2012 / August / 23 (28 releases)

23 August 2012

Download Website 23 Aug 23:47 Ekiga 3.9.90


Ekiga (formely known as GnomeMeeting) is a soft phone, video conferencing, and instant messenger application for use over the Internet. It supports HD sound quality and video up to DVD size and quality. It is interoperable with many other standards compliant software, hardware, and service providers as it uses both of the major telephony standards, SIP and H.323.

Release Notes: This release overhauls the main window, reduces startup time in some cases, supports the latest ffmpeg/libav for the H.263, H.264, and MPEG4 video codecs, and fixes many other issues.

No download Website 23 Aug 23:46 Unsettings 0.07


Unsettings is a graphical configuration program for the Unity desktop environment which lets you change some of Unity's settings. It also lets you save your settings into and load from a text file (in JSON format) so you can easily back up your settings or copy them to a different account.

Release Notes: This release adds tooltips to all options, fixes bugs, adds new options and translations, and works on Ubuntu 12.10.

No download No website 23 Aug 21:17 Centrify Express 2012.2


Centrify Express provides Active Directory-based authentication and single sign-on to cross-platform systems. It is quick, easy to use and deploy for integrating Linux and Mac OS systems with Windows.

Release Notes: This release has added and updated support for dozens of operating systems. It has enhanced Centrify-enabled open source tools (Samba, OpenSSH, PuTTY, and Kerberos tools).

Download Website 23 Aug 21:16 Sphirewall


Sphirewall is a user-centric analytical network firewall/router. Out-of-the box, it provides user authentication coupled with powerful analytics which provide you with complete control over your network and users. With Sphirewall, you can manage and understand what is happening on your network with features such as qos, bandwidth quotas, user authentication, and much more. Not built on iptables, it is able to do things which other Open Source firewalls can't. Its very flexible, and with its open JSON API, can easily be plugged into any existing environment.

Release Notes: This release includes enhancements that allow users to get up and running with the project even more quickly.

Download No website 23 Aug 21:16 rspamd 0.5.2


Rspamd is an anti-spam system designed to work faster than SpamAssassin by using the event model and various optimizations. Its most important features include regexp and Lua rules for filtering different parts of messages, a number of built-in functions for analyzing messages, fuzzy hash support, SURBL filters, email and character table support, a control interface for remote managing and stats gathering, a Lua plugin system, statistics support (OSB/Bayes), and an AJAX-based Web interface.

Release Notes: This release adds Lua bindings for basic MIME parts and a DNS resolver. Existing Lua bindings now work without a task object, allowing you to use them in custom code. The threads system was reworked to avoid global Lua interpreter lock. The DKIM module now converts all line endings to CRLF as opendkim does. The URL detector is now more accurate for text parts. Several critical bugs and memory leaks were fixed.

Download Website 23 Aug 21:15 pkg-config 0.27


pkg-config is a system for managing library compile/link flags that works with automake and autoconf. It replaces the ubiquitous *-config scripts you may have seen with a single tool.


Release Notes: Many fixes and enhancements were made.

Download Website 23 Aug 21:14 GnuAccounting 0.8.1


GnuAccounting is an accounting and bookkeeping application. It interfaces with Moneyplex, Starmoney, Karm, and Winston, embeds OpenOffice.org and Firefox, and utilizes either HSQLDB or a separate MySQL installation.

Release Notes: New imports and exports concern contacts (VCF), a new accounting frame ("jes EÜR"), and a new import format for banking data (German Volksbank online banking). Asset management has been improved, and there is now a list of past transactions (previously there was only a list of past bookkeeping entries). The document scan now evaluates barcodes. Writing and receiving invoices has been improved: with improved LibreOffice support, a selection of number of copies to print, and a “paid in cash“ option. The new assistant for incoming transactions allows you to easily book and balance incoming invoices.

Download Website 23 Aug 21:13 Zarafa ZCP 7.1.0 final


Zarafa allows you to share Outlook email and calendars, even when you are out of the office, via Outlook, with your PocketPC or through WebAccess. Command line tools are provided to integrate with your existing MTA for email delivery and for user creation/editing.

Release Notes: This major release includes the new Zarafa-search for each server in use, and replaces the centralized Zarafa-indexer. This new search engine is based on Kyoto cabinet and is used to improve retrieval speed of search results. A rewritten Caldav gateway is included to provide better calendar experiences, especially with apple devices and Mac PCs. Both Dagent and Spooler functionality have been extended to support Python scripting hooks that allow system administrators and developers to extend the functionality of these with personal scripts to manipulate content sending and delivery.

