2012 / August (783 releases)

August 2012

Download Website 22 Aug 20:48 RubyTree R0.8.3


RubyTree is a simple to use general purpose tree data structure implementation in Ruby. It provides easy access methods for navigating the hierarchy, as well as for accessing the nodes. It also provides ability to marshal the entire tree structure. The library provides a generic tree as well as a binary tree implementation. It is available as a RubyGem or standard Tar/ZIP packages.

Release Notes: This is a primarily a bugfix release with some packaging changes. The dependency on Hoe has been removed. The gem now builds with vanilla gemspecs. Support for Bundler has been added. Support for gem-testers has been added. The #as_json method has been implemented to support Rails JSON encoding. The TreeNode#siblings method now correctly returns an empty array for root nodes.

Download Website 22 Aug 20:47 Saint CMS 1.4.0


Saint CMS is a combination CMS and eCommerce package built atop a rapid development framework. It is high performance, easy to use, and provides convenient tools for creating sites with custom content types. It includes a built-in blog, an image gallery, a slideshow, a file manager, a shop with downloadable product options, an event logging system, a WYSIWYG editor, and more.

Release Notes: Bugfixes from the 1.4.0 beta include the gallery paging system, shopping cart, IPN processing, and more. A live demo is available at demo.saintcms.com.

No download No website 22 Aug 20:46 Objeck Programming Language 3.1.4


The Objeck computer language is an object-oriented computing language with functional features that has ties with Java, C#, and Pascal. In this language, all data types are treated as objects. The language consists of a compiler and VM with an accompanying memory management and JIT compiler.


Release Notes: The focus of this release was on initial JSON support and improved garbage collection. Highlights include the following: initial JSON support; refactoring the memory manager to better handle static memory references; a fix for a bug related to casting an enum to an Int and then calling an associated method; and a fix for a bug related to expressional comparisons between some enums and class types.

No download No website 21 Aug 21:15 liblacewing 0.4.0


liblacewing is a cross-platform, high-level networking library. It aims to provide a set of straightforward classes for socket communication in C/C++, with a focus on scalability and platform specific optimisations (eg. support for IOCP, epoll, and kqueue).

Release Notes: This release has many improvements regarding the stability of the Stream system in general, resolving issues with graph corruption and erroneous queueing behaviour (which was the cause of HTTP requests often hanging in 0.3.x). The Webserver class now has support for the SPDY protocol. SPDY support is completely transparent, and will automatically be advertised to clients where TLS NPN is available server-side. Also revamped is the parser for multipart form data, which has now been completely replaced with Igor Afanov's multipart-parser-c.

Download Website 21 Aug 21:14 Cerb 6.0.5


Cerb is a fast and flexible Web-based platform for business collaboration and automation. It helps you remember anything about anyone, collaborate from anywhere, deftly reply to a flood of email, automate, stay informed, capture feedback, track time, flag opportunities, manage tasks, share expert knowledge, and otherwise execute efficiently.

Release Notes: This maintenance update includes 14 minor fixes. A workaround bypasses a bug in old 6.x versions of PCRE (CentOS 5, etc.) that could lead to 'InTeRcApS TeXt' in the UI. A bug was fixed in recurring calendar events where weekly schedules could skip every other week. A workaround addresses a bug in PHP 5.3.3 when the 3rd argument to array_walk_recursive() is passed by reference. Time tracking entries created from the Links tab of a profile are now properly linked to the current record. The 'On' field is properly loaded when re-editing a Virtual Attendant behavior that schedules another behavior.

No download Website 21 Aug 21:11 PeaZip 4.7.1


PeaZip is a cross-platform file archiver utility that provides a unified portable GUI for many open source technologies like 7-Zip, FreeArc, PAQ, UPX, etc. Creates 7Z, ARC, BZ2, GZ, *PAQ, PEA, QUAD/BALZ, TAR, UPX, WIM, XZ, and ZIP files. It extracts more than 150 archive types: ACE, ARJ, CAB, DMG, ISO, LHA, RAR, UDF, ZIPX, and more. Features of PeaZip include extracting, creating, and converting multiple archives at once, creating self-extracting archives, split/join files, strong encryption with two factor authentication, an encrypted password manager, secure deletion, find duplicate files, calculate hashes, and export job definitions as scripts.

Release Notes: Various fixes, updated embedded translations, improved Advanced filters, and an improved Console tabs UI.

Download Website 21 Aug 21:10 pgBadger 2.0


pgBadger is a fast PostgreSQL log analyzer that generates detailed reports with charts.

Release Notes: This major version adds support for incremental runs to avoid computing statistics on old data and an SQL format beautifier on each reported query. The CSV log parser has been entirely rewritten.

Download Website 21 Aug 21:10 OGLplus 0.18.0


OGLplus is a header-only library that implements a thin object-oriented facade over the OpenGL (version 3 and higher) C-language API. It provides wrappers that automate the resource and object management and make the use of OpenGL in C++ safer and easier.

Release Notes: This version fixes several bugs, has an improved build system, and has two new examples and several other minor updates.

