the Umask configuration section (displays a new file/directory permission example), improves the Socket configuration section (displays a socket permission example, adds a link to http://launchd.info (Help>A launchd Primer)), and always scrolls to the first job when switching job types.

Download No website 30 Oct 02:06 MDIUtilities 0.7.10


MDIUtilities provides a set of utility classes that can be used for desktop application development. It contains a network preferences implementation, XML utility classes, geometry utility classes, additional Swing classes, and other miscellaneous classes.

Release Notes: This release fixes the Path filter for the Logger, which could in some cases incorrectly accept some paths.

Download Website 30 Oct 02:06 libfiu 0.92


libfiu is a C library for fault injection. It provides functions to mark "points of failure" inside your code (the "core API"), and functions to enable/disable the failure of those points (the "control API"). The core API is used inside the code on which you want to perform failure injection. The control API is used inside the testing code in order to control the injection of failures.

Release Notes: This release adds performance improvements and minor bug fixes.

Download Website 30 Oct 02:05 GtkHash 0.7.0


GtkHash is a utility for computing message digests or checksums. Currently supported hash functions include MD5, MD6, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512, RIPEMD, TIGER, and WHIRLPOOL.

Release Notes: This release adds a Nemo File Manager extension and more commandline options.

No download Website 29 Oct 23:40 Horde Groupware 5.1.3


Horde Groupware is an enterprise ready browser-based collaboration suite. Users can manage and share calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes with the standards compliant components from the Horde Project. Horde Groupware bundles the separately available applications Kronolith, Turba, Nag, and Mnemo. It can be extended with any of the released Horde applications or the Horde modules that are still in development, like a file manager, a bookmark manager, a forum, or a wiki.

Release Notes: This release fixes XSS and CSRF vulnerabilities, adds a commandline script to delete user data, fixes some issues with recurring events, fixes editing tasks via CalDAV, and adds other bugfixes and improvements.

No download Website 29 Oct 23:39 Mnemo H5 (4.1.2)


Mnemo Note Manager is the Horde notes/memos application. It provides Web-based notes and freeform text in a way similar to the PalmOS Note application and shared notepads. It requires the Horde Application Framework and a SQL database for backend storage.

Release Notes: This release fixes an XSS vulnerability.

No download Website 29 Oct 23:38 Kronolith H5 (4.1.4)


Kronolith is the Horde calendar application. It provides a stable and featureful individual calendar system with integrated collaboration and scheduling features. It makes extensive use of the Horde Framework to provide integration with other applications. It implements a solid, stand-alone calendar system, allowing repeating events, all-day events, custom fields, keywords, shared calendars, iCalendar support, generation of free/busy information, and managing multiple users through Horde Authentication.

Release Notes: This release fixes XSS and CSRF vulnerabilities, fixes some issues with recurring events, and adds small bugfixes and improvements.

No download Website 29 Oct 23:38 Turba H5 (4.1.3)


Turba is the Horde contact management application. It is a production level address book, and makes heavy use of the Horde framework to provide integration with IMP and other Horde applications. It supports SQL, LDAP, Kolab, and IMSP address books.

Release Notes: This release fixes an XSS vulnerability and adds small bugfixes and improvements.

No download Website 29 Oct 23:38 Ingo H5 (3.1.3)


Ingo is an email-filter management application. It is fully internationalized, integrated with Horde and the IMP Webmail client, and supports both server-side (Sieve, procmail, maildrop) and client-side (IMAP) rule creation.

Release Notes: This release fixes an XSS vulnerability.

No download Website 29 Oct 23:38 IMP H5 (6.1.5)


IMP, the Internet Messaging Program, allows Web-based access to IMAP and POP3 mail servers and provides a range of features normally found only in desktop email clients.

Release Notes: This release fixes an XSS vulnerability, adds several improvements and fixes for attachment handling, and adds further bugfixes and improvements.

Download No website 29 Oct 23:37 GCC-MELT 1.0


GCC-MELT is a high-level domain specific language that eases the development of plugin-like extensions for GCC, the Gnu Compiler Collection. These extensions can analyze or modify GCC internal representations, and can be used for static source code analysis, refactoring, specific warnings, optimizations, etc. The MELT language provides high-level features. Notably, MELT code is translated to C or C++, and can even contain C or C++ code. It includes powerful pattern matching facilities and can manipulate dynamically typed values and raw GCC structures. It enables functional/applicative, object-oriented, reflective programming styles and has a familiar Lisp-like syntax.