No download Website 23 Aug 21:08 FrobTADS 1.2.1


FrobTADS is a complete rewrite of the Unix console-version of TADS ("Text Adventure Development System"). It uses curses (or ncurses) and provides an interpreter to play games developed with TADS as well as the TADS 2 and 3 development tools. It adds support for a number of relatively recent user interface features including full support for text and background colors, TADS 3 banner windows, and timed input. It's also much more portable and more easily maintainable, as it's built to modern Unix standards.

Release Notes: This is a quick bugfix release; the save/restore functionality when serving WebUI games was broken in 1.2. This release fixes that, and also contains the most recent TADS 3 VM and compiler (3.1.2).

Download Website 23 Aug 21:08 Highlight 3.11


Highlight is a universal converter from source code to HTML, XHTML, RTF, TeX, LaTeX, SVG, BBCode, and terminal escape sequences. (X)HTML and SVG output are formatted by Cascading Style Sheets. It supports more than 170 programming languages, and includes 80 highlighting color themes. The configuration files are Lua scripts with plug-in support. The converter includes some features to provide a consistent layout of the output code.


Release Notes: The included regex parser was replaced by Boost xpressive. Relax NG recognition was improved. Several minor bugs were fixed.

Download Website 23 Aug 12:45 CreditProduct 1.6


CreditProduct aims to define the functional and behavioral interfaces behind curves, products, and different parameter types (market, valuation, pricing, and product parameters). To facilitate this, it implements various day count conventions, holiday sets, period generators, and calculation outputs.

Release Notes: CreditProduct and CreditAnalytics were separated. This release features a refactoring of Curve, Parameter, Product, and BBG CDS samples.

No download Website 23 Aug 12:43 DataStatix 0.1.5


DataStatix manages data of every kind, creates statistics and graphs, and exports data easily to the R environment. Its features include user management (create, delete, modify password) within the software, different levels of user data access (administrator, standard, read-only), user-defined templates (models) of data, the ability to create new databases easily, importation and exportation of data in CSV format, and synchronization of existing data from a CSV file created with DataStatix.

Release Notes: Easily exportation of data to the R environment was implemented. The decimal separator was set to a point. Bugs were fixed.

Download Website 23 Aug 12:42 GNU Gatekeeper 3.1


The GNU Gatekeeper is a free H.323 gatekeeper based on the OpenH323 project. You can use it to manage a Voice-over-IP network and let endpoints (e.g., Netmeeting) communicate through symbolic names. It also has an external interface for billing and other applications. It runs on a number of Unix versions (including Linux and Solaris) and Windows.

Release Notes: New features include SNMP support, H.460.17 NAT traversal, H.235 media encryption, and much more. This release also contains a security fix, so users of all previous versions should upgrade.

No download Website 23 Aug 12:42 Murder 0.3.1


The motive behind murder was to surface and extend the information that was once universally provided by finger(1) through a modern interface. Building on this, murder has a plug-in infrastructure to add additional features, allowing it to become a full-fledged social-information platform that utilizes standard and open technologies.

Release Notes: This release added a photo display module, implemented as a SimplePie plug-in by default. Page components now have some say in page staleness. A generic send message link was added to the messaging board plug-in.

Download Website 23 Aug 08:35 JAXX 2.5.5


JAXX is a system that allows you to describe Swing user interfaces in XML and then generate them. It includes support for common user interface elements such as navigation trees.

Release Notes: This version removed the deprecated decorator API and fixed a bug, making it possible to change the SwingValidatorFactory again.

No download No website 23 Aug 08:35 Niliada 6163


Niliada is a library of Lisp-like objects in Ada-95. It features a real time garbage collector. It is useful for massively multithreaded applications in a mission critical environment.

Release Notes: Some warnings that were appearing with recent GNAT compilers were fixed.

Download Website 23 Aug 08:35 CreditSuite 1.6


CreditSuite is a suite of libraries that aims to provide an open source analytics and trading/valuation system solution suite for credit and fixed income products. To this end, it implements its functionality over three main libraries - CreditProduct, CreditAnalytics, and RegressionSuite.

Release Notes: CreditProduct and CreditAnalytics were separated. Curve, Parameter, and Product were refactored. BBG CDS samples were provided.

