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Download Website 26 Jul 19:37 Exponent CMS 2.2.1


Exponent CMS is a content management system for Web sites. It allows site owners to easily create and manage dynamic Web sites without necessarily directly coding Web pages or managing site navigation. Exponent uses an intuitive and flexible content editing system that allows Web pages to be edited on the page as it is displayed. This avoids the need for more back-end administration or for navigating many administration pages to add a simple line of text. You can simply visit the page you need to edit as if you were a site visitor, and make the change.

Release Notes: This release further refines the many changes implemented in 2.2.0, adds a new Facebook module and better Twitter integration, adds paged forms (wizards), along with many other new features, tweaks, and fixes, and temporarily re-implements theme 0.9x compatibility, now with correction messages to help admins update their custom themes.

Download Website 26 Jul 19:36 TOMUSS 5.1.16


TOMUSS allows multiple users to edit the same spreadsheet table with their Web browsers. It stores the complete history of the table modification. TOMUSS is intended to be used by teachers to enter ranking and to allow students to see their ranks.

Release Notes: This release brings a more responsive server for students. There is a change on grade computation: now an unjustified leave minus a number stays an unjustified leave. The "table delete" moved from the homepage to the table editor itself.

Download Website 26 Jul 15:58 The GNU Privacy Guard 1.4.14


GnuPG (the GNU Privacy Guard or GPG) is GNU's tool for secure communication and data storage. It can be used to encrypt data and to create digital signatures. It includes an advanced key management facility and is compliant with the proposed OpenPGP Internet standard as described in RFC2440. As such, it is meant to be compatible with PGP from NAI, Inc. Because it does not use any patented algorithms, it can be used without any restrictions.


Release Notes: The Yarom/Falkner flush+reload side-channel attack on RSA secret keys is now mitigated. IDEA was fixed for big-endian CPUs. The diagnostics for failed keyserver lookups were improved. Several further bugs and portability issues were fixed.

Download Website 26 Jul 15:56 SymmetricDS 3.5.1


SymmetricDS provides file and database synchronization with support for multi-master replication, filtered synchronization, and transformation across the network in a heterogeneous environment. It supports multiple subscribers with one-direction or bi-directional, asynchronous data replication. It uses Web and database technologies to replicate data as a scheduled or near-realtime operation. The software has been designed to scale for a large number of nodes, work across low-bandwidth connections, and withstand periods of network outage. It works with most operating systems, file systems, and databases, including Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server (including Azure), IBM DB2, H2, HSQLDB, Derby, Firebird, Interbase, Informix, Greenplum, SQLite (including Android), Sybase ASE, and Sybase ASA (SQL Anywhere) databases.

Release Notes: This release includes six bugfixes, including fixes to the upgrade process and dialect-specific fixes for Sybase ASE, SQL Anywhere, and PostgreSQL.

No download Website 26 Jul 15:56 MSS Code Factory 1.11.7664 Beta 12


MSS Code Factory is a rule-based expert system for translating application models to source code.

Release Notes: The PostgreSQL security enforcement has been implemented and tested using MSS Code Factory CFDbTest 2.0.7664. During the debugging of this release, a serious bug was encountered and corrected. UUID values were not being properly considered by the equals, hashcode, and comparator logic. If your application uses UUIDs, you should upgrade to this release immediately.

No download Website 26 Jul 15:55 Jodd v3.4.5


Jodd is a Java utility library and set of frameworks. Jodd tools enrich the JDK with many powerful and feature rich utilities. It helps with everyday tasks, and makes code more robust and reliable. Jodd frameworks is set of lightweight application frameworks, compact yet powerful. Designed following the CoC, DRY, and SCS principles, it makes development simple, but not simpler; you get 90% of the features with 10% of the usual effort.

Release Notes: This release adds another set of improvements and some new features. The documentation has been converted to markdown.

Download Website 26 Jul 15:55 bison 3.0


Bison is a parser generator in the style of yacc(1). It should be upwardly compatible with input files designed for yacc.


Release Notes: Several deprecated features were removed, such as support for YYFAIL, yystype, yyltype, YYLEX_PARAM, and YYPARSE_PARAM. The user epilogue is no longer affected by internal #defines. The recently-introduced dependency on stdio.h when locations are enabled was removed. Caret errors, as introduced in 2.7, are now activated by default. The "-Werror" option was enhanced, and categorization of warnings and errors was modified. Many other changes and various bugfixes were made.

Download Website 26 Jul 15:54 Sanzang 1.0.4


Sanzang is a compact and simple cross-platform machine translation system. It is especially useful for translating from the CJK languages (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean), and it is very suitable for working with ancient and otherwise difficult texts. Unlike most other machine translation systems, Sanzang is small and approachable. Any user can develop his or her own translation rules, and these rules are simply stored in a text file and applied at runtime.

