2012 / September (711 releases)

September 2012

Download Website 05 Sep 21:25 playSMS


PlaySMS is a flexible Web-based Mobile Portal System that it can be made to fit to various services such as an SMS gateway, personal messaging systems, and corporate and group communication tools.

Release Notes: A bug has been fixed in the plugin sendfromfile where a non-admin user was allowed to send an SMS as another user. This permission should be only for admin users.

Download Website 05 Sep 21:24 Cerb 6.1.1


Cerb is a fast and flexible Web-based platform for business collaboration and automation. It helps you remember anything about anyone, collaborate from anywhere, deftly reply to a flood of email, automate, stay informed, capture feedback, track time, flag opportunities, manage tasks, share expert knowledge, and otherwise execute efficiently.

Release Notes: This maintenance update includes 25 minor fixes and usability tweaks. Workers can send attachments through the external relay. Admins can toggle the built-in relay authentication from Setup. An issue where widgets on some shared dashboards were blank has been fixed. List values can be used in a Web-API search filter by JSON encoding them. Mail filters can perform regexp on headers with multiple values. The time elapsed fields on worklists can use human readable filters like "> 2 days". An issue where two workers replying to the same ticket didn't always trigger the recent activity warning has been fixed.

Download Website 05 Sep 21:23 I, Librarian 2.9


I, Librarian is a PDF manager or PDF organizer that allows individual researchers or a group of researchers to create an annotated collection of PDF articles. Users may build the virtual library collaboratively, thus sharing the workload of literature mining. It enables smart browsing and fast searching in reference data and PDF files, and includes an advanced tool for mining scientific literature from PubMed, PubMed Central, NASA ADS, arXiv, IEEE Xplore, and HighWire Press.


Release Notes: This is a bugfix release that does not introduce any new features. Several bugs have been fixed that affected PDF batch import, PDF annotations, PDF attachments, password reset, and Sign up.

No download No website 05 Sep 21:22 Atlassian Confluence 4.3


Give your team one place to collaborate on content and projects without the bottlenecks that hold you back. Put email and shared network drives to rest. Meeting minutes, requirements, project plans, and documentation; create and share it all in Confluence.

Release Notes: This release introduces a new notification and work action system, called WorkBox, that helps users focus on what needs their attention and act on it faster. It also adds simple personal and team-based tasks that can be added to any Confluence page and simply managed in WorkBox. Everything can be accessed through Confluence's new full, mobile-ready user interface for working with content, people, and tasks on-the-go.

Download Website 05 Sep 21:19 Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware 9.1


Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware is a full-featured, Web-based, multilingual, tightly integrated, all-in-one wiki, CMS, and groupware. Tiki can be used to create all kinds of Web applications, sites, portals, knowledge bases, intranets, and extranets. Tiki offers a very large number of features "out-of-the-box". It is highly configurable and modular. All features are optional and administered via a Web-based interface. Major features include a robust wiki engine, news articles, discussion forums, newsletters, blogs, file and image galleries, bug and issue trackers, a link directory, polls/surveys and quizzes, FAQs, a banner management system, calendar, maps, mobile access, RSS feeds, a category system, tags, an advanced themeing engine (Smarty), spreadsheet, live support, shoutbox, inter-user messaging, menu generator, advanced permission system for users and groups, internal search engine, external authentication support, and more. It was formerly named TikiWiki.


Release Notes: Several fixes and updates, including a security patch regarding an optional Tiki feature, swfupload, first introduced in Tiki 7.0. Tiki admins are highly encouraged to upgrade. As a workaround, admins can set the Upload progress bar option to None in order to secure their sites.

Download No website 04 Sep 22:37 reCsvEditor 0.90


reCsvEditor is a cross platform CSV file editor. It can also view/update existing XML files. The editor allows for a large variety of field separators in CSV files. It will also edit very large CSV files.

Release Notes: Child views are now displayed as tabs on the main screen. These tabs can be undocked/redocked as required. List screens can now have a "child" record screen. Foreign language support has been added. Enhanced filter and export functions have been created.

Download No website 04 Sep 22:04 Memoreek 0.2


Memoreek is a memory puzzle starring Linux distributions, open source tools, and programming languages.

Release Notes: Initial freecode announcement.

Download Website 04 Sep 21:57 GTK+ 2.24.12


GTK, which stands for the Gimp ToolKit, is a library for creating graphical user interfaces. It is designed to be small and efficient, but still flexible enough to allow the programmer freedom in the interfaces created. GTK provides some unique features over standard widget libraries.


Release Notes: Building with automake 1.12 is now possible. Several minor bugs were fixed.

Download Website 04 Sep 21:56 Worker 2.19.5


Worker is a file manager for the X Window System with the classical two panel interface. It features a fully graphical configuration, while still allowing manual editing of the configuration file without the need to restart Worker. Any external program can be integrated easily into the GUI using buttons, hotkeys, and file type actions. Worker uses file recognition by file content or by filename extension (or both). Different actions with completely configurable commands can be assigned to each file type.

