2012 / July / 23 (37 releases)

23 July 2012

Download Website 23 Jul 21:23 Jolokia 1.0.5


Jolokia is a fresh way of accessing JMX MBeans remotely. It is different from JSR-160 connectors, as it is an agent based approach that uses JSON over HTTP for its communication. It provides new features for JMX remoting: bulk requests allow for multiple JMX operations with a single remote server roundtrip, there is a fine-grained security mechanism for restricting JMX access on specific JMX operations, JSR-160 proxy mode, and history tracking, to name a few. Jolokia's origins are in jmx4perl. Client bindings in addition to Perl have already been added, and more are planned.

Release Notes: This release fixes some minor bugs and provides a JavaScript plugin into Cubism (http://square.github.com/cubism/) for plotting time series charts with JavaScript and d3.js.

No download Website 23 Jul 21:23 BitNami MAPPStack 5.3.14-1


BitNami MAPPStack is an easy-to-install, ready-to-run binary distribution of Apache, PostgreSQL, and PHP, including the phpPgAdmin tool. It runs in Mac OS X and allows you to quickly setup a development or production Web application environment. BitNami Stacks are easy to install, independent, integrated, and relocatable.

Release Notes: This release adds Mail, Net_Socket, and Net_SMTP pear packages.

No download Website 23 Jul 21:23 BitNami ocPortal Stack 8.1.2-0


BitNami ocPortal Stack Native Installer is an easy-to-install distribution of the ocPortal application. It includes pre-configured, ready-to-run versions of Apache, MySQL, PHP, and phpMyAdmin so users can get an ocPortal installation up and running in minutes after answering a few questions. Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Unix operating systems are supported. ocPortal is a CMS with many Web 2.0 features for sophisticated sites. It supports many types of content (galleries, news/newsletters, etc.) and integrating rich media and advertising into them. Community features include forums, member blogs, chat rooms, wiki, and content commenting/rating. ocPortal lets you decide exactly how your site will look and behave. Features are plentiful, well integrated, and optional. Out-of-the-box, your site will meet the highest accessibility and professional standards.

Release Notes: This release updates ocPortal to 8.1.2, adds Mail, Net_Socket, and Net_SMTP pear packages, and enables APC by default (Linux and Mac OS X).

No download Website 23 Jul 21:22 BitNami Tomcat Stack 7.0.29-0


BitNami Tomcat Stack Native Installer is an easy-to-install environment to develop and deploy Java applications. It includes pre-configured, ready-to-run versions of Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, and Java. Users can get the environment up and running in minutes after answering a few questions.

Release Notes: This release updates Tomcat to 7.0.29, and changes the Tomcat server to run as the 'tomcat' user when it is installed as root.

No download No website 23 Jul 21:22 OpenDedup Virtual NAS Storage Appliance 1....


The OpenDedup Virtual NAS Appliance is designed for simple setup and management of deduplicated storage for virtual environments. The Appliance includes capabilities to create, mount, delete, and export deduplicated volumes (SDFS) via NFS and ISCSI from a Web-based interface. It also includes VMWare VCenter API integration that allows quick data store creation and rapid cloning of virtual machines located on the deduplicated volumes with no need for additional storage. The Virtual NAS Appliance also includes optimized folder replication using SDFS replication technology.

Release Notes: This release includes iSCSI support for deduplicated volumes and numerous bugfixes.

Download No website 23 Jul 21:21 Opendedup 1.1.6


Opendedup is a deduplication-based filesystem and block device designed to provide inline deduplication and flexiblity for applications. It benefits services such as backup, archiving, NAS storage, and Virtual Machine primary and secondary storage, and can be deployed in both a stand alone and distributed, multi node configuration. Standalone, it provides inline deduplication, replication, and unlimited snapshot capabilities. In a multi-node configuration, it adds global intra-volume deduplication, block storage redundancy, and block storage expandability. and will store and share unique data blocks with other volumes within the cluster. These volumes can also specify a level of redundancy for data stored in the cluster.