Release Notes: Translations are now buffered, so translation now uses a very limited amount of memory and also gets a performance boost. Platform support has been greatly improved, with multiprocessing support added for many Unix and Unix-like systems including AIX, HP-UX, IRIX, Tru64, various BSDs, Minix, and others. Usage and platform display output now has better formatting.

No download Website 26 Jul 15:54 i18nspector 0.12


i18nspector is a tool for checking translation templates (POT), message catalogues (PO), and compiled message catalogues (MO) files for common problems. These files are used by the GNU gettext translation functions and tools in many different development environments.

Release Notes: This release improves support for non-standard date formats.

Download Website 26 Jul 15:54 Suricata 1.4.5


Suricata is an Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS/IPS) engine developed by the Open Information Security Foundation and its supporting vendors. The engine is multi-threaded and has native IPv6 support, file extraction capabilities, and many more features. It's capable of loading existing Snort rules and signatures, and supports many frontends through Barnyard2.

Release Notes: IPv6 issues were fixed.

No download Website 26 Jul 15:54 CardDavMATE 0.11.1


CardDavMATE is a CardDAV Web client with a powerful vCard editor. It is compatible with Safari/Mobile Safari, Webkit, Epiphany, iCab, Chrome, Firefox, and IE9, and supports all major CardDAV servers.

Release Notes: This release adds minor new features, improvements, and fixes.

No download Website 25 Jul 23:19 s2png 0.05


s2png converts files with any kind of binary data into valid PNG images (e.g. for hosting on the Web) and back. It supports encrypting the output.

Release Notes: This version adds support for FreeBSD as well as detection of invalid PNG input, dedicated command line switches to force encoding and decoding modes, and an input file size check when encoding (you can currently store files of up to 16777215 bytes inside .png images). It fixes the issue that caused data corruption in the last few bytes of images of certain sizes that didn't have a text banner at the bottom. Code formatting has been improved, and a number of code comments have been added.

Download Website 25 Jul 23:18 Vintage Terminal 0.4.0


Vintage Terminal is a terminal emulator that simulates the looks of a 1980s monitor.

Release Notes: A Unicode/multiple locales environment has been implemented (the font is still not Unicode). This release has a window icon and cursor improvements. When starting vinterm in a tiling window manager, the size of the framebuffer is now set correctly. Various positioning issues that caused problems with editors like ViM and nano have been fixed.

No download Website 25 Jul 23:17 Hypersocket 0.0.4 Alpha


Hypersocket is a cross-platform VPN solution built for all types of remote access scenarios. Powerful, yet simple to use, Hypersocket uses a single installed client to provide access to any number of network resources. Its powerful granular access means you can have fine-grained control over your entire network and remote users. Accessed through a secure HTTPS port, the Hypersocket client provides access to any number of host/port combinations, all assigned server-side by the Administrator through roles. The Administrator is able to configure the server through a Web portal on the same HTTPS port.

Release Notes: This is primarily a bugfix release. The SWT client has been internationalized. More locales have been added. Membership of a group was not resolving the permissions assigned to members when assigned to a role. Permission names change to allow better grouping and clarity in Role create/update. More duplicate window fixes The revert button was not working on the multiple select widget. A circular log reference in deb/RPM installers has been fixed. The client was timing out after the default session timeout lapsed; activity would not reset the last updated time.

Download No website 25 Jul 22:59 Stendhal 1.09


Stendhal is a multiplayer online adventure game (MMORPG) developed using the Arianne game development system. It features a rich and expanding world in which you can explore towns, buildings, plains, caves, and dungeons. You will meet NPCs and acquire tasks and quests for valuable experience and cold hard cash. Your character will develop and grow, and with each new level up become stronger and better. With the money you acquire, you can buy new items and improve your armour and weapons. You can also roam the world in search of evil monsters (and kill them).

Release Notes: This release adds new quests and items, and many improvements to graphics and sound effects.

Download Website 25 Jul 22:58 phpMyFAQ 2.8.2


phpMyFAQ is a multilingual, completely database-driven FAQ system. It support various database systems and it also offers a content management system with a WYSIWYG editor, an image manager, flexible multi-group and multi-user support, a news system, user tracking, language modules, templates, PDF support, a backup system, Active Directory support, and an easy to use installation script.

Release Notes: This release adds a French Canadian translation, improves the attachment uploading dialog using the HTML5 File API, updates the Finnish translation, and fixes some minor bugs.

