2012 / August / 12 (34 releases)

12 August 2012

Download Website 12 Aug 13:35 libvalhalla 2.1.0


libvalhalla is a library written in C. It is a media scanner that stores various information in an SQLite database and relies on FFmpeg (libavformat and libavutil) and libcurl. It features many Internet grabbers that allow automatic downloading of covers, lyrics, and information on media files, tag retrieval in video and music files, and so on.

Release Notes: This release adds fixes for Amazon and TheMovieDB (TMDB) grabbers and some improvements and bugfixes.

Download Website 12 Aug 13:35 (R)?ex 0.31.3


(R)?ex is a tool that allows you to manage all of your servers from a central point, through the complete process of configuration management and software deployment.


Release Notes: This release modularizes the communication protocol, adds a new HTTP(s) transport layer, adds more flexible authentication options, and fixes bugs.

Download Website 12 Aug 13:34 libunibreak 1.0


libunibreak is an implementation of the line breaking and word breaking algorithms as described in Unicode Standard Annex 14 and Unicode Standard Annex 29. It is a superset of, and supersedes, liblinebreak. It is designed to be used in a generic text renderer. FBReader is one real-world example.

Release Notes: This is the first release which incorporates word break support.

Download Website 12 Aug 13:33 libre 0.4.2


libre is a generic library for real-time communications with asynchronous I/O support. It is written in portable POSIX source code that conforms to the ANSI C89 and ISO C99 standards. It is robust and fast, with a low memory footprint. It also features RFC compliance and support for IPv4 and IPv6. Protocol implementations include SIP, SDP, RTP/RTCP, BFCP, DNS, STUN/TURN/ICE, HTTP, and WebSockets.

Release Notes: This is a maintenance release, with fixes for Ubuntu 12.04, merged SIP requests, and TCP buffer size. It also includes a Debian build.

Download Website 12 Aug 13:33 Fimex 0.38.1


Fimex is a the File Interpolation, Manipulation, and EXtraction library for gridded geospatial data. It converts between different, extensible data formats (currently netcdf, NcML, grib1/2, metgm, wdb, and felt). It enables you to change the projection and interpolation of scalar and vector grids. It makes it possible to subset the gridded data and to extract only parts of the files. For simple usage, Fimex also comes with the command line program fimex.


Release Notes: This release has been upgraded to compile with the new boost 1.50 and boost-filesystem V3. It works with strict gcc 4.6 compiler settings, and will be regularly build on Ubuntu 12.04.

No download Website 12 Aug 13:33 DataStatix 0.1.1


DataStatix manages data of every kind, creates statistics and graphs, and exports data easily to the R environment. Its features include user management (create, delete, modify password) within the software, different levels of user data access (administrator, standard, read-only), user-defined templates (models) of data, the ability to create new databases easily, importation and exportation of data in CSV format, and synchronization of existing data from a CSV file created with DataStatix.

Release Notes: This release adds sorting of records on three fields, a line chart, labels and marks in graphics, copying of a database to another with a partially different structure, the ability to change the decimal separator, and various bugfixes.

Download No website 12 Aug 13:31 GPC-Slots 2 0.4.1


GPC-Slots 2 is a text-based casino game. Its features include five slot machines, a progressive jackpot added to by all machines, two roulette games, two dice games, and the ability to print status out to HTML.

Release Notes: This release adds bugfixes to support scientific notation in the save file and adds the ability to set a mutiplicative value for a slot machine token which is automatically updated each turn (you can set it to 0.01 times your total, for example).

Download Website 12 Aug 13:29 GFeedLine 1.6.2


GFeedLine is a social networking client. It supports Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Release Notes: This release adds a new German translation, a new Arabic translation, and new RTL theme.

Download Website 12 Aug 13:29 TOMUSS 4.1.1


TOMUSS allows multiple users to edit the same spreadsheet table with their Web browsers. It stores the complete history of the table modification. TOMUSS is intended to be used by teachers to enter ranking and to allow students to see their ranks.

Release Notes: This release is now fully localized and translated into English.

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