Download Website 23 Aug 08:32 Network UPS Tools 2.6.5


Network UPS Tools (also known as NUT) is an extremely powerful and versatile client/server based approach to UPS monitoring. Products from a wide range of vendors (APC, Belkin, Best Power, MGE, Tripp-Lite, etc.) are supported. A shared UPS can be monitored by one host, notifcations being sent to the other hosts via authenticated TCP connections. A Web interface is available, as is a Windows client.

Release Notes: This release fixes a regression in upssched and introduces support for a few more devices. It also contains a new implementation of the mge-shut driver. Support for several new devices was added. This release also includes a new meta-driver, macosx-ups, which monitors any UPS which integrates with the Mac OS X Power Sources subsystem (Energy Saver control panel). The set of monitored variables is limited, but further development is planned.

No download No website 23 Aug 02:32 libQtCassandra 0.4.2


The libQtCassandra library is an advanced C++ library used to access Cassandra servers. Unlike the basic Cassadra server interface, this C++ library provides separate objects that handle each level of the server data, i.e. the cluster, contexts, table, rows, and cells. It uses Qt and the Qt style for all the classes, which makes it very easy to use if you already know Qt.


Release Notes: readRows() was fixed, making it possible to read all the rows in a database system. replicateOnWrite() was fixed. CMakeLists.txt was fixed in regard to thrift. prepareContextDefinition() was fixed. Support for 1.0 and 1.1 was added. The million_rows stress test was added. thrift was upgraded to version 0.8.0.

Download Website 23 Aug 02:30 Tonido


Tonido is a software and service which, once installed on any computer (Windows, Linux, or Mac), can make files and media in that computer available anywhere through a Web browser or from mobile phones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone 8).


Release Notes: Performance when playing large video files on iPhone/iPad was improved. Problems with favorites getting cleared and in Tonido Biz with custom logos not showing up in the guest login screen were fixed. Prepare Media now queues multiple prepares. The guest URL now also switches to the LAN URL automatically. A hang in the sync server under some conditions when using sync was fixed.

Download Website 23 Aug 02:28 spectrwm 2.0.0


spectrwm is a minimalistic tiling window manager that tries to stay out of the way so that valuable screen real estate can be used for much more important stuff. It has sane defaults and does not require one to learn a language to do any configuration. It was written by hackers for hackers and it strives to be small, compact, and fast.


Release Notes: This release is a complete rewrite using xcb. It is 100% backwards compatible, much more responsive and snappy, has tons of warts fixed, works with Cygwin, supports xft fonts, and much more.

Download Website 23 Aug 00:06 FreeIPMI 1.2.1


FreeIPMI provides in-band and out-of-band IPMI software based on the IPMI v1.5/2.0 specification. It has a number of useful features for large HPC or cluster environments.

Release Notes: This is a new major release of FreeIPMI with many new features. Amongst the biggest changes are the addition of a new ipmiseld daemon to help log IPMI system event logs and migrate the events to the local syslog, oem power control in ipmipower, the ability to specify target channels and slave addresses in all tools, the ability to specify alternate ports for communication, the ability to bridge FRU entries, support for atomic operations in ipmi-sel, and a wide range of Intel Node Manager support in ipmi-oem.

Download Website 23 Aug 00:05 kdbg 2.5.2


KDbg is a graphical user interface to gdb, the GNU debugger. It provides an intuitive interface for setting breakpoints, inspecting variables, and stepping through code.

Release Notes: Support for GDB 7.5 has been added. More of GDB's output is now recognized in some corner cases.

Download Website 23 Aug 00:04 TCExam 11.3.009


TCExam is Web-based assessment software for generating and managing online tests and exams. It simplifies the exam cycle, including generation, execution, evaluation, presentation, and archiving.


Release Notes: This release adds a security fix. Please upgrade.

Download Website 23 Aug 00:04 TCPDF 5.9.180


TCPDF is a PHP class for generating PDF documents without requiring external extensions. TCPDF supports all ISO page formats and custom page formats, custom margins and units of measure, UTF-8 Unicode, RTL languages, HTML, barcodes, TrueTypeUnicode, TrueType, OpenType, Type1, and CID-0 fonts, images, graphic functions, clipping, bookmarks, JavaScript, forms, page compression, digital signatures, and encryption.


Release Notes: This release adds a bugfix related to HTML borders.

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