Download Website 21 Aug 21:09 Squid Analyzer 4.4


Squid Analyzer parses the native access log format of the Squid proxy and reports general statistics about hits, bytes, users, networks, top URLs, and top second level domains. Statistic reports are oriented toward user and bandwidth control; this is not a pure cache statistics generator.

Release Notes: This release adds support for bzip2 compressed log files and allows exclusion of URLs from the report. There's also a new German translation file.

No download Website 21 Aug 21:09 Libretta 1.0.0


Libretta is a small C++ library that contains a handful of useful functions, such as support for ini-like files.

Release Notes: This release features: libretta_pairfile (ini-like file read/write values); libretta_utils (miscellaneous useful functions); libretta_calc (a simple math expression evaluator); libretta_img_tga (a TGA reader); and libretta_img_utils (image utilities).

No download Website 21 Aug 21:07 kenozooid 0.11.0


Kenozooid is software used to plan and analyze diving activities. Features like dive data plotting and analysis, dive computer support, simple but powerful logbook maintenance, and dive calculators are already implemented, with further functions such as dive planning to come.

Release Notes: This release adds support for dive enumeration with dive number and finding (plotting, analyzing, etc.) dives by dive number.

Download Website 21 Aug 21:07 DS Scheduler 0.3


DS Scheduler is a centralized 'cron' type scheduling system for Unix/Linux. It has a Web interface for managing, monitoring, and scheduling jobs and commands in a multi-host environment.


Release Notes: This release fixes jQuery for the log viewer. It uses <br> characters so that log output is more readable. Action buttons have been reworked. The Add job dialog has been fixed. There is an updated SQL file for current db changes. There are minor Web updates (commit | commitdiff | tree | snapshot).

Download Website 21 Aug 21:06 Mondo Rescue 3.0.2


Mondo Rescue archives Linux and Linux/Windows systems to tapes, CDs, DVDs, USB devices, or ISO images that may be used to restore some or all of your OS and data in the event of catastrophic data loss, or for cloning a system. The emphasis is on stability and ease of use. Currently, ext2, ext3, ext4, (v)fat, minix, ReiserFS, XFS, and JFS filesystems are supported, as are RAID, DM, Multipath, and LVM.

Release Notes: This release correctly supports software RAID on RHEL 6, with re-creation of metadata and UUIDs. It fixes restoration issues for Debian and Ubuntu, as well as on RHEL 5 (the tune2fs command wasn’t working for ext4; it required the use of tune4fs). It supports out of tree kernel modules (such as hpsa from the PSP/SPP) and has improved support for latest HP ProLiant Blades. It fixes many small annoyances (like #616), especially thanks to new automated regression tests.

No download Website 21 Aug 21:00 Project Builder 0.12.1


Project-Builder is a tool that helps you build packages of your application (managed with a tar file or a configuration management system such as CVS, Subversion, Mercurial, or GIT). It is able to generate a build package skeleton for your project. With simple configuration files, it can generate for up to 20 different tuples of distributions (name, version, architecture), including Fedora, Mandriva, OpenSuSE, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, and Slackware. It is a good tool for doing continuous packaging.

Release Notes: This release fixes Debian support, error handling, git support, and more.

Download Website 21 Aug 20:59 ZXTune b1936


ZXTune is a set of portable cross-platform applications (GUI/CLI) intended to play chiptunes. It features advanced ripping possibilities that let you search for music in big data sets. Supported ZX Spectrum chiptunes formats include AY, AS0/ASC, FTC, GTR, PSC, PSG, PSM, PT1, PT2, PT3, SQT, ST1, ST3, STC, STP, TXT, TurboSound, VTX, YM, CHI, DMM, DST, PDT, SQD, STR, TF0/TFE, TFC, TFD, and COP. The Commodore64 SID format is supported. Supported PC chiptunes formats include 669, AMF, DMF, FAR, FNK, GDM, IMF, IT, LIQ, PSM, MDL, MTM, PTM, RTM, S3M, STIM, STM, STX, ULT, XM. Supported Amiga chiptune formats include DBM, EMOD, MOD, MTN, IMS, MED, OKT, PT36, SFX. Supported Atari chiptune formats include DTM, GTK, TCB. The Acorn chiptune format DTT is supported. Supported compressed formats include CHARPRES, CC3, CC4, CC4PLUS, DSQ, ESV, GAM, GAMPLUS, HRUM, HRUST1, HRUST2, LZH1, LZH2, LZS, MSP, PACK2, PCD61, PCD62, TLZ, TLZP, TRUSH. Supported archived/container formats include FDI, HOBETA, HRIP, LHA, RAW, SCL, TD0, TRD, ZXZIP, ZIP, RAR, SNA128, and Z80.

Release Notes: This release supports SoundTracker v3.x-compiled modules (ST3), including player analysis (COMPILEDST3), and fixes detection of AS0/ASC modules.