Release Notes: Directory browsing is faster when using the search entry filter (Ctrl+s). Enter / to go into the currently highlighted directory. By default, the directories are watched for changes and are updated automatically once a second. File copy checks free space and let you retry if there is an error during copy. The ScriptOp command is able to evaluate command strings. A slider indicates the current button bank.

Download Website 04 Sep 21:56 BpmDj 4.2-pl4


BpmDj is a program that can be used by a DJ. It plays MP3 and Ogg files. It has a fully automatic BPM counter. It can determine the sound color. It has a full fledged Qt based interface. It will help you manage a large amount of songs. It can help in creating playlists and has proven to be very robust. The program also allows offline automatic mixing and contains a wavelet based beat graph analyzer to visualize audio tracks.

Release Notes: Compiles on Ubuntu 11.10.

Download No website 04 Sep 21:55 360-FAAR Firewall Analysis Audit and Repai...


360-FAAR (Firewall Analysis Audit and Repair) is an offline, command line, Perl firewall policy manipulation tool to filter, compare to logs, merge, translate, and output firewall commands for new policies, in Checkpoint dbedit, Cisco ASA, or ScreenOS commands. It is all contained in one file. It can read policy and logs for: Checkpoint FW1 (in odumper.csv / logexport format), Netscreen ScreenOS (in get config / syslog format), and Cisco ASA (show run / syslog format). It uses both inclusive and exclusive CIDR and text filters, permitting you to split large policies into smaller ones for virutalization at the same time as removing unused connectivity. It supports policy to log association, object translation, rulebase reordering and simplification, rule moves, and duplicate matching automatically. It allows you to seamlessly move rules to where you need them. 'print' mode creates a spreadsheet for your audit needs with one command.


Release Notes: This release adds 'end.' comments to rr mode "enter search INC EX string" instructions as well as the 'exit' menu option and attempts to resolve a looping issue when using Ctrl-C in the Gnome terminal. This release begins the process of automatically resolving Netscreen MIP(ipaddr) objects from interface mip statements and adds them to the NAT tables. This release also resolves issues with incorrect protocol definitions (used when merging between Checkpoint and Netscreen) and reports these. Unknown rule types are now skipped and reported, e.g. Netscreen tunnel rules.

Download Website 04 Sep 21:54 GLib 2.33.12


GLib is a library containing many useful C routines for things such as trees, hashes, and lists. GLib was previously distributed with the GTK toolkit, but has been split off as of the developers' version 1.1.0.


Release Notes: A G_DEFINE_QUARK macro was added. Symbolic icon support to drive, volume, and mount, file, and content types was added. An API to allow thread-safe access to the same qdata item was implemented. Many minor bugs were fixed.

Download Website 04 Sep 21:53 JStock - Free Stock Market Software 1.0.6r


JStock is stock market software for 26 countries. It provides a stock watchlist, an intraday stock price snapshot, a stock indicator editor, a stock indicator scanner, and portfolio management. Free SMS/email alerts are supported. It integrates seamlessly with Android.

Release Notes: This release fixes an old alert sound bug. The proper icon is used in Windows 8.

No download Website 04 Sep 21:48 GAMGI 0.16.1


GAMGI (General Atomistic Modelling Graphic Interface) is a program to build, view, and analyze atomic strucures such as molecules, crystals, glasses, liquids, etc. It aims to be useful for: the scientific community working in Atomistic Modelling that needs a graphic interface to build input data and to view and analyse output data, calculated with Ab-Initio and Molecular Mechanics programs; the scientific community at large studying chemistry, physics, materials science, geology, etc., that needs a graphic interface to view and analyse atomic structural information and to prepare images for presentations in classes and seminars; teaching chemistry and physics in secondary schools and universities; science promotion in schools, exhibitions and science museums.


Release Notes: This release adds all the Laguerre and Legendre functions needed to build Hidrogen-based atomic orbitals up to 5g, in xyz coordinates. It has been successfully tested with dotted models of s,p,d,f,g Hydrogen based orbitals up to 5g. It has good algorithms to build surface models of orbitals. There is an initial version of the dialog Orbital->Create. This release fixes two bugs on importing/exporting clusters and groups to XML files.

Download Website 04 Sep 21:46 Countly 12.08


Countly is a real-time, mobile analytics application. It collects event data from mobile phones and visualizes this information to analyze mobile application usage. Countly dashboard gives a complete overview of your application's performance. You can view detailed metrics, including session length, hardware type, operator (carrier), connection type or speed, activity length, and more.

Release Notes: This release adds custom event support, a help mode, an option to re-order applications listed in the sidebar, and an option to select a single day from the date picker. It has an optimized dashboard refresh process. It fixes an active application and selected date reset problem after a hard page reload.