Release Notes: This release has many major enhancements including Azure deduplicated storage backend and better volume replication. It also includes murmur3 hashing, which can improve performance by up to 40%.

Download Website 23 Jul 21:20 DocumentBurster 5.7.6


DocumentBurster is a tool for report distribution: split, merge, email, and FTP your reports. It has report delivery for Crystal Reports, SSRS Reporting Services, MS Access, Cognos, PeopleSoft, and SAP. It has report bursting for Pentaho, JasperReports, and BIRT. It can upload reports to MS SharePoint.

Release Notes: This release fixes SF defect ID 3516416, 'Java remains hanging when email is misconfigured'. It fixes SF defect ID 3523588, 'Web Console Windows Service should depend on Server Service'.

Download Website 23 Jul 21:19 ERDtorrent 0.4


ERDtorrent is a BitTorrent client that can download Torrent files under ERDialog, an application framework that uses Yaws.

Release Notes: This release removes the Web GUI page and revises the CSS in pages. It changes the hweb processing to handle large weave installs, adds a message if yaws is not found as part of erl, and fixed Windows 7 installation.

Download Website 23 Jul 21:18 Moqui Framework 1.1.0


Moqui Framework is a seamlessly integrated, enterprise-ready framework for building enterprise automation applications based on Java. It includes tools for database interaction (relational, graph, document), logic in local and Web services, Web and other UIs with screens and forms, security, file/resource access, scripts, templates, localization, caching, logging, searching, business rules, workflow, multi-tenancy, and integration.

Release Notes: This release includes various bugfixes and library updates. It is also a minor new feature release with added functionality for anonymous authz, enhanced JSON and REST Web service support, XML Form extension with database records (DbForm* entities) for all users or particular users, and an Apache Camel integration with Camel running embedded. This version also replaces the only LGPL library (Restone XML-RPC) in Moqui Framework with an Apache licensed library (Apache XML-RPC) for easier inclusion in other projects and packages.

Download Website 23 Jul 01:03 Apple Disk Transfer ProDOS 1.2.2


ADTPro transfers disks to and from Apple II and Apple /// computers and the modern world using any of these communications methods: serial/USB, UDP via the Uthernet or LANceGS Ethernet cards, or audio via the Apple's cassette ports. ADTPro has comprehensive bootstrapping support for otherwise diskless Apple IIs. The home page includes extensive tutorials for getting started.


Release Notes: This release adds support for ShrinkIt disk images. Other bugfixes (including a fix for potentially severe data corruption) are included.

Download Website 23 Jul 01:03 htmLawed 1.1.13


htmLawed is a PHP script that makes input text more secure, HTML standards-compliant, and suitable in general from the viewpoint of a Web-page administrator, for use in the body of HTML 4 or XHTML 1 or 1.1 documents. It is a customizable HTML/XHTML filter, processor, purifier, and sanitizer. It can ensure that HTML tags are balanced and properly nested tags, neutralize code that may be used for cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, and limit the allowed HTML elements, tags, attributes, or URL protocols.

Release Notes: This release adds a feature allowing the use of custom, non-standard attributes or custom rules for standard attributes in elements.

No download Website 23 Jul 01:02 PrinterSetup 0057


PrinterSetup is a flexible printer setup system. It is tailored to institutions with more than 20 deployed printers. It is designed to work with CUPS on Mac OS X. PrinterSetup is a component of PrintingWorks, a print accounting solution. There is limited documentation. Apple package deployment requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later, and is untested on earlier versions. Apple package development requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later and Xcode 3.0 or later.


Release Notes: Improved Munki support within the example PrinterSetup_OSX_PACKAGE scripts so that package name and package version may be readily updated and modified by passing additional parameters to the build script. This should allow updates to more readily deployed when used in conjunction with Munki. Support has been added for name-prefixing with default printer package install scripts.

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