Download Website 21 Aug 20:55 MDIFramework 0.6.3


MDIFramework provides a ready-to-use architecture to ease the creation MDI-style applications in Java. It takes care of the overall architecture of the main window of the application, with a tabbed architecture, the presence of an HTML printable message area, and so on. It provides a generic API to manage lengthy actions, keeping the interface responsive, and taking care that actions are performed one at a time, without having to bother about it. It can add metadata to already opened files. It manages loading and unloading of external plugins at runtime.

Release Notes: This release adds a new method to AbstractSettingAction and DefaultSettingAction to show the Settings directly.

No download Website 21 Aug 15:30 ECM 0.6.1


ECM is demo software for planetary-scale terrain rendering. It implements Ellipsoidal Cube Maps (ECMs), as described in M. Lambers and A. Kolb, Ellipsoidal Cube Maps for Accurate Rendering of Planetary-Scale Terrain Data, Proc. Pacific Graphics (Short Papers), Sep. 2012. It consists of three parts: libecmdb, which implements the basic model and projection; ecmdb, which builds ECM databases from remote sensing data; and ecmview, which renders ECM databases interactively.

Release Notes: libecm was renamed to libecmdb to avoid a name clash with an existing library.

Download Website 21 Aug 15:29 FLENS 2012-08-21


FLENS is short for Flexible Library for Efficient Numerical Solutions. This C++ can be used as a builing block for the implementation of other (higher-level) numerical libraries or numerical applications. It is a C++ library (requires a C++11 conform compiler). Easy install, as FLENS is headers only. It gives you Matrix/vector types for dense linear algebra; a generic (i.e. templated) implementation of BLAS; and a generic reimplementation of LAPACK. If high performance BLAS libraries like ATLAS, GotoBLAS, etc. are available, you simply can link against them and boost performance.

Release Notes: Most of the documentation was rewritten. The list of generic FLENS-LAPACK functions was extended. A generic implementation of RefBLAS was completed (called CXXBLAS). Sparse matrix types were redesigned (still experimental). An example was added for interfacing with the sparse solver from SuperLU.

Download Website 21 Aug 15:29 GTK+ 3.5.12


GTK, which stands for the Gimp ToolKit, is a library for creating graphical user interfaces. It is designed to be small and efficient, but still flexible enough to allow the programmer freedom in the interfaces created. GTK provides some unique features over standard widget libraries.


Release Notes: Enhancements were made to GtkApplication, GtkMenuButton, and GtkToolbar. GtkEntry and GtkTextView now have input-purpose and input-hints properties that let applications provide useful hints to input methods, like 'this entry is for a phone number'. Various minor bugs were fixed.

Download Website 21 Aug 15:25 GLib 2.33.10


GLib is a library containing many useful C routines for things such as trees, hashes, and lists. GLib was previously distributed with the GTK toolkit, but has been split off as of the developers' version 1.1.0.


Release Notes: Enhancements were made to GTest, GMenuItem, GVariant, and GMappedFile. An issue with g_file_make_directory_with_parents() was resolved. Improvements were made to the build system, to the test framework, and to documentation. Various bugs were fixed.

Download Website 21 Aug 15:25 VirtualBox 4.1.20


Oracle VM VirtualBox, formerly Sun xVM VirtualBox and innotek VirtualBox, is a family of x86 virtualization products for enterprise and home use.


Release Notes: Various minor bugs were fixed.

Download Website 21 Aug 15:25 Window Switch 0.12.15


Window Switch is a tool that allows you to move applications between networked computers. The windows appear where you need them, as they were. You no longer need to save and send documents to move them around; simply move the view of the application to the machine where you need it.


Release Notes: This release contains many platform related bugfixes, including MS Windows support for NX and SSH sessions, Mac OS X GStreamer video, SELinux warnings, and the Xpra "stop" command.It also adds the latest Xpra 0.5.0 release to binary installers.

Download Website 21 Aug 15:24 grep 2.14


GNU grep is based on a fast lazy-state deterministic matcher (about twice as fast as stock Unix egrep) hybridized with a Boyer-Moore-Gosper search for a fixed string that eliminates impossible text from being considered by the full regexp matcher without necessarily having to look at every character. The result is typically many times faster than Unix grep or egrep.


Release Notes: Several false results of "grep -i '^$'" in multi-byte locales were resolved. A misdetection of text files as binary was resolved.

Download Website 21 Aug 15:24 GNU Coreutils 8.19


GNU Coreutils are a set of basic file, shell, and text manipulation utilities for the GNU operating system that are expected to exist on every operating system. Previously, they were offered as three individual packages: fileutils, sh-utils, and textutils.


Release Notes: "df" now fails if file system type information is required to process an option but can't be obtained. "sort -u" no longer swallows lines in certain scenarios, and no longer accesses freed memory. "rm" now accepts the "--dir"/"-d" option to remove empty directories.

Download Website 21 Aug 15:23 Texmaker 3.5


Texmaker integrates many tools needed to develop documents with LaTeX in just one application.

Release Notes: The internal PDF viewer has been widely improved. Users can now rotate pages, and choose to display one (in continuous or non-continuous mode) or two pages at the same time. A presentation mode has also been added. Capturing text is now supported for the regular expressions and a new option has been added to the command line which allows the insertion of a piece of code in the current document.

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