Release Notes: This is a major release bringing many improvements and bugfixes.

Download Website 29 Oct 23:36 SALI 1.6.3


SALI (Sara Automatic Linux Installer) is a tool that allows you to install Linux on multiple machines at once. It support several protocols for downloading by way of aria2 to install a machine. For example, BitTorrent and rsync are supported. SALI originates from SystemImager and still uses the same philosophy. It is a scalable method for performing unattended installation. SALI is mostly used in cluster setups.


Release Notes: This release fixes an aria2 rpc bug, since a certain version the tellStatus function expected a gid instead of an index number. It changes this function to use tellActive, as it only downloads one image.

Download Website 29 Oct 23:36 BugHotel Reservation System 5.5.491


BugHotel Reservation System is a hotel booking and accounting software package which uses the Internet to "network" your corporate office to each of your hotels. All data processing occurs at the Application Service Provider (ASP) data center. Income statements, reports, etc. may be customized.

Release Notes: This release has minor fixes and enhancements in Forgot Password.

Download Website 29 Oct 23:36 TheSSS (The Smallest Server Suite) 7.1 Too...


TheSSS (The Smallest Server Suite) is a lightweight server suite distributed as a live CD. It is designed for system administrators who need a small (less than 30MB) set of server software for small local area networks. The supported servers are FTP, HTTP, SFTP, SSH, and Telnet. A proxy server (Polipo) with the Tor anonymizer is also included. The main security components are a 4MLinux Firewall (based on iptables) and Clam AntiVirus.

Release Notes: This release is distributed in the form of a multiboot CD (about 80 MB in size), which allows you to install server software (TheSSS 7.1 PHP) and later keep it in good shape by ensuring antivirus protection (via Antivirus Live CD 7.1-0.98) and data backup (via BakAndImgCD 7.1). It is also possible to boot FreeDOS in order to run TestDisk 6.14 and Ranish Partition Manager 2.44.

Download Website 29 Oct 23:35 WebIssues 1.1-rc1


WebIssues is a multi-platform system for issue tracking and team collaboration. It can be used to store, share, and track issues with various attributes, description, comments, and file attachments. It is easy to install and use but has many capabilities and is highly customizable. Desktop and Web clients are provided.

Release Notes: This release adds global lists of issues (displaying all issues of a particular type), anonymous access to public projects, and public alerts for easier management of alerts and notifications.

Download Website 29 Oct 23:35 Aspose.Words for .NET 13.9.0


Aspose.Words is a word processing component that makes it possible for .NET applications to read, write, and modify Word documents without using Microsoft Word. Other useful features include document creation, content and formatting manipulation, mail merge abilities, reporting features, and support for DOCX, DOC, WordprocessingML, HTML, XHTML, TXT, and PDF formats (requires Aspose.Pdf). It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

Release Notes: This release adds a new option to the PdfSaveOptions class PageMode which controls how the PDF should appear and what internal windows in the PDF document should be initially displayed when opened in the PDF reader. When you create a new Microsoft Word document via the Explorer context menu (right click and choose New Microsoft Word Document), a blank file with no content is created as a placeholder for the document. Aspose.Words will detect and handle these types of files so you can now open such documents directly via the constructor.

Download Website 29 Oct 23:34 Talend Open Studio for Data Quality 5.4.0


Talend Open Studio for Data Quality helps you to profile your data. The ergonomic interface allows you to define metrics (indicators) and collect statistics on your data in a few clicks. It comes with a set of regular expressions that helps you to identify bad data. You can create your own regular expressions and use them in data profiling analyses. A lot of options exist for each indicator, which change the behavior of the indicator so that it gives you more pertinent information. Data quality options on indicators alert you when your data quality is not what you expected.


Release Notes: This general availability release adds many new features and bugfixes. Also, the license has changed: GPLv2 was the license until v5.3.X, and changed to LGPLv3 since v5.4.

Download Website 29 Oct 23:15 The Parma Polyhedra Library 1.1


The Parma Polyhedra Library is user friendly, fully dynamic, written in standard C++, exception-safe, efficient, and thoroughly documented.

Release Notes: This release includes support for "positive time elapse," a new operator on polyhedra, improvements to the Java interface, several portability improvements, and a few bug fixes.

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