Download No website 04 Sep 21:45 Nearforums 8.5


Nearforums is a lightweight powerful discussion forum that can be installed within minutes on Linux or Windows servers with MySQL or MS SQL database servers. It includes great features like sign-in with Facebook/Twitter, navigation with tags, full Web administration, built-in search engine, RSS feeds, and accessible HTML. It is SEO friendly.

Release Notes: This release adds a built-in search engine using Lucene.NET, improved flood control for posts, and more notification options.

No download Website 04 Sep 21:44 fping 3.4


fping is a ping-like program which uses the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) echo request to determine if a target host is responding. fping differs from ping in that you can specify any number of targets on the command line, or specify a file containing the lists of targets to ping. Instead of sending pings to one target until it times out or replies, fping will send out a ping packet and move on to the next target in a round-robin fashion.

Release Notes: Fixes a compatibility issue introduced in version 3.3, which caused some programs to not be able to parse fping's output.

Download Website 04 Sep 21:37 DOMjudge 3.3.2


DOMjudge is an automated judgement system to run programming contests. It provides a mechanism to submit problem solutions and interfaces for teams, the jury, and the general public. It is lightweight, and depends on standard software to do its task. It has a Web interface for portability and simplicity. It is scalable, so distributed judging is easy. There is a modular system for plugging in languages and compilers. It features rejudging, clarifications, and detailed submission/judging info.

Release Notes: This release incorporates some minor bugfixes.

No download Website 04 Sep 21:37 Triceps 1.0.1


Triceps is an innovative embeddable Complex Event Processing (CEP) system. It can be thought of as an in-memory database driven by triggers, or a data-flow machine working on a stream of events, or a spreadsheet on steroids. The major architectural advantages of Triceps include the direct use of procedural logic (as opposed to all-SQL systems), support of both compiled and general scripting languages (C++, Perl), light weight, and easy extensibility.

Release Notes: This release fixes the versioning information in the Perl modules for submission to CPAN.

Download Website 04 Sep 14:36 Apache OpenMeetings Moodle Plugin 1.4 Incu...


Apache OpenMeetings is a multi-language customizable video-conferencing and collaboration system. It supports audio/video and allows you to see the desktop of any participant. It includes a whiteboard, the ability to import a variety of image formats, invitations, a moderation system, backup and language modules, private and public conference rooms, and the ability to record meetings. The project also provides integrations for Asterisk, Jira, Confluence, Moodle, Sakai, and SugarCRM, and connectors for LDAP and ADS.


Release Notes: Instead of conference rooms you can also integrate conference recordings in Moodle. A recording can be any past conference session that you’ve recorded with OpenMeetings. Students can then watch the recording streamed from the server. Additionally teachers, course moderators, and admins can download it. The plugin has been refactored to use REST instead of SOAP calls and removes dependencies on the nuSOAP(GPL) licensed library.

Download Website 04 Sep 14:34 Turbulence 0.5.6


Turbulence is a general BEEP server that provides many site administration features. Turbulence is built on top of the Vortex library and is extensible through modules and allows you to implement server side profiles that are used and combined later with other profiles through run time configuration. Turbulence is written to make it easy to develop and deploy BEEP profiles, allowing developers to provide a convenient configuration interface to site administrators and end users.

Release Notes: Bugs were fixed.

Download Website 04 Sep 14:33 OGLplus 0.19.0


OGLplus is a header-only library that implements a thin object-oriented facade over the OpenGL (version 3 and higher) C-language API. It provides wrappers that automate the resource and object management and make the use of OpenGL in C++ safer and easier.

Release Notes: This version includes support for several GL 4.3 features (compute shader dispatching, debug output, program interface), two new examples, an improved build system, fixes for several bugs, and more.

Download Website 04 Sep 14:33 klish 1.6.1


The klish is a framework for implementing Cisco-like command-line interfaces on Unix systems. It is configurable through XML files. "Klish" stands for "Kommand Line Interface SHell". The klish is a fork of clish-0.7.3. The original clish was developed by Graeme McKerrell. The klish adds some new features, but is compatible (as much as possible) with clish's XML configuration files.


Release Notes: Command history was added. The SIGHUP signal is blocked during non-interruptable ACTION script execution. A new sigexec utility must be used to start daemons from non-interruptable scripts to unblock signals first.

No download Website 04 Sep 14:32 JIB 2012-Sep-02


JIB (Jinn in the Bottle) is a collection of Windows applications ready for easy deployment on Linux. Each application is just one executable without any dependencies. This executable can be run on either i386 or x86-64 with any Linux distribution.

Release Notes: Notepad++ Unicode version 6.1.6 is now available.

Download Website 04 Sep 14:32 cego 2.13.10


Cego implements a relational and transactional database system with support for the SQL query language. The current release contains the most common database features for basic table manipulation and data retrieval. Indexes, foreign keys, views, and stored procedures are also implemented. Future releases (2.0 and above) will support a multi-node database concept with log file shipping for an automatic database application failover.

Release Notes: Small adaptations for the Java CegoAdm client.

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