Download Website 25 Jul 22:58 Antivirus Live CD 7.0-0.97.8


Antivirus Live CD is a 4MLinux fork including the ClamAV scanner. It's designed for system admins who need a lightweight live CD with an antivirus scanner. Both Ethernet (including Wi-Fi) and dial-up (including fast USB modems) Internet connections are supported, to enable automatic updates of the virus signature database. All partitions are mounted automatically during boot so they can be scanned by ClamAV (the supported filesystems are: btrfs, ext2, ext3, ext4, FAT, HFS, HFS+, jfs, Minix, NTFS, ReiserFS, and XFS). Antivirus Live CD image is fully compatible with UNetbootin, which can be used to create an easy-to-use Antivirus Live USB.

Release Notes: This release is based on 4MLinux 7.0 and Clam AntiVirus 0.97.8.

Download Website 25 Jul 22:57 NetXMS 1.2.8


NetXMS is a network monitoring and management system with a modular architecture. It can be used for monitoring an entire IT infrastructure, starting with SNMP-capable hardware (like switches and routers) and ending with applications on servers. The system has a three-tier architecture; the information is collected by monitoring agents (either its own agents or SNMP agents) and delivered to the monitoring server for processing and storing, where it can be accessed by using the management console. It features centralized configuration and centralized agent upgrades.

Release Notes: This release greatly improves support for table DCIs, including transformation scripts, multi-column keys, and charts based on table data. Support for SNMP tables is also added. The Web interface now features CAS single sign-on support, as well as a persistent workbench layout.

Download Website 25 Jul 22:57 Ganeti 2.7.1


Ganeti is virtual server management software built on top of Xen, KVM, and other open source software. It has been designed to facilitate cluster management of virtual servers and to provide fast and simple recovery after physical failures using commodity hardware.


Release Notes: This is a bugfix release.

Download Website 25 Jul 22:36 THIS 1.3.2


THIS (This HTML Is Simple) is a content management system with blog capabilities. It features HTML templates, themes, and an extensible database design, with an emphasis on code/data separation, but it has many odd features and requires much manual maintenence.


Release Notes: This release improves error reporting management, URL data validation, HTML (to be search engine-friendly), and configuration data parsing. Documentation has been updated, and the highlighted source files have been fixed.

Download Website 25 Jul 22:35 ORFEO Toolbox 3.18.1


Orfeo Toolbox (OTB) is a high resolution remote sensing image processing library. It contains a set of algorithmic components which allow the user to capitalize on methodological know how, and therefore use an incremental approach to profit from the results of methodological research. OTB is made of a set of basic elements (a C++ class API) and utilities (independent programs built upon the base API).

Release Notes: This release is a minor bugfix release. It especially reworks the JPEG2000 driver to decrease the cache consumption and avoid memory leaks.

No download Website 25 Jul 22:34 RightWebPage 5.5


RightWebPage verifies many aspects of conformance of Web pages to International Standard ISO/IEC 23026-2006(E) IEEE Std. 2001 - 2002, "Software Engineering - Recommended Practice for the Internet - Web Site Engineering, Web Site Management, and Web Site Life Cycle".


Release Notes: This release contains performance improvements and minor bug fixes.

Download Website 25 Jul 22:34 C-Dogs SDL Port 0.4.5


C-Dogs SDL is a port of the old DOS arcade game C-Dogs to modern operating systems. C-Dogs is an arcade shoot-em-up which lets players work alone or co-operativly during missions, and against each other in the "dogfight" deathmatch mode. The original DOS version of C-Dogs came with several built in missions and dogfight maps, and this version is no exception. The author of the DOS version of C-Dogs is Ronny Wester.

Release Notes: This release coincides with an Android port and includes many enhancements.

Download No website 25 Jul 22:34 OpenNMS 1.10.12


OpenNMS is the first enterprise-grade network management platform developed using the open source model. The three main functional areas of OpenNMS are service polling, which monitors services on the network and reports on their "service level"; data collection from the remote systems via SNMP in order to measure the performance of the network; and a system for event management and notifications.

Release Notes: This is the latest in the stable 1.10 series of releases. It includes a small number of bugfixes, including a fix for an error displaying alarm details in the Web UI.

Download No website 25 Jul 12:55 Aspose.Imaging for .NET 1.9.0


Aspose.Imaging for .NET is an image processing and manipulation component which allows developers to create, edit, draw, or convert images in their .NET application. It allows developers to convert image files to PSD, BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and GIF formats. A set of pens, brushes, and fonts can be used to draw images or add new elements and text to existing images. Aspose.Imaging for .NET works well with both Web and Windows applications. It supports the Silverlight platform.

Release Notes: Some new overload methods were added to Graphics.DrawImage with a parallelogram mode and ImageAttribute object parameters. A simplified and optimized approach for creating images was introduced. You can now pass any raster image to TiffFrame(). Support for the .NET 1.1 Framework was dropped. Concatenation of JPG to TIFF format is now supported. Issues with converting an Array to black and white, Pixels load/save, duplication of watermarks during image processing, and opening and saving of multi-page TIFF images were